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  1. CammWess "Purple Rain" - 4.5 Todd Tilghman "I Can Only Imagine" - 5 Micah Iverson "Butterflies" - 7 Thunderstorm Artis "Sedona" - 7 Toneisha Harris "Faithfully" - 8 Todd Tilghman "Long Way Home" - 7.5 CammWess "Save It For Tomorrow" - 4 Micah Iverson "Chasing Cars" - 6.5 Toneisha Harris "My Superhero" - 7 Thunderstorm Artis "What a Wonderful World" - 8.5
  2. Veryyy sleepy finale, but tstorm is the clear winner. Quite a weak finale too -- none of the originals did it for me, and the covers were just fine, but none were great.
  3. Really proud of her for making it this far, some of her performances are my favs this season! Excited to hear her originals when they come out.
  4. Zan and Joanna in the T9, Joei in T17. Blake had a STACKED team pre-lives.
  5. Her song wasn't the most "country" imo though...idk it makes sense in my head LOL
  6. not surprised with the results, but tstorm, todd, and cammwess were way too ahead. Megan could have pulled off a win, but flopped this week (maybe she should have gone full-on country).
  7. Joanna Serenko "Lean On Me" - 3.5 Micah Iverson "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" - 8 Todd Tilghman "Love, Me" - 6.5 Zan Fiskum "Never Be The Same" - 3 Thunderstorm Artis "Home" - 9 Megan Danielle "What Hurts The Most" - 4 Allegra Miles "Overjoyed" - 6.5 Toneisha Harris "Because You Loved Me" - 7.5 CammWess "Rainbow" - 6
  8. long time lurker who finally created an account probably one of the strongest semifinals groups recently, but the performances tonight weren't the best... 1. Thunderstorm 2. Micah 3. Toneisha 4. Todd 5. Allegra 6. CammWess 7. Megan 8. Joanna 9. Zan (could the song choice be any worse??)
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