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  1. Guys, relax. We're not going to know the battle pairings until the 25th anyways.
  2. Based off of Battle rounds being held January 25-26, that places tapings for battle rehearsals at around the 2nd week of January or so. I'd bet dollars to dollars that the advisors haven't even been decided upon for this season. Given COVID-19 complicating availability schedules, advisor decisions are going to come down to the wire.
  3. Because if the audition was shown as is, the viewing audience would be extremely confused thinking John and Nick wasted their blocks when they didn't. Rather than cause confusion amongst audience members as to whose block is counted, it's better to just retape it as if Kelly was the only one who blocked Blake.
  4. I can tell you're new here since your account was made a few weeks after I explained thoroughly on this thread why you shouldn't be blabbing spoilers in a public forum like this, especially if you attended a taping. I'll forgive you for not checking page 22 or 23 of this thread, or whatever page it was when I talked about this subject, but I'm not going to re-explain it again. If you want to prove your point, go get a ticket to the Battle Rounds this season and see what happens when you publicly tell IDF who won against who on a Team Kelly battle within 60 seconds of Kelly making her decision. I won't be responsible for you when NDA police knock on your door and suddenly demand $500,000 out of your pocket.
  5. Y'all with the hints and teasers gotta cool it though before NBC starts profiling you
  6. Good gawd, y'all, chill it with the teasers. Y'all building up hype for a game state that might not exist.
  7. I was shocked and stunned they aired Emily's second no-chair turn. NBC really prioritized the pencil drawing of Nick Jonas over the dashed and disappointed emotions of a young artist. Such a sham.
  8. Supposedly, that no chair from this season happened the exact time that no chair from last season aired on TV. How ironic.
  9. I swear, that was all Blake's fault. Brain cells were broken with his tomato sauce analogy.
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