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  1. Sad to see La'porsha go... i gotta say i much prefer La'Porsha than Alisan..
  2. 1. Tocarra 2. Kelle 3. Yaya 4. Eva 5. Norelle 6. Ann 7. Amanda 8. Nicole
  3. no!! 3 seats left and kymberli,La''porsha,Alisan,Ali and Amanda is not performing yet
  4. Tessanne Chin (The voice 2013) Try Her best performance, for me
  5. Amanda Brown (The voice 2012) Dream on All of her performance are the best but this one is in another level.
  6. THE VOICE VIDEOS COMPILATION Thank for @ashwinner for this idea Are you tired of searching in youtube or any music platforms for some performance?? Worry no more you can find what you want to fin here, I am updating this everyday until i can search performances and put it here. Feel free to post some of your favorite performance of your favorite singers in the voice!! Spread LOVE not HATE If you dont like some of the performance posted in this thread then don't bash that person or artist*
  7. 1.Tocarra 2. Yaya 3. Kelle 4.Amanda 5.Eva 6.Ann 7.Norelle 8.Nicole 9.Cassie
  8. 1.yaya 2.Toccara 3.Eva 4.kelle 5.Norelle 6.Nicole 7.ann 8.Cassie 9.amanda 10.jennipher
  9. I really watch this video many times and still sad that she didnt get any chair turn, What a robbed queen
  10. 1.Kelle 2.Yaya 3.Toccara 4. Eva 5. Norelle 6. Ann 7. Cassie 8. Amanda 9.Nicole 10.Jennipher 11.Kristi
  11. 1. Yaya 2. Nicole 3.Tocarra 4. Kelle 5. Amanda 6. Eva 7. Norelle 8. Ann 9. Jennipher 10. Cassie 11. Julie 12. Kristi
  12. I gotta say all of the contestants is the best of the best. I really like the set up im so excited in the battles
  13. 1. Yaya 2. Tocarra 3. Kristi 4. Kelle 5. Eva 6. Julie 7. Norelle 8. Nicole 9. Amanda 10. Cassie 11, Jennipher 12. Ann 13. Leah 14. Magdalena
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