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  1. Is there a way to tell how different artists are being received vs. artists IDF prefer? Like stats or something. I’m curious about Kelly’s team in particular Lol ...sorry I’m out of it on this one
  2. So happy to hear the spoilers!!! I can’t believe John and Blake both tried to steal him! And honestly I’m just happy he’s on a team! He totally deserves it What do you think he should choose for his next song/ what type of song is good for PV??
  3. I am definitely excited to see how his KO goes! I think it’s interesting that people are not sure what to think about his voice because it IS unique.and the cool thing is that it is his own. It’s also nice to hear someone sing multi genre songs on here and not just be type-casted into a single genre of music. I think we will see him in the finals!
  4. HAHAHA OMG for real!!! It feels like forever until then! I can’t wait to see how he will progress through each round. I think he will do really well these next few rounds. And looks like he already has his wardrobe figured out!! Looking good! Can’t wait!
  5. Did you see this IG post yet - with a full band
  6. How do you think artists choose their coach? Like do you think they just go for their favorite coach or someone that they think they can win with - I guess all coaches technically have an equal playing field but Blake has so many wins!
  7. Omg that’s like wayyyyy long - I hope they are all doing ok.
  8. Add me!!! I’m usually drawn to more indie stuff but his voice is lit
  9. Agreed and I read in an article that he’s actually from a small town in the country. So I wonder if he will cover both soulful songs and country songs? If that’s a thing. Also have we heard anything about covid our there? Are the artists going home before the next segment? I hope everyone stays safe and keeps distant if possible
  10. AGREED with 1&2 can’t wait to see how John handles such a lit team and Desz will prolly make it to lives. Just checked out Sid Kingsley, he does have a super cool tone. It’s pretty unique- not sure I’ve heard one like that before. He doesn’t have that many recent singing videos on his IG but just posted a new one that’s pretty cool https://www.instagram.com/p/CDsHNDvFZRC/?igshid=pq30bhpc1lid
  11. I can’t believe it ugh. She was one of my favorites so far!! I thought for sure she was the “multi instrumentalist” - I wonder who all plays an instrument and if they actually auditioned playing it too. Going through the list now, thx for the tea
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