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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CU-NXLhgWRz/?utm_medium=copy_link Aww, love the Libianca post. Too bad Tommy has to leave early. ☹
  2. If we see it that way, if it is seen that he was disrespectful to Ariana. I didn't think they would show that scene.
  3. Jason, Christian, Lucas, Brynn, Matthew, and Joanna were at the auditions premiere and their battles received robberies (except Megan). So it may be that someone from Ari who was in the premiere may be leaked. So I could bet they leak Bella DeNapoli vs Katie Rae (ends up saving her)
  4. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CUtbE2djtqJ/?utm_medium=share_sheet In that commercial there is GNT, Kinsey and Jeremy Maybe they are on Monday.
  5. It's funny because it was in the first look of the season. At least they would have shortened their hearing and passed it on. We will never know.
  6. The preview also featured Joshua, David, Keilah, Jershika, Jeremy and Samuel
  7. For IDF, Lexi will always be a 4 chair . She is a favorite since we met the list of people who were in the hotel.
  8. Does anyone know who the girl at the beginning of the video is?
  9. Sorry, I have my phone configured in Spanish, so when I write in English the message is automatically translated.
  10. Who do you think the leak is? I wish it was Holly or Gymani, but I think the leak will be from someone on John's team. In recent seasons it has happened. S17 - Katie Kadan S18 - Nelson Cade III S19 - Tamara Jade S20 - Victor Solomon So maybe you can show Brittany Bree, in the last fall seasons they showed a 4 chair turn (S15, S17 and S19) or show a 3 chair turn where Ariana will fight for the artist and end up casting John.
  11. Wow, I like your voice. Maybe do a "Kennedy Holmes" and make it to the finals.
  12. I did not understand this comment. Could you put me in context please?
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP17ZrQheJD/?utm_medium=copy_link We send good vibes to Jon and his wife.
  14. Also Brooke Simpson (S13) and Sarah Potenza (S8)
  15. Since Maelyn, his team has not been well received. S17: Katie Kadan - Third Place S18: CammWess: Fourth place S19: John Holiday - Fifth Place S20: Victor Solomon - Fifth place
  16. Hello S21. this season we will see: IDF and Arinators vs Minivan
  17. Cam becomes the first blocked to win the competition.
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