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  1. Lmao Jim had the worst performance with a song that should have been given to John Holiday... The Voice voters, you truly never fail to disappoint me!
  2. Congrats to big John! A real shame that only one of Tamara and Cami is moving on but I was already expecting this disappointment... voting for both regardless!
  3. Also congratulations to Texas queen Desz! She had one of the best performances last night (maybe the best), slayed and deserved that finale spot!
  4. I can definitely see Carter or Desz closing, Carter has more of a closing type of song tho
  5. Now THAT would be a performance! THE DUET OF MY LIFE WITH MY THREE FAVORITES
  6. That was okay but not enough for her to get through the finale, Cami's worst performance so far, a shame
  7. Missed Jim but I don't rly mind, apparently he did bad anyways, also not Cami getting the death spot and not closing ugh
  9. Please tell me we're not getting more remote live shows...
  10. Completely unrelated but why did somebody changed Maelyn's name on her Top 13 performance to Rashed in the Season 16 Wikipedia page?
  11. My dream finale scenario - 1. John H 2. Cami 3. Tamara 4. Desz 5. Carter What i think will actually happen - 1. Carter 2. Ian 3. Desz 4. John H 5. Ben/Jim
  12. I am SO SO happy for Cami! Kelly rly proved us all wrong and made the right decision, hopefully she can pull a showstopping performance and move to the finale (I think "The Joke" could make a good emotional performance for her but is it Minivan bait enough? I would love if she sang "when the party's over" or "i love you" by Billie Eilish but they're obviously not the right songs to get her a spot in the finale/IS)
  13. That would be killer for John H!
  14. I suggested this song for her on The Voice app too!
  15. Mixed feelings, I hate seeing Payge and it feels like a joke she was even up for elimination but Bailey had the best performance and deserved to win, a not-so-tragic night but still tragic
  16. Marisa having a meltdown at home watching Kelly stan Tanner lol
  17. Lmao just stop watching the show if u want it cancelled so bad
  18. Same, I'd feel guilty not voting for Bailey when she had the best performance but i ain't about to not vote for Payge
  19. I love Payge but the song choice did her no favors, meanwhile Bailey's song choice doing her a big favor
  20. Why is Bailey sounding better than everyone else who just performed, she even got the best song choice + the pimp spot, I wouldn't be surprised if she moved on
  21. I kinda like Bailey and I'd rather see her win than Tanner or the trio but I prefer Payge by a large mile
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