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  1. In order to participate as a virtual audience member, you must show a government issued photo ID. This requirement alone will block out any non-American from participating.
  2. Uh, when did 1iota tickets for the live shows become available? I logged onto 1iota today and they suddenly showed up.
  3. No, they did not. Quite frankly, I don't think they know either. They may have a plan to stick to the usual spring schedule, but with all this COVID-19 madness going on, I don't think they even know if they'll be able to film the battle rounds and KO's as initially planned.
  4. I guess I will throw this out there now since the battle rounds start airing Monday, but Marisa vs. Ryan was the only battle that actually moved me to tears. Aside from that and the Taryn vs. WTW battle, nothing really stood out for me.
  5. Please no. I don't mind the lineup, but keep Kelly on the opposite side of Blake please.
  6. To be frank, I feel like Christina didn't exactly want to be there by the time Season 5 came around. I think the reason she only came back for Season 8 and subsequently Season 10 was so that she can leave the Voice as a winner.
  7. No, it's not. If that dude just happened to be some random who wanted the likes and attention and just happened to find out that Nick and John really did swap chairs, NBC can't do jack about it.
  8. As far as I know, this is not true at all. Some people just feel the need to spread all kinds of false rumors just to get the likes and attention.
  9. Do I have any idols? Sure. Would I do anything to get closer to my idol? No. Because then the idol will simply see me as just another rabid fan. My strategy is to treat them like they're just another human being who happened to do amazing things in their career. If I don't do that, I only get to hang out with my idol for like 5 minutes. I wanna hang out with my idol in such a way that they wouldn't be my idol anymore, but a friend.
  10. Correct. A disappearance between rounds on The Voice would have to be a much more considerably serious reason. A rare example would be S8's Anthony Riley (R.I.P) quitting the Voice to check-in to a rehabilitation center. I highly doubt that NBC would allow artists to audition with a record of mental health issues since Season 8 though. So, disappearing from a competition because of a DQ seems quite likely. Only other reason I could think of would be something medically related. That's an awful example to prove your point. Anybody would be sad if their ido
  11. No, they totally could. Auditioning for the Voice requires you to sign a waiver that literally puts you at NBC's beck and call. So if you don't play ball, they'll make you take the fall. I'm not saying that's what really went down, because no one really knows, but we can't deny the possibility that NBC would play the DQ card in that scenario.
  12. As someone who actually saw WTW's battle performance, all I gotta say is "DAMN, they improved by a LOT."
  13. If I have to make a theory on that, it's probably because Kelly and Nick had so many head-to-head battles in the Blind Auditions. So they swapped John and Nick so that the Kelly v. Nick battles optically look better on screen, especially given chairs are as spread apart as you currently see in Season 19. You might not really think optics are a big deal, but they make a pretty damn big difference. The reason why Adam got the left-most chair for 16 seasons is because he's left handed.
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