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  1. I didn't mean it but lol I forgot how much you love Kimberly and Mathew also Rose and T-storm
  2. Under-rated: 1- Sad _ Amber Carrington(Well it's not Under-rated here but it certainly is among the viewers I actually think QUEEN AMBER is one of theist underrated contestants ever.) 2- Let Her Go _ Cole Vosbury( This is the best version of that song PERIODT I am pretty sure if it was a top 4 that season Cole would've been in the FINALE.) 3- A Natural Woman _ Amanda Brown(Of course it wasn't as great as DREAM ON but the fact that she got eliminated after that just made me loose hope in humanity) 3- You Are The Reason _ Reagan Strange(I'm still mad that she didn't make it to the FINALE if Adam had not given him CRY she could've easily been in the top 4) 4- Simple Man _ Andrew Sevener(He nailed it but I was so shocked to see SHAWN WAS ROBBED) 5- Nobody Knows _ James David Carter(One of my fav blind audition ever and it was so sad for me to saw that even after that slyage he didn't get the recognition he deserve)
  3. I love Jordan and Sawyer so much. I actually loved that producers pimped and hyped them cz it was so enjoyable to see them destroy everyone else. I may be biased when it comes to these two(everyone is biased when it comes to their favs)
  4. It has nothing to do with IDF I was talking about the viewers
  5. Over-rated: 1- House Of The Rising Sun _ Kimberly Nichole(The most over-rated performance ever, it surely is great but not THE BEST like most of the people say) 2- Burning House _ Emily Ann Roberts(The worst rendition of the song and it still gave her the Runner-up spot) 3- Hallelujah _ Mathew Shular(Don't hate me I love Mathew and I think it was amazing but not the best cover of that song in the show's history, the only amazing thing about it was the EMOTION I may be wrong but it felt liked he was struggling to hit the high notes while Jordan Smith was slaying vocally and he harmonized and pitch broke for emotion and he did that very effortlessly.) 4- I Want To Know What Love Is _ Rose Short(It wasn't the most exciting version of that song while people react like it's the best I think Hunter, Chloe and Toneisha were better.) 5- What A Wonderful World _ T-storm Artis(I remember people saying that this is the winning song while Todd clearly crushed him in the FINALE)
  6. There are many performances which are highly Over-rated and some are highly Under-rated. What y'all think are those performances.
  7. Yeah that Zeek VS Lara performance is one of my fav international performances ever.
  8. Can't wait for him to slay on THE VOICE.
  9. Love these covers her tone is so magical. I think with the right song choice she can get that PV and she is capable of that after all she is a 4-chair turn.
  10. ~Vicci Martinez = ??? ~Beverly McClellan = Piece Of My Heart ~Tony Luca = In Your Eyes ~The Swon Brothers = Danny's Song ~Will Champlin = At Last( WIWYM was a masterpiece as well ) ~Christina Grimmie = Can't Help Falling In Love ~Chris Jamison = Cry Me A River( WIWYM was amazing as well ) ~Joshua Davis = Fields Of Gold ~Hannah Huston = House Of The Rising Sun ~We McDonald = No More Drama ( Feeling Good was great as well ) ~Aliyah Moulden = ??? ~Brooke Simpson = Stone Cold ~Kyla Jade = One Night Only ( You Don't Own Me and Let It Be are outstanding are well ) ~Kirk Jay = In Case You Didn't Know ( Bless The Broken Road was nice as well ) ~Dexter Roberts = Here Without You and Like A Cowboy ~Katie Kadan = Always Remember Us This Way ( Baby I Love You was fantastic as well ) ~T-storm Artis = Summertime
  11. It could be Jim cz Blake was so happy with that. Ben seems like a generic country singer to me while Jim is very different so it's obvious that Blake would've not been so happy about Ben.
  12. Sorry but either Queen Amanda or Queen Kyla deserve that title.
  13. Lol@ me for forgetting Iris. That was probably my fav live performance from him I literally cried during that.
  14. I think it if there was no Team Quota the three contestants who would've performed in the IS were Cammwess/Allegra/Micah and it would've been razor-thin close cz producers would have probably pimped Camm but Allegra and Micah also had a lot of support as well.
  15. If there were no team quotas the top three would've been Todd/T-storm/Toneisha but I'm pretty sure in the IS Cammwess would've won(Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I think)
  16. Not sure about S8 but S5,S9 and S18 > S13 for sure
  17. ~Dia Frampton = Heartless ~Juliet Simms = Roxanne(Robbed Queen) ~Terry McDermot = I Want To Know What Love Is ~Michelle Channel = Just Give Me A Reason ~Jaquie Lee = I Put A Spell On You ~Jake Worthington = Heaven ~Matt McAndrew = The Blower's Daughter ~Meagan Linsey = Amazing Grace ~Emily Ann Roberts = Cowboy Take Me Away ~Adam Wakefield = Bring It On Home To Me ~Billy Gilman = When We Were Young(I like all of his performances but his audition was his best) ~Lauren Duski = Ghoost In This House(Her only performance that I like) ~Addison Agen = She Used To Be Mine(QUEEN OF EMOTION) ~Britton Buchanon = Trouble ~Chris Kroeze = Let It Be ~Gyth Rigdon = I Wanna Be Loved Like That ~Ricky Duran = A Woman Like Her ~Toneisha Harris = Diamonds
  18. Which runner-ups' performance is your Favourite . Discuss
  19. I don't think King Chris performed any song that was named as Anymore.
  20. I agree that Jordan overshadowed everyone else no matter how good someone performed Jordan was gonna win from day 1 but it doesn't mean that season wasnt great other than Jordan's performances there are also many memorable performances as well and S9 is still the #1 season when it comes to sales.All of Jordan's performances were under top 10 also almost all of Amy and Emily's performances were under top 10 Jeffery, Madi and Barret also had several performances under top 10.
  21. ~Javier Colon = Time After Time ~Jermaine Paul = I Believe I Can Fly ~Cassade Pope = Over You ~Danielle Bradbery = Please Remember Me ~Tessanne Chin = I Have Nothing ~Josh Kaufman = Stay With Me ~Craig Wayne Boyd = Tie between Can't You See AND The Old Rugged Cross ~Sawyer Fredericks = I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow ~Jordan Smith = Somebody To Love(All of his performances are slayages but I think this was his best performance and for me it's the BEST PERFORMANCE in the show's history) ~Alison Porter = Blue Bayou ~Sundance Head = Tie between Blue Ainn't Your Color AND No One ~Chris Blue = Love On The Brain ~Chloe Kohanski = Landslide ~Brynn Cartelli = Here Comes Goodbye ~Chevel Shephard = Tie between Broken Hearts AND Travelin Soldier ~Maelyn Jarmon = Fields Of Gold(Even though she wasn't my #1 fav from that season but I absolutely love her audition) ~Jake Hoot = Cover Me Up( Wasn't my fav of that season but this is one of my fav country KO ever) ~Todd Tilgman = Anymore
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