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  1. 1 hour ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    *claps* What a brave song choice Kennedy! The emotional maturity that this song needs is just hard to be fulfilled to be honest, but I think you delivered it just well. You have this gorgeous tone as well that you showcased tonight. However, I think it is a pretty safe song choice for me? It was kind of a predictable performance for me. Still, your vocals and star quality can’t be denied, just keep it up Kennedy!

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Someone648 said:

    He clearly didn't care for JHud as a coach or anything and he mentioned on Bobby Lee's podcast that he was initially really hesitant to be involved with the show at all. No doubt he didn't want to be there anymore but he had a damn good run.

    Yeah, and it’s funny that in one interview from during the show he said he had always wanted to go with JHUD, but Blake just had a better way with words in his audition pitch. :giggle:

  3. 14 minutes ago, Daillon said:



    One of the biggest amounts of retweets (which equal votes) came from the contestants’ tweet with the #VoiceSave, which basically means Noah lost a good chunk of votes because he didn’t post it. I think everyone here agreed that the difference between Noah and Red was small enough that had Noah posted the tweet he probably would have beaten Red.


    PS: Just checked both Noah and Red’s tweets in The Voice Twitter. Noah wins by 6k RTs, but keep in mind this was after the voting window finished, so it’s obviously not accurate.


    Edit: I think he didn’t want to get stuck with any contract that prevented him to release music right away. Not 100% sure but it was something along those lines

    Yeah, it’s a bummer that something so small could have allowed Noah to make the finale, but the Voice contract just doesn’t seem like a good fit for Noah (but then again, is it really good for anyone looking for success? 🤔) He’s kind of like a “mini-producer” and is really knowledgeable of music, so much so that I feel he really shines when creating something new or original in the studio. You can see part of this with some of his performances on the show, with two notable ones being “Speed of Sound” and “River.” 

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  4. 1 minute ago, Misirlou said:

    I´m throwing S10 in the mix, I think that was probably the strongest final 4 we´ve had so far. I think everyone earned their place there.

    I watched Hannah’s entire run yesterday and I swear she reached out of the screen and contorted my face. :giggle:

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  5. 2 minutes ago, disney1024 said:

    You never know. I don't think Red would've won if Chloe was still on Team Miley, just saying. It might've been Addison but I would still have been fine with that. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    I think Addison would have won had she kept Chloe. A lot of people bash Miley for the decision, but I love her for it because it’s probably what allowed Chloe, one of my favorite winners, to take the crown. :wub: 

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  6. 13 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:


    She lost her KO, needed to be saved in the playoffs, and then....T13....bye, bye. She couldn’t even beat the wildcard winner in the instant save. 

    And last time I checked, Kelly won the season. 



    No, I mean that both were good decisions.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Hamza Tufail said:

    I mean Jim was the obvious choice. All of his members except Ian were underwhelming(During PO) So he just decided to pick the person who had the best taped performances P.S. Who could possibly go the farthest.

    Taryn had the best PO performance on Team Blake imo. :yes:

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