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  1. I'm not completely against a Carter win but I'd rather take a Desz win any day, let's all (who are rooting for Desz ofc) at least vote for her so she can get a good placement in the finale (Still, TPTB should want her to win, the first AA female winner in a year like 2020 would be historic and could give the show some attention)

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  2. Cami was amazing, I love this song and it was BEAUTIFULLY DONE, an excellent job, i'mย afraid it won't be enough to beat the others but at least she is leaving on a high note

    1 minute ago, moonlighty said:

    Lmao when was this performed on the show? (No but like, I actually don't remember this song being performed on the show lol)

    Nvm I remembered Max Boyle did it in S17 (Still it was only 1 performance as far as I can remember)

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