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  1. 1. Alasia- She killed it yet again

    2. Jessica- If Alasia didn’t exist, this photo would get my number one 
    3. Alexandra- She looks really good in the photo just a tad bit stiff, especially with her snarl but she makes it work

    4. Raina- I like the photo and how she is pulling on the tie but I wish her head was up a bit

    5. Tatianna- This photo is very middle of the pack but satisfactory

    6. Brenda- This is actually one of the few good photos in her portfolio and it looks really angry yet sexy

    7. Simone- It’s a good photo and she had no business getting eliminated for it

    8. Naduah- Not a bad photo but her spot should be Angelea’s so she dropped a bit

    9. Anslee- So boring and sleepy and I hate how she had excuses for it

    10. Krista- This is just horrible 

  2. 1. Ren- This is so disco

    2. Alasia- So soft and angelic, it’s masterful

    3. Jessica- It looks like a perfect shot during an actual dance 

    4. Krista- She looks so tall and standing on tippy toes can’t be easy

    5. Alexandra- She’s five simply because I love her and because I don’t hate the photo as much as others

    6. Tatianna- Decent picture, not great not bad. It at least looks like a dance, but whatever stylist dressed her up needs to get fired, a la Anchal’s stylist 

    7. Naduah- Looks slightly constipated/pregnant with her holding her hooch/stomach like that

    8. Simone- She’s not bottoms three simply because I love her

    9. Raina- This isn’t what jazz is

    10. Anslee- Too boring

    11. Brenda- It’s hard for a racist to be good at an African dance


    Edit: I swapped Anslee and Brenda and just edited my comments 

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  3. Just now, kenboy123 said:


    Krista didn't land in the bottom two, so therefore (i personally don't her photo last week was that bad)...not eligible to go home either time and Naduah's picture was better than Angelea's THIS WEEK!!!...Ren had a better picture than Angelea by quite a margin last week...Ren was called a good 3 places ahead of Angelea last week which makes sense why she stayed ...

    A) If Ren’s photo last week was so good then how did Keenyah stay over Naima despite being in the bottom two the previous week? 

    B ) Krista and Naduah have had photos worse than Angelea in both weeks. 

    Gabby should’ve stayed, Angelea should’ve stayed. It’s all bull 

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  4. Just now, kenboy123 said:

    I'm honestly the only one that is fine with this...I never liked Angelea when she was on the show...although I don't think she deserved to go this soon...

    I loved Angelea on 14 and she was one of the best so I’m pissed just like how I was with Naima. Total BS

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  5. 2 minutes ago, rdhaley96 said:


    That's how the format of the game has worked from the beginning. Weekly scores determine the bottom 2, but overall score between the bottom 2 determines who leaves. Usually, that makes things work out for the better. Not so much this time, lol.


  6. 1. Ren- Her attitude and portfolio suck but this shot is so unbelievably gorgeous. 

    2. Simone- She longs so elongated and I love it. And that jacket looks amazing! 

    3. Tatianna- The hair and the position of the scarf and legs are marvelous! 

    4. Brenda- This is drop dead  gorgeous. Only reason why it’s four is because I couldn’t figure out the order for top four so I went with this being the lowest because I hate Brenda. 

    5. Raina- She looks so regal in the photo

    6. Jessica- I love the shot but not fully selling the shorts. 
    7. Angelea- Slightly awkward and ostrich-ish but it’s decent. 

    8. Alexandra- As a big Alex stan I like this photo but her hand does look slightly uncomfortable

    9. Alasia- I like this shot but I like others more

    10. Anslee- I like it but it looks too much like a Chihuahua  

    11. Gabrielle- I love Gabby and I wish they didn’t sabotage her by picking a bad photo, like how they constantly did that with Kelle

    12. Naduah- I hate how her mouth looks in this photo

    13. Krista- By far, this is the worst photo

  7. 14 minutes ago, rdhaley96 said:


    I spent the day helping my sister move (which included 4 hours of driving), so I'm way too tired to close votes now, lol.


    Voting will remain open until tomorrow morning/afternoon.

    I can count it if you need but I don’t see a problem in keeping it open either

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