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  1. Elyse and Chantelle in this moment!!
  2. I want more bring back, we need a alex with Jade!!!
  3. I think that the thing most interesting when you see the cycles again is think what is real? Because the productors tell to the girls that if they dont do drama they are going to home....
  4. Thanks, Amanda confidence is increasing
  5. Of course i think amanda,really fit the akward shoots...
  6. I think the most interesting is that in recap week Mercedes said that catie told like a secret that she could acting cry, i think too many of the meltdown was made for the show and they dont kick her ass from the show...
  7. I think the people was very nice in this cycle, i think In the next the people could be strategic, i want to see war ....
  8. I think i know what you say but i dont find that in HD and the votes punish de low quality.. .. But i have like two more shoot that fit in this consign but i am keeping for the next stages...
  9. I have one question the girl with the last call out averege will have a Versus with the comeback, or the eliminated of this week will have a Versus with the comeback?
  10. Elyse - Snake Shannon - Reebok Shoes Adrianne - Snake Adrianne - Merit Diamond Jewelry 1
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