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  1. I had the same face when Jourdan was the first eliminated, i choose Jourdan because I didnt want she was the first out, i believed that someone else could sabbotaged her, like Leslie in All stars, and in the end i destroyed her
  2. I could become in the biggest villain in antm mini ranking history
  3. I think people take the confused face like a personal atack , for me are just confused faces
  4. 1. Mame: wow 2. India: Best brief, she could be My Fco, if her shoot didnt look yo similar to her Fallen ángel shoot 3. Molly: Legs for days, she look like a vampire!! 4. Raina: look that dress, really strong competitor 5. Danielle: COOL and fashion 6. Sophie: She is improving, enough to fight with the Best girls? 7. Lacey: This is a nice shoot, but look to similar and Worst than her previus steam punk shoot 8. Jaslene: I think his/her player has to worry more from the enviroment not her styling only 9. Lenox, i see the brief i dont like the shoot 10. Jeana, i didnt see the brief, but i like the shoot 11. Katarzyna, i didnt see the brief, i dont like the shoot, i like the Risk, but i dont understand the choose
  5. 1. Raina: This is why i really love raina post show!! 2. Jaslene: COOL, edgy, and editorial, from the bottom to the top i am happy that Jaslene is waking up like the Fenix!!! 3. Molly: The bull is giving an amazing pose (run molly) 4. Lacey: Look that dress is shining Actress who? I see a model this week 5. Mame: COOL and chick 6. Lenox: I am wowed with Lenox post show, i didnt expect that 7. Danielle: one of the Best brief!!! 8. Katarzyna: I still thinking that she is the High Fashion queen of the cycle 9. India: I want more, i know she could make a better work !!! 10. Jeana: Good enough 11. Sophie: I love sophie but i see a catalogue shoot in a High Fashion theme 12. Lio: Good, but i prefer the other girls
  6. Yes Renee - Aboriginal Dance Brittany - Candy Brittany - Men’s magazine Sarah - Candy No Dionne - Gender Swap Jaslene - Four Personalities Brittany - Women’s Magazine Jaslene - Makeover
  7. 1. Raina: From the bottom to the top!! 2. Katarzyna: high fashion queen!! 3. Molly: Best brief!! 4. Lenox: Good brief again 5.Lio, niceee 6. Mame 7. Sophie 8. Jeana 9. India, just because I love India, but i dont like this shoot 10. Jaslene 11. Danielle: From My top to My bottom 12. Lacey: two season in a row is hard... 13. Eva: I Dont see the brief again..
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