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  1. Posting this here before someone tells her to delete the comment idk lol Not that it's any surprise. https://prnt.sc/tgtjib
  2. Stephanie has been soooooo overlooked since the blind auditions. I think that's due to the fact that she has no sob story.
  3. My thoughts after listening to the studio versions: TEAM DELTA: pretty solid in general - Clarissa was stunning - I'm gonna be so mad if she doesn't go through. - I don't get the hype over Jesse. His voice is not that distinctive and I think this song didn't do him any favors. - Stellar was nice but it wasn't my favorite performance of hers. - I liked GOLDI but I don't think they have a realistic chance tbh. (Janie was my favorite on the blinds so I'm probably biased haha.) - Steve was ok. Not a fan though. Who I'd go with: Clarissa and Stellar What I think is gonna happen: Jesse and Clarissa/Stellar TEAM GEORGE: I love an all female team haha. - At the beginning of Masha's song I wasn't into it but the ending was great. Overall I loved it. - I love Elyse's song. The beginning was great but I think she got drowned by the band. - Who arranged Angela's song???? If she did it like the original it would sound so much better imo. - Siala was great, I loved it. - I don't get why Virginia picked this song (because of the scream in the beginning maybe? lol). This should be Sapphire's spot tho. Who I'd go with: Masha and Siala What I think is gonna happen: Siala and Masha/Angela. (But George loves a rocker so I wouldn't be surprised if he picked Virginia lmao) The best of the night for me - at least from the studio versions - was Clarissa.
  4. Hmmm, Despina is singing Billie Eilish again. I hope it's good.
  5. I think she might have. At least it appeared that George picked the one he wanted. I also think it's so weird to pick someone from another team, don't you? Even though the people from the other teams were better lol. Idk
  6. I really hope they're through. I enjoyed their song more than Claudia's. Also, I can totally see why Kelly chose not to pick either Jimi or Elishia, they both sound dreadful lol.
  7. I just listened to Janie and Matt's performance and I'm not ready to see them leave the show. I really hope Delta picks them.
  8. I wouldn't count Wolf out, people seem to adore him. I don't know why, to me he sounds awful. His voice is different but so unpolished
  9. I'm in love with Despina's version of Bette Davis Eyes. Hope she makes it through.
  10. Yeah, me too. They love some drama, don't they?
  11. On The Voice of Holland they used to have something like this on the live shows. After the performances each coach gave ratings to every performance, and the four scores are averaged and added up to a public vote score. This final score determined the acts at the bottom. Not sure how the eliminations worked from this point on (I don't speak Dutch lol)
  12. Wow so they're really cutting over half of the contestants on the showdowns. That's brutal. It would be better if they didn't pick any wildcards after the playoffs, I think the eliminations would be more reasonable. But on the other hand, it gives another contestant more screen time. Thanks for the info!
  13. I'm really hoping that's not it. But seeing how the show has little to no respect for the contestants, I wouldn't be surprised if that happens.
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