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  1. Her most Liked tweet is a video of her jamming to BTS, she need to cover that song ASAP , she would go viral!!!!!! https://twitter.com/AllyBrooke/status/1300866684362715136?s=20
  2. https://twitter.com/AllyBrooke/status/1299122884577693697?s=20
  3. Better to dropped than shelved by hitco, im Glad that she was able to buy a house for her family. On the Bright side a fifth harmony reunion Could be closer than we think.
  4. OMG she stopped following HITCO, that´s really Bad, HITCO signed Jlo last year and i heard she is dropping an Album this year , I really hope they dont shelve dinah.
  5. It seems that Dinah deleted her twitter account and deleted all the photos from her Instagram. Is she coming? or quitting music?
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