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  1. Minivan voting for the duo that practically does the same since their audition, with nothing new. as usual. Anyway, Gymani stolen.
  2. The arinators are upset that Jim & Sasha will pass and Ryleigh will not.
  3. Do you think we have a group photo of the Top 13 or will we only have the photos per team?
  4. I personally like this top 13. I would have only traded Lana for Libianca and Ryleigh for Raquel. And I'd have my perfect Top 13
  5. It is the second season that Kelly's team has won the wild card.
  6. Mo was expecting Holly to sing "Torn". But I liked it, maybe I'll get the second PV
  7. I was hopeful that Brittany and Samuel would be closing the episode. But I was wrong.
  8. Who is the source that said Brittany was stealing Kelly. To hit him. So my favorite of the season is out?
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