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  1. 11 hours ago, rdhaley96 said:

    I remembered after posting this shoot that Jessica actually had a really strong backstage picture this week.




    It's definitely not better than Krista's or Alexandra's, but it's lightyears better than the shot they went with. While I was looking for it, I also came across this STUNNING backstage picture of her in the Faux Fashion shoot.




    Where’d you find that fake fashion pic? And is there anymore of the other contestants? 

  2. 1. Alexandra- Clearly the best photo of the week and it’s so sirene

    2. Alasia- She’s good at beuaty shots 

    3. Krista- She looks beautiful and also androgynous in this pic

    4. Jessica- I’ve always been fine with Jess but I do prefer this photo to Raina

    5. Raina- It looks like a sewage monster imo

  3. 5 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

    My question is......how did y'all let Brenda get this far?!

    I’ve been putting her in the bottom every week sans the first one where she crushed it. Same thing with Krista, but her good photo before last week and the dancing. 

  4. 1. Alasia- Besides Angelea, it’s the only good photo to come out of this week and she’s killing it. 
    2. Raina- I like the way she’s looking aside. 
    3. Alexandra- I like this pic because it fits the debrief perfectly

    4. Simone- Middle of the pack worthy

    5. Tatianna- I like this photo but the way her nose and muscles in that area it kinda looks a bit stanky 

    6. Krista- It’s really zombie like

    7. Jessica- She looks so boring in this picture

    8. Brenda- Just ewww and the racist needs to go

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