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  1. Also how has this season been for yall so far? I'm gonna start to catch up on it today so has it been good, bad, average, better than last season's blinds/battles?
  2. Lmao the yuh (I wonder how many people r gonna get this detail in this thread)
  3. Me too, I became a fan in S13 lol (2017 I believe) Lol I'd be too if I was them (I wonder if they already have the S21 auditionees, if they don't, I bet some great talent's gonna RAIN on The Voice with this announcement)
  4. I found out through a big Twitter page in my country (Brazil), they never announce anything related to The Voice but they did SINGLEHANDEDLY because of Ari, the impact of this woman
  5. Yeah, Ari is easily the most hyped coach they ever had on the show, which is why I think she's gonna win, with a decent TCO + her huge fanbase watching and voting she can snatch a win easily, she could even have 2-3 on the finale
  6. I mean, I'm still shocked, they must have paid MILLIONS for Ari to come, how did they even afford that, I thought their budget wasn't that high... LMAO PLZ NO I'D BE SO EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED
  7. Also I was super shocked with Kelsea replacing Kelly in battles, did they ever did this b4 and anyone knows what happened to Kelly? (Sorry if this is a question better suited for a S20 thread or somenthing)
  8. Agreed, Ari does a lot of stuff similar to John and Kelly's lane, I'm also excited to her dynamics with the other coaches, especially Kelly and Blake lol
  9. Also her fandom is gonna get her TCO to the finale no doubt, I'm even gonna come back to IDF (I'm gonna admit, I was bored with the show and full of schoolwork to do but this announcement is a breath of fresh air and just the kick I needed to catch up on S20 and come back to my The Voice obsession lol)
  10. Y'all... I wasn't even watching this season cuz I was full of schoolwork but I'm gonna start catching up on this season SINGLEHANDEDLY cuz Ariana is coaching... this is DEF the most unexpected and incredible coach announcement, I mean, they must have paid millions for Ari to come cuz it's been a long time they don't have a superstar on the show like her, watch The Voice's ratings go up and the show become popular again
  11. Yea Kenzie is basically a lock for Kelly's PV and i can see Gihanna being Kelly's save, hopefully Anna Grace finds her way out of Team Kelly to a less stacked team, cuz i don't think her chances are very big on Team Kelly (That said, we doubted Kelly saving Cami in the Playoffs last season and she did that)
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