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  1. Bruh what is wrong with these ppl, don't spoil things for ppl who don't want to be spoiled smh
  2. IK RIGHT, I still can't believe a vocalist like Ali freaking Caldwell got robbed twice in two different shows We do all have different opinions and i respect yours but i LOVE Kymberli's performance of Break Every Chain
  3. There were just so many AA divas on the show and they are all so amazing i can't even rank or pick a favorite, but i don't think Rose is the best of all time though she is an absolute queen
  4. Just to clarify, i didn't said "smh" to John doing these things, i said it to the people saying they wouldn't watch just because of John, just to clarify in case anyone misunderstand my statements
  5. I like Tamara more but DeSz is amazing too and one of my favorites this season, i think in general IDF likes DeSz better
  6. Oh my gosh the comments... Ppl saying they won't watch just because John said he'd leave the country if Trump wins the election or somenthing, supported BLM protesters and the movement to defund the police... smh
  7. He does seems like an eclectic coach, not stuck to the R&B genre (Which is what he does) and it'll be cool to see Blake with an old school coach on the show again
  8. I would be hoping for an Alicia or JHud return, though i love Alicia it'd be cool to see JHud with Gwen, it'd be interesting to have Usher in too cuz i never watched a season with him, is he a good coach?
  9. We're such a dedicated fandom we're really here predicting the order the artists will appear
  10. Agreed, Kelly getting blocked on John H and Taryn then scoring DeSz in the end of the premiere seems a likely storyline, they'll probably show Tamara in week 2 of blinds (Hopefully they won't pull a Khalea Lynee on her and show her super late in the blinds cuz i can't wait for her audition)
  11. My money is on Cami and DeSz being the likeliest, Taryn could be there easily if she played her cards right, Tamara could get there with the right choices and a bit of pimp (Hoping she pulls it off )
  12. I definitely understand the criticism to Keisha from you country fans, I am a fan of all the belting and vocal gymnastics so I really enjoy contestants like her and MaKenzie but it's just my taste They'll probably make one per coach again so unfortunately, Carter making it over Payge is almost inevitable, she doesn't strike as someone who'd be popular with the general demo and her genre doesn't has the best history on the show (Indie/rock i assume), then again, i didn't expect Rose to go far before she got the PV in the Playoffs so things could change if she play the right cards
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