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  1. The projection is strong in this one. You're all literally in denial that you supported the most unpopular president on record and that he lost. He did make history, by being the first candidate to lose the popular vote not just once, but twice. It's almost like the majority of the country has always hated him and the idea that there are "secret Trump supporters" never had any basis. Probably because that's exactly the case.
  2. the DHS has literally nothing to do with ballots or state elections. Those are 100% run by state governments. A state government could choose to allow non-citizens to vote, or 5 year olds if they chose to - the federal government, including the DHS plays zero role in how they conduct their elections. This is elementary-level civics. It's honestly crazy that you post so much blatant misinformation in this thread. I can't even fathom how long you've been such an agent of sowing disinformation to the lay person who doesn't see through the BS. There's also no evidence in any way, shape
  3. Pretty sure they mean QAnon, the fascist conspiracy theory that Trump is going to jail his political opponents for made up blood libel/satanic panic. Not some innocent people who like puzzles.
  4. So the media can call Alaska for Trump, but not states for Biden.
  5. ...There's been no evidence of any voter fraud in any camp in this election at all. Still.
  6. Update: Previously, Trump had lost all 10 lawsuits that have been heard by judges. Now, he has lost all 12 lawsuits that have been heard by judges. It also appears that Trump's lawsuits don't even challenge enough votes to change the winner in any state. His Arizona lawsuit only challenges ~200 votes, which if he wins the suit, is not enough to win the state. In Pennsylvania, it's some ten-to-twenty-thousand or so. Again, not enough to flip PA to him. His campaign has dropped his Nevada lawsuit because it was futile. Trump has 100% lost. But this
  7. Average Trump supporter conversation when things don't go their way(wanting people not just imprisoned, but executed -- just like they've been praying Trump would do with Obama for 4 years), this time about their imaginary voter fraud: This is one of many reasons it's good Trump lost. His base of actual fascists has been very much emboldened these past few years.
  8. They have already said that 10 times. They are not willing to accept that they're wrong and not just believing intentional disinformation but promoting it - hence all of these links to non-credible sources in this very thread.
  9. Trump heavily promoted conspiracy theories from when he launched his political career promoting the racist conspiracy theory about Obama's birth certificate. He's mainstreamed it among the Republican Party. An overwhelming majority of Republicans now, as a result, believe in quite a large number of baseless conspiracy theories. That's why you wind up with Qanon, a fascist conspiracy theory that's nothing more than a repackaging of old Satanic Panic/anti-semitic blood libel about locking up your political opponents - which half of Republicans believe in. Then there's the conspiracy theory about
  10. This sums up voter fraud-promoting Trump supporters pretty well.
  11. You don't even attempt to get your information from credible sources, do you? An electronically generated voice on an obscure youtube channel? Giuliani is one Trump associate who will likely see much-deserved jail time (like Trump's already-dozens of associates who have). And he's a complete joke, I don't know why you'd expect anyone to take this seriously. ...and 9 of them have been heard, and dismissed, or ruled against. So, again, you don't care what the courts say, since they've all said everything Trump has claimed is wrong or baseless speculation with
  12. I love Tulsi, but anyone possessing any amount of marijuana has been a criminal offense since the 1930s.
  13. Of the 9 suits that courts have been heard so far, they've lost or their cases have been dismissed as having no merit. You obviously do not accept the truth as revealed by the courts.
  14. Looks like all of the Democrats who lost their elections in the House (and the close Senate races) underperformed their polling dramatically, all opposed to Medicare for All, GND, etc. Meanwhile, 25 of the 30 candidates nominated by the DSA won, and dramatically outperformed their polls. This election went poorly for Democrats because they went the same route of the milquetoast centrist that they did in 2016. All 9 of Trump's lawsuits so far have gotten either declined by the courts of they've ruled against them. So today they've filed their 10th. I do not even support
  15. I'm not wrong. The PA Supreme Court is literally who interprets the Pennsylvania state constitution. Federal courts have never, in American history, interpreted a state's constitution and made a ruling over it. That would be 100% unprecedent in the entirety of U.S. history. It would also, still, not allow Trump to win. Also, even Fox News isn't covering for Trump's frivolous lawsuits.
  16. I definitely never saw that cultistly schizophrenic-tier behavior in the aftermath of 2016. They've lost every case so far, and there's very much a limit to how much advisors and lawyers can help, since the facts do not favor the suits. Even if they were to rule any sort of way - the courts cannot void votes counted after a certain date, there is no difference between an in-person vote on the day of the election and a mail-in ballot postmarked the same day but received after in their systems. It's logistically not possible. It's over. You'd have to void the results of a
  17. If Bernie was the nominee, the election would've been over at 10PM on Tuesday, the Democrats would have a majority in the Senate, and would have expanded their majority in the House.
  18. This is not even legitimate. There are already Republican observers - in every state, in every precinct, that they're counting. Trump's own legal team has admitted this in their depositions, which is one of many reasons all of the courts are declining to hear his cases. How do you buy into easily disprovable narratives so readily?
  19. I've never seen the level of crazy that I've seen since Trump's loss.
  20. This isn't going to be any kind of overwhelming improvement. Biden/Harris are not going to materially improve things for the overwhelming majority. Look at Kamala's links to the wickedly evil Proposition 22 in California, for example. They're both subservient to massive businesses. Biden is certainly less vile and less corrupt than Trump, but there's going to be a TON of work to hold these two accountable and working for good policies.
  21. Trump's press conference in Nevada (I think) yesterday was hilarious. A Trump supporter was at it claiming her absentee was voided because of voter fraud. It was voided because she tried voting twice, and voted in person as well. Is there anything about Trump that is NOT fraudulent?
  22. Trafalgar's prediction is nonsensical, especially since their own polling has shown Biden ahead in the crucial states of WI, PA, and MI, even if narrowly. They were also one of the single-most inaccurate pollsters in 2018 - and their last national poll in 2016 had Trump ahead by 5 points, meaning their national polling was off by 7 points. Both Trump and Biden are probably the worst major-party candidates I've ever seen in my lifetime. A failed president and a candidate who has no desire to do anything to improve people's lives. I can't see how Trump can legitimately win this thing
  23. None of it's been verified as authentic, for starters. Secondly, this is probably just about the least potent October surprise I've ever seen. This is supposed to hurt the guy who's running against a president whose level of corruption rivals and very well likely exceeds Nixon's?
  24. i just miss being able to go to the movies with my pa.
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