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  1. 1. Alasia 2. Krista 3. Raina 4. Naduah 5. Jessica 6. Anslee 7. Tatianna 8. Simone 9. Ren 10. Alexandra 11. Brenda
  2. Ali Caldwell Sledgehammer is my most favorite instant save performance ever (and also the best)
  3. 1. Raina 2. Simone 3. Jessica 4. Alexandra 5. Alasia 6. Krista 7. Anslea 8. Tatianna 9, Angelea 10, Naduah 11, Brenda 12, Ren
  4. 1. Simone 2. Jessica 3. Brenda 4. Tatianna 5. Ren 6. Raina 7. Alasia 8. Angelea 9. Alexandra 10. Krista 11. Nadua 12. Anslee 13. Gabrielle
  5. Love the results! Only kniw few of them cos i think i wasnt born in s 1-3 HAHAHAHAHA
  6. Choices are- S17- Katie Kadan-Baby I Love You Brennan Lassister- You Are My Sunshine Shane Q- Tennessee Whiskey Mendeleyev- Girl From The North Country Marybeth Byrd- Angel From Montgomery Preston C. Howell- Dream a Little Dream of Me Ricky Duran- River Khalea Lynee- Best Part S18- Todd Tilghman-We've Got Tonight Nelson Cade III-Pride & Joy Joana Serenko- All My Loving Toneisha Harris- I Want To Know What Love Is Thunderstorm Artis- BlackBird Mike Jerel- Its A Man's Man's Man's World Mandi Castillo- Asi Fue Rank it by season or you can combine them*
  7. I hope she will end up like Todd, first four chiar turn of s18 and wins.
  8. urghhh i totally forgot that our time is PST, i thought today is the day.HAHAHAHAH
  9. Idk but since i start watching at s8 kimberly Nichole is one of the most unforgettable acts in the voice history.
  10. Singing and Dancing combination is actually hard and i only know one artist and that is Chris Blue.
  11. I think Amanda is Sick when she perform Spectrum so yeah.
  12. Week 1: Kahlen Week 2: Kahlen Week 3: Kahlen Week 4: Kahlen Week 5: Kahlen Week 6: Brittany Week 7: Kahlen Week 8: Kahlen Week 9: Brittany Week 10: Brittany Week 11.1: Kahlen Week 11.2: Kahlen Final Runway: Kahlen Winner Pick: Kahlen
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