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  1. Song choices 

    Will-girls like you (maroon 5)/night changes (one direction)

    Kyndal-Touch (little mix)/high hopes (5sos) 

    Injoy-dont stop believen (the journey)/you oughta know (alanis morisette)

    Rose-maybe (the chantels)/radioactive(imagine dragons)

    Grace-wild horses ( the rolling stone)/knockin on heavens door (guns and roses)

    Kat-mamma mia (abba) i prefer acoustic/build me up buttercup/(the foundations)

    Zoe-work from home (fifth harmony)/reggaeton lento (little mix ft CNCO)

    Khalea-survivor (destinys child)/No scrubs (TLC)

    Marybeth-black magic(little mix)/ill be there (the jackson 5)

    Katie-lady marmalade (christina aguilera and group)/man in the mirror (the jackskn 5)

    Myracle-dancing queen(abba)/creep (radiohead)  

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  2. some song choices too that might be great 

    Zoe-juice (lizzo)/rise up (Andra day)

    joana- when the partys over (billie eillish)/alive (sia)

    injoy-sledgehammer (rihanna)/hit or miss (tom jones)

    gracee-come together (beatles)/jolene (miley cyrus version)/you say 

    hello sunday-pretty hurts (beyonce)/maybe (the shangrilas)

    kyndal-elastic heart (sia)/i cant stand the rain (ann peebles)/black magic (little mix)

    katie -well this girl can sing anything HAHAHA 

    marybeth-i dont wanna miss a thing (aerosmith)/ruby tuesday (rolling stones)

    khalea-zombie (the cranberries)/who you are (jessie j)/imagine(john lennon)

    kat-dancing on my own (calumm scott)/somewhere over the rainbow (forgot the singer)

    will-songbird (fleetwood mac)/themountains win again (blues traveller)/renegade (styx)

    myracle-if i aint got you (alicia keys)/lean on (major lazer)

    rose-masterpeice (jessie j)/ill be there (mariah carey)/the house of the rising sun 


    hope this helpsūüėĀūüėĀ

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  3. 4 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:



    Opening the second part of Knockout is Team Blake.


    Blake: I paired them because they both have that cool country twang in their voices.


    1. Jake Hoot vs. Marybeth Byrd

         - Jake Hoot

            - Song: God Gave Me You (Blake Shelton)



           - Marybeth Byrd

              - Song: Jesus, Take the Wheel (Carrie Underwood)



             - Winner: Marybeth Byrd

             - Steal/Save: NONE


    Next is a knockout pairing from Team Gwen.


    Gwen: Both artists have their unique of telling their story, which both of them makes us believe, that's why I paired them.


    2. Kyndal Inskeep vs. Kiara Brown

         - Kyndal Inskeep

            - Song: Elastic Heart (Sia)



          - Kiara Brown

             - Song: Redemption Song (Bob Marley)



           - Winner: Kyndal Inskeep

           - Steal/Save: NONE


    Third pairing for tonight is from Team John.


    John: I paired them because they both have that silky smooth tone in their voices.


    3. Calvin Lockett vs. Khalea Lynee

         - Calvin Lockett

            - Song: All of Me (John Legend)



            - Khalea Lynee- Stay (Rihanna)



              - Winner: Khalea Lynee

              - Steal/Save: NONE


    Next is a knockout pairing from Team Kelly.


    Kelly: I paired them because both were my teen girls in my team.


    4. Brennan Lassiter vs. Damali

         - Brennan Lassiter

            - Song: My Church (Maren Morris)



           - Damali

              - Song: Sober (Demi Lovato)



             - Winner: Brennan Lassiter

             - Steal/Save: NONE


    Let's now go back to Team Blake for the 5th pairing of tonight.


    Blake: I paired them because both have cool rasp and edge in their voices.


    5. Brooke Stephenson vs. Lauren Hall

         - Brooke Stephenson

            - Song: River (Joni Mitchell)



          - Lauren Hall

            - Song: Piece By Piece (Kelly Clarkson)



           - Winner: Brooke Stephenson

           - Steal/Save: Kelly

           - Lauren REJOINS Team Kelly.


    Last pairing for the part 2 of the Knockout Rounds this season is from Team John.


    John: I paired them because both have cool unique tone that is very different but both makes us happy when they're performing.


    6. Will Breman vs. Alex Guthrie

         - Will Breman

            - Song: I Don't Care (Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber)



            - Alex Guthrie

               - Song: I'm Not The Only One (Sam Smith)



              - Winner: Will Breman

              - Steal/Save: John and Blake

              - Alex STAYS in Team John.





    Team Kelly Clarkson

    - Marina Chello

    - Injoy Fountain

    - Brennan Lassiter

    - Lauren Hall


    Team Gwen Stefani

    - Mendeleyev

    - Joana Martinez

    - Kyndal Inskeep

    - Hello Sunday


    Team John Legend

    - Dane & Stephanie

    - Khalea Lynee

    - Will Breman

    - Jake HaldenVang

    - Alex Guthrie


    Team Blake Shelton

    - Kat Hammock

    - Marybeth Byrd

    - Brooke Stephenson

    - Gracee Shriver


    Oooh so the hoot is out early hahahaha

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  4. FACTS!!

    s14 BRITTON is the first ever person to place runner up with INSTANT SAVE during semifinals.

    s18 TONEISHA is the first ever person to place runner up with INSTANT SAVE and COACH SAVE during semifinals.

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  5. 4 hours ago, FloorWax said:

    Toneisha Harris is either tied with Kyla for the farthest any AA female has made on the show or THE farthest period. (We won't ever know if she's 2nd or 3rd)

    Can i ask a question? Whats AA and AI?

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  6. 6 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    American Idol Season 18 Grand Finals (Pt. 1 Results and Pt. 2)


    Today, your TOP 4 FINALISTS will be down to TOP 3 FINALISTS. YOU have already voted, let's now reveal on who made it to the 2nd round.


    Singing for the next round of this season's finale is...


    Makayla Phillips!


    Having still a shot for the crown of being the champion of this season is..


    Just Sam!


    Now it goes down between this two. Will it be an all-female Top 3 or no? Let's find out!


    Last spot to the 2nd round is going to...


    Our wildcard!


    Kimmy Gabriela!


    With 22.22%, Francisco got the LOWEST votes and therefore our 4th placer for this season. Let's give it up for Francisco Martin!


    Top 4 Finalists


    1. Makayla Phillips

    2. Just Sam

    3. Kimmy Gabriela

    4. Francisco Martin- 4th (Eliminated)

    Whaaa all of my top 3 favorites are in there hahaha its gonna be a hard choice for me

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    1st runner up:TODD/THUNDERSTORM

    2nd runner up:TONEISHA 

    3rd runner up:MICAH

    4th runner up:CAMMWESS




    1st runner up:THUNDERSTORM

    2nd runner up:MICAH

    3rd runner up:CAMMWESS

    4th runner up:TODD 


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