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  1. That's up to Someone648, but Knockouts will be entirely filmed this Monday, so he should have all his sources coming in by then.
  2. Morgan is pure country. I just can't see that being a real possibility if Blake remains on the show.
  3. Yeah but Cassadee does have the Rock genre covered too given her stint with Hey Monday. Sure, we can agree that Gwen is the better option, but if NBC was concerned about cutting production costs in response to the pandemic, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to pull this move. Pay Cassadee half of Blake's salary and advertise the season as a former champion returning as a coach against the coach that brought her the championship. Kills two birds with one stone.
  4. Ok, be honest with me. How would you feel about a Kelly/Cassadee/John/Blake lineup for S20? Yes, I'm talking about THAT Cassadee.
  5. Hate to break it to you, but I'm 99% sure they will. We were told during the battle tapings that the audience was on a 7-second viewing delay during the blind auditions, and it backfired HARD.
  6. Considering it was Gwen who chose to steal Joseph, I'm not shocked at it being a wasted steal.
  7. You don't understand because you didn't see the contract the audience had to sign.
  8. Dude, every person who attended the tapings are required to have their webcam on. Depending on how detailed the sources actually were, NBC can just simply crosscheck the webcam recordings to determine who was most likely taking notes with the intent to leak it out into the internet.
  9. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Sources could get into some serious legal trouble if they're identified.
  10. I can confirm, the coaches talk QUITE A LOT in the battle rounds. I'm anticipating a lot of that on the cutting room floor post-production.
  11. A more accurate description would be John's going full S13 Miley.
  12. Does it really matter who gets paired up with who in the KO's? As far as I understand it, two people pick a song and the winner is whoever performs better. That's all there is to it.
  13. Actually, no, Taryn vs. Worth the Wait was a very good battle, and it was CLOSE. Both deserved to move on, IMO.
  14. Because I don't want to. I just find it amusing that the person who moved me to tears with his/her/their performance isn't among the people that IDF keeps hyping up.
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