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  1. I did not understand this comment. Could you put me in context please?
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP17ZrQheJD/?utm_medium=copy_link We send good vibes to Jon and his wife.
  3. Also Brooke Simpson (S13) and Sarah Potenza (S8)
  4. Since Maelyn, his team has not been well received. S17: Katie Kadan - Third Place S18: CammWess: Fourth place S19: John Holiday - Fifth Place S20: Victor Solomon - Fifth place
  5. Hello S21. this season we will see: IDF and Arinators vs Minivan
  6. Cam becomes the first blocked to win the competition.
  7. My predictions: Winner: Kenzie Runner-up: Cam Third place: Victor Fourth place: Rachel Fifth place: Jordan He didn't endorse Kenzie, I just want Kelly to have his fourth win.
  8. If it had happened, my perfect ending would be: Winner: Gihanna Runner-up: Lindsay Third place: Dana Fourth place: Cam Fifth place: Pia / Zania (either of them would have reached the final) All our queens dominating the final. While the minivan would be upset that Kenzie and Jordan were eliminated in the semi-finals. I wish this had happened.
  9. Hey, does anyone watch the IS presentations? It is that they do not come out anywhere.
  10. https://instagram.com/stories/deszmusicofficial/2576697719175683980?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=share_sheet Message from our queen Desz after seeing the results of IS.
  11. I was referring to Sarah Grace. She would have had a chance to sing in IS
  12. don't forget about Grace, Kymberli, Kaleb Lee, Jej and Rod
  13. Last season Cami was the best of the night, he ended up beating Ian
  14. So who do we vote for? I did not see how they sang, I will trust you.
  15. At the moment, 3 out of 5 of my favorites are in IS.
  16. Kenzie was well received by the folks on Facebook.
  17. Hmm, there were only two seasons (S4 and S16) that the last semi-finalist to sing didn't make it to the final. In the rest of the seasons it was achieved. It is impossible that Kenzie will not get the PV for Gihanna and Corey.
  18. I'm looking for Kenzie Wheeler - Despacito (Luis Fonsi). But nothing comes out.
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