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  1. SONG SUGGESTION FORM LINK THEME: ALL OUT 2010 (suggest some song that is released from January 1 2010 - December 31 2019) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdms57bn9WF_HImzZwsj0lpu2XeG5WyJwTg4BaT90XMvjDloA/viewform?usp=sf_link Q&A: What will happen if one artist doesn't have any recommendations from their fans -TBH i can't really see that this would happen as our Top 9 have atleast 1 fan in the thread, but if this would happen then IT'S UP TO ME, dont worry i will still be fair, i would do some research or go to their profiles and find some suggestions of their fan in their social media accs! Q&A: Can we suggest some song that is already performed by other artists -Yes, you can, if you want to, hut it's much better to suggest some song that is not yet performed Q&A: Can we include links in the suggestions? -Totally! Much Better Again the TOP 9 Abby Cates Chevel Shepherd Mackenzie Thomas Michael Lee Kameron Marlowe Katrina Cain Kennedy Holmes Kymberli Joye SandyRedd
  2. TEAM STANDINGS AFTER TOP 11 RESULTS! Welcome our TOP 9 TEAM BLAKE Michael Lee ---------------------------------------------------------------- TEAM JHUD Mackenzie Thomas Kennedy Holmes Katrina Cain ---------------------------------------------------------------- TEAM ADAM Abby Cates Kameron Marlowe ---------------------------------------------------------------- TEAM KELLY Kymberli Joye SandyRedd Chevel Shepherd (Instant Save) -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. This is the results! Chevel Shepherd - 110 RADHA - 20 Sarah Grace - 2 As always in this redux i will just show all of you the INSTANT SAVE RESULTS and by that i will just announce all of the results when the winner is revealed, so stay tuned!
  4. That means RADHA and Sarah Grace both of your journey in The Voice US season 15 redux ends here, Thank you for showcasing your talents 10th Place RADHA 11th Place Sarah Grace
  5. CHEVEL SHEPHERD, Congratulations you are moving on to TOP 9, and you truly deserve it!
  6. I gotta say this is one of the most predictable Instant Save winner as we all know she got a lot of fans here. Carson: At this moment only one of you will have chance to compete in the TOP 9, so goodluck. IDF has Instantly saved......
  7. Welcome Back IDF! Its been 10 hours since voting and no one has voted for 7 hours so the results are in. Tagging all: ( If you are not tagged just comment and i will tag you in the next post) @Bk1234 @sydneysam @taylorkat @Angeles @jarmon @Angeles @QueenCami @AliXRose @QueenMae16@Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @DorisAnn @thevoiceisthetop @Dalton Eduardo@VintageVoice @British Man @Harmat @Gustavo527 @Feder @B-B @Cookie73 @Leekleekington @rp3598 @deszfan88 @RickyCoben @TeamAudra @Mistake006 Again Thank you for almost slightly over 130 votes! I really appreciate y'all. Please welcome Sarah Grace, RADHA and Chevel Shepherd on stage
  8. 3 hours and 30 mins left till voting closes... As of now one artist is leading with a huge gap
  9. For me the worst of them all is 4-Way K.O like if i were a contestant there i would rather be stolen than be saved by my coach 2nd is the comeback like you got no chair turn but will advance in the lives? No
  10. To be honest I'm quite schocked that she land in the bottom because she got quite a lot of votes in the playoffs and even Top 17 and 13 but now it just fell off
  11. INSTANT SAVE VOTING LINK https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdwLCAdUwKsKJ0_4-CyGni9PupYPgGlMrXuGWm1Zd-Hxwng3g/viewform?usp=sf_link Voting is here again! You can vote up to 10 times if you want to! Only one of them will advance in our TOP 9 and the other two will be placed 10th and 11th place respectively. The voting will be open for about 12 hours so all of you can witness the results in 9:00-10:00pm GMT+8 later so vote wisely
  12. Last performer for today is the female country singer this season! She's one of a performer and always slay her vocals, with unique technique, from TEAM KELLY Please Welcome Chevel Shepherd performing Favorite Crime by Olivia Rodrigo Kelly: Girl you really slay this song choice! Im happy that you performed it in your own way Because your voice just standout from the instrumental! Now my hopes are high that you will be in the TOP 9 because you just showed that a true star never gives up! Okay hun, goodluck and see you in the TOP 9!
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