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  1. I'm afraid this season Jordan surpassed Dana, Corey and Gihanna.
  2. Wow, that day all my favorites came home. Only Kennedy remained
  3. Sorry to bother you. Has any of you ever auditioned for the show?
  4. I want that ending too. But the reality is that it will be: Jordan, Cam, Rachel, Victor and Kenzie
  5. Half of my favorites come back home. Savanna, Ryleigh, Queen Zania , Anna and Zae.
  6. What are your final predictions? Mine are: Team Kelly: PV: Kenzie Cs: Corey Wildcard: Gihanna / Zae Team John: PV: Victor Cs: Pia Wildcard: Ryleigh Team Nick: PV: Rachel Cs: Dana Wildcard: Jose Team Blake: PV: Cam Cs: Anna Wildcard: Pete
  7. Hey, do I have to do something else in the application to send the votes or does it stay?
  8. I know it sounds a bit risky, but probably Victor will get the PV and Pia has it for CS, since John has almost never saved his robberies (Chloé, Alex and Jimmy Mowery) so Ryleigh sees her in the WD.
  9. Who closed the playoffs? I can't watch the episode because I'm not from the US.
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