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  1. 2 minutes ago, kennedycult said:

    its a bet I think will pay off. I've seen a lot of people on this thread who I don't think really grasp Ariana's reach. She is almost always the #1 or #2 artist on Spotify and other streaming services. She doesn't have as big of sales as Gaga or Taylor because a majority of her fanbase is significantly younger, but trust she has millions of fans. the real question is whether they're tuning in next season.

    Yeah, Ari is easily the most hyped coach they ever had on the show, which is why I think she's gonna win, with a decent TCO + her huge fanbase watching and voting she can snatch a win easily, she could even have 2-3 on the finale

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  2. Also I was super shocked with Kelsea replacing Kelly in battles, did they ever did this b4 and anyone knows what happened to Kelly? (Sorry if this is a question better suited for a S20 thread or somenthing)

  3. 4 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

    I nearly threw my phone when I saw the tweet, I’m both excited to see how this goes + curious how this is going to impact John and Kelly’s teams, since Ariana does a lot in the pop/R&B lanes.

    I would’ve expected her as a mentor for battles/KOs over being a Nick replacement, but this is cool if unexpected.

    Agreed, Ari does a lot of stuff similar to John and Kelly's lane, I'm also excited to her dynamics with the other coaches, especially Kelly and Blake lol

  4. Also her fandom is gonna get her TCO to the finale no doubt, I'm even gonna come back to IDF (I'm gonna admit, I was bored with the show and full of schoolwork to do but this announcement is a breath of fresh air and just the kick I needed to catch up on S20 and come back to my The Voice obsession lol)

  5. Y'all... I wasn't even watching this season cuz I was full of schoolwork but I'm gonna start catching up on this season SINGLEHANDEDLY cuz Ariana is coaching... this is DEF the most unexpected and incredible coach announcement, I mean, they must have paid millions for Ari to come cuz it's been a long time they don't have a superstar on the show like her, watch The Voice's ratings go up and the show become popular again

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  6. 2 minutes ago, echoap said:

    Just edited your list. Italicized people are potential steals imo. Overall and assuming last season format, I think Kenzie and Gihanna are going to be Kelly's top contestants this season. :peace:

    Yea Kenzie is basically a lock for Kelly's PV and i can see Gihanna being Kelly's save, hopefully Anna Grace finds her way out of Team Kelly to a less stacked team, cuz i don't think her chances are very big on Team Kelly (That said, we doubted Kelly saving Cami in the Playoffs last season and she did that)

  7. 1 hour ago, Misirlou said:

    Also, did more of a deep dive on Ghianna and she is great. Very polished for her age and a great match for Kelly. That being said, she is on a strong team, so lets see what happens. IDF is definitely going to root for her.



    Also discovered more of Jordan on Team Blake. I don't expect this guy to be popular here, but he is right up my alley. Hope he sticks around.


    Wow I didn't check Gihanna before but she rly is good

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  8. 52 minutes ago, pauwis said:

    fact: John is the only coach who got an artist after blocking another coach. 
    Julian, Max, Nelson, John, Ciana

    I think Gwen could be counted on that too, she was only on two seasons with blocks (17 and 19) and in both of them she got the artist she used her block for lol (Kyndal and Ryan)

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  9. 2 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

    His small town has a population of 3400 people. It’s in a very rural part of Wisconsin. He was getting support throughout the entire state, but had to have been getting it elsewhere too, to get a PV over Kirk and Kennedy. 

    I was surprised he was Top 2 instead of Kirk, I rly thought he was coming in 3rd (I mean, I didn't even expect him to get PV in the Playoffs)

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  10. 3 minutes ago, seak05 said:

    It's basically the equivalent of being from a small town, where everyone in the town will organize and support you

    If I'm not mistaken Chris Kroeze went all the way to the Top 2 because, amongst other things, he was from a small town which supported him a lot

  11. I'm never gonna vote for someone because of the color of their skin, I just observed that this might be the first season with a black winner in 7 seasons, but in the end y'all are right and we (me included) should stop putting actual humans in a box because of the color of their skin, sorry if I bothered anyone with what i said

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  12. Just now, jus.vshn said:

    I think it’s safe to say we got 7 four chair turns 😅with the inclusion of Victor,Deion and Cam.


    Honestly this has to be the season for a AA person to win. Doesnt have to be an AA powerhouse/female just an AA person.

    There's a lot of AA talent this season, I could rly see a Cam/Victor/Deion/Zae win (Also who do y'all think will be John's TCO? Victor or Deion? I feel like Vic might have a change since he was the first person on the show to get John to turn with his own song, so John has to like him a lot)

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