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  1. I never thought about how that could affect votes!!! You could be right - of course, social media only captures a small picture of what the audience likes. Seeing as The Voice tends to have an older audience, many wouldn't be on Instagram/Twitter that are voting. I know when I played the performances to my mum she thought it was strange that an American was competing on The Voice Australia
  2. Unfortunately not, and I don't think they'll tell us either - I think we can gather from what that person has said that the places would've been: 1. Chris 2. Siala 3. Johnny 4. Stellar
  3. According to this person who knows someone working for The Voice, apparently it all 'came down to a handful of votes in the last few minutes' - poor Siala just missed out. That's a bit of a surprise to me .... judging by everyone's comments on social media, Johnny seemed to get quite a lot of support (many said 'Johnny was robbed' on Instagram post announcing the winner). It seems his support didn't translate to votes though...
  4. Haha that's true - people were joking that this is the longest we've remembered a Voice winner, purely because of the controversy surrounding a coach's brother winning the show. I read somewhere that the 'loophole' is that All-Stars don't have to go through the application process (which clearly states you can't be related to any employees, etc.) as they get asked back, which is why Chris was able to compete this season. Also interesting is that Chris was apparently asked to come back last year, but Guy wanted to 'settle' in to the show seeing as it was his first year as a coach.
  5. I think for us in Aus it's more of an 'out of sight, out of mind' thing. For all the controversy and backlash Chris got earlier this week, I think most people in Australia have already forgotten about it and moved on. Unless Channel 9 want to create more 'drama' in order to stay relevant, I don't think they're planning on releasing results this week.
  6. Unfortunately I don't think they'll do it - if they were going to release the placings it would've been done on the night or the next day. I think the most we'll ever know about it is that there was less then 0.5% difference between 1st and 2nd place
  7. Here's a bit of a random thought - if Delta had chosen Jesse as her final contestant instead of Stellar, do you think the result would have been different? When Jesse was eliminated there was a bit of backlash on social media (particularly IG). Looking back, I noticed some people say 'now that jesse's gone, I'm going to vote for Chris' - perhaps if Jesse was in the grand finale some of the votes for Chris would have been spaced out between Chris and Jesse. I'm also so curious to see who came 2nd! Apparently it was less than 0.5% difference between 1st and 2nd place - it would have to be between Johnny and Siala
  8. Just a side note... can we talk about how epic the coaches duets were!??? I especially loved Delta and Stellar's duet - their voices were absolutely sublime and gelled together so well
  9. It's certainly been an interesting season... I know producers probably invited Chris back onto the show, but the fact that he constantly said he didn't want to be in his brother's shadow throughout the season, yet went on a show where his brother is a coach?? The Voice is probably the most 'credible' (i.e. Australia's Got Talent is more of a novelty) and you would have to really invest if you wanted to compete overseas like Sheldon is on America's Got Talent, but his whole career will always be marred by the fact that he won a show that his brother is part of the judging panel.
  10. I mean... good on Chris for winning but I bloody hope that Siala is getting signed!!! From the sounds of it EMI Australia (record company which is obligated to sign the winner) really wanted Siala to win
  11. With the show being pre-recorded it would have been very difficult to announce the placings (imagine all the different combinations they would have to film for each place) They might post the placings later on social media though.
  12. Hahah it's already started!! But honestly it never even crossed my mind that Chris would win - I was definitely thinking it was a toss-up between Johnny and Siala (though Stellar was my fave)
  13. What the hell!????? Not expecting Chris at all to win that
  14. Okay looking at Darren (the host) IG stories, Chris Sebastian and Daryl Braithwaite are singing Horses - not sure if it's the best choice. It's an iconic song and Daryl's voice is so distinctive that I think Chris will be overpowered by him. I could be totally wrong though but from rehearsals it doesn't seem to be much of a 'grand final' song - more of a karaoke
  15. Quite an interesting article about the grand finalists and how difficult it is for 'pop stardom', considering COVID has disrupted any chance of touring after the show. The director of EMI Music (record label for The Voice winner) singles out Siala as the 'obvious' talent - it looks like their record label also wants Siala to win! https://www.smh.com.au/culture/tv-and-radio/it-s-terrifying-pop-stardom-for-the-voice-finalists-more-uncertain-than-ever-20200717-p55czx.html
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