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  1. As I predicted Chris wonjust like Samantha Jade who also knew Guy
  2. Well, if that's how Timothy goes out he went out beautifully. Hopefully he releases the full song
  3. Yay for Chris Sebastian, I think he might win because I remember back when Guy was on Xfactor there was someone else from the industry he knew(Samantha Jade) and I remember her winning her season.
  4. What were people's opinions Daniel Shaw last year,. I'm seeing a little bit of a disdain towards Alex, who I think was similar to Daniel.
  5. I personally love Boy Georges battles, and I'm thankful that he put Caleb with Andy dexterity because after hearing the 4 seconds of Andy's singing I knew Caleb would easily beat him. I'm wondering who the last save is going to, however, I do fear it may be Sebastian Coe as he has been spotted in Sydney unless he somehow beat Nathan.
  6. I really felt for Natalie in particular because I believe that even if you don't win you have an ability to expose others to your music, and I feel like Natalie didn't really get to do that because unlike XY she didn't have a great audition.
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