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  1. This is from TVSA and been watching this performance over and over....
  2. The only Duo/Group that i stan in the voice history...
  3. Eventhough most of their performance are pitchy, Almost is never enough is their best performance.
  4. One of my moat favorite auditions at all time, and performance..
  5. 1.Yaya 2.Tocarra-Im just a fan of her, ok 3,Eva 4 Amanda 5.NIcole 6.Norelle 7.Ann
  6. Hannah Huston (The voice 2016) House of the rising sun
  7. Adam Wakefield (The voice 2016) Bring it on home to me
  8. Katie Kadan (The voice 2019) Always Remember Us This Way
  9. Max Boyle ( The voice 2019) When The Partys Over
  10. Billy Gilman (The voice 2016) When We Were Young
  11. Christiana Danielle (The voice 2018) Elastic Heart
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