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  1. Yea Kenzie is basically a lock for Kelly's PV and i can see Gihanna being Kelly's save, hopefully Anna Grace finds her way out of Team Kelly to a less stacked team, cuz i don't think her chances are very big on Team Kelly (That said, we doubted Kelly saving Cami in the Playoffs last season and she did that)
  2. DAMN those vocals He's easily my favorite on Team Blake and is becoming my favorite male artist this season!
  3. I think Gwen could be counted on that too, she was only on two seasons with blocks (17 and 19) and in both of them she got the artist she used her block for lol (Kyndal and Ryan)
  4. I was surprised he was Top 2 instead of Kirk, I rly thought he was coming in 3rd (I mean, I didn't even expect him to get PV in the Playoffs)
  5. If I'm not mistaken Chris Kroeze went all the way to the Top 2 because, amongst other things, he was from a small town which supported him a lot
  6. I'm never gonna vote for someone because of the color of their skin, I just observed that this might be the first season with a black winner in 7 seasons, but in the end y'all are right and we (me included) should stop putting actual humans in a box because of the color of their skin, sorry if I bothered anyone with what i said
  7. There's a lot of AA talent this season, I could rly see a Cam/Victor/Deion/Zae win (Also who do y'all think will be John's TCO? Victor or Deion? I feel like Vic might have a change since he was the first person on the show to get John to turn with his own song, so John has to like him a lot)
  8. My favorites this season so far are (in no particular order) Anna Grace, Zae, Deion, Victor and Cam, Dana and Ciana are also good and I can see them growing on me but i wouldn't call them favorites rn
  9. I loved Kyla from the blinds but truly her BA was one of her worst performances
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