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  1. Well being that they consist of my older sister & my 2 nieces....I in fact LOVE THEM!
  2. Thats so cool!!! Thank you for creating that. I’m sure they will be it will be fine for you to use that.
  3. I will pass the word... I’m sure it’s no big thing. Which one is it? Can you post it on here...
  4. Naw it’s all good! The whole family is super proud of them.... thank you and I will pass on the good luck vibes to them.
  5. WOW!! That make my heart smile.... what a complement! Keep wait to share that with her. She will be over the moon...
  6. I sure will. It would be my pleasure to tell her. Both of the girls are fantastic. Not only in terms of vocals (they each have their own style) but they are just fantastic humans. My sis, Tara, is the same way. I’m so proud of them! Thank you for your support!
  7. So when all 3 sisters performed together they were called The Matthews Sisters. They sing ALL genres of music. I can tell you that what you see is what you get as far as being authentic to who they are. I’m very proud of my sister and nieces. It wasn’t their best performance but I can promise it gets way better... it’s WORTH THE WAIT! oh yeah, Mia (16) sings lead Jacy(14) sings high harmony Tara( ??) sings low harmony
  8. I’ll tell my sister and my nieces that you said that! They love Wilson Phillips!
  9. Agreed. It should be interesting to see how it plays out. I would hate to see John leave the show for awhile but it would be totally understandable.
  10. Totally off topic...do we even know if John will be returning since Chrissy lost the baby? My heart & prayers go out to them. I know that the judges are under contract but given the situation, I’m sure it could be broken.
  11. Thank you so much! Our family is very excited for them. Can’t wait to watch them do what they love to do! LoL
  12. Yes they do know about it. But they were advised by the staff to not read anything online. But I shared with them today that they have a lot of support on here. And they were truly touched .
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