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  1. 6 hours ago, QueenCami said:

    1. What is your favorite outfit from Gihanna on the show (including the results shows)?

    2. Which of the songs from the song list do you most want Gihanna to cover other than "I Was Here" and "Defying Gravity?"


    1. Her instant save outfit ngl


    2. Now that I've already heard a short cover of it on her live, I actually want to hear a full one for YEBBA's My Mind




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  2. 8 hours ago, Gustavo527 said:


    Ok, i'll try my best: 


    My guess for this clue is Cam. We all know that Chevel is his friend (She supported him all the season) and Chevel has a song on her EP called "Mama Got The Chair". Now this is what she said on an interviem about her EP 


    "I do not have a favorite song on the EP because I love them all so much. They are all my babies, and I am so proud of all of them. But, oh gosh! “Mama Got the Chair” is definitely up at the top!"


    She basically said that, while she "does not have a favorite song on her album" she has a certain preference for that particular song.


    So, yeah, Cam is my guess for this one, i hope i can get at least one right on this game 🤞


    Here is the link of the interviem if you want to read it: https://countrynow.com/country-next-chevel-shepherd/





    Smart. This might be it


    and oh wow if Cam's really the number 3 (which is unexpected for me LMAO)- it'll be down to the besties for the #1 and #2 spot? 😳


    Also realized that Kelly's save (who got eliminated in the Semi-Finals) was Bk's #1 last ranking, will it repeat this time with Gihanna? 👻

  3. 7 minutes ago, ikwonic said:

    Vanessa Ferguson (If I Were Your Woman)


    this and Ali's No Ordinary Love were my faves as well


    this is like the hardest question lol these are all so good, but I had to pick Rose's BWR because the feels + vocals + execution were all on point. but I love all of these performances


    it'll be interesting to see who wins the poll this time 👀

  4. 11 hours ago, Misirlou said:

    Franc West from S15 was practically ignored during his run. I don´t remember him being loved here, but he also wasn´t hated. IDF treated him like he was just "there". I think he had a good short run, very magnetic voice. Loved his diversity in song choices too. (From Otis to Alex Clare to the Weeknd to One Republic).



    He caught my attention during his knockouts (one of my favorite knockouts and probably my favorite cover of that song on the show), but I knew he had minimal chances because of how strong team jhud was that time :(


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  5. Gwen - Rose - one of the best contestants ever imo. still listening to her song, God's Country 🤩 (jk)


    Pharrell - Koryn (but if among the choices, Hannah) - I loved her on show performances + off-show music career


    Alicia - Chris - deserving winner for me (but I did not loved Rhythm Nation as much as others here (unpop), his other performances were money though 💘)



  6. Idk how this performance was received back then, but I feel like this hasn't been talked about or anything. I've stumbled upon this performance of Blaine Mitchell of Season 9 for the knockouts just yesterday- and oh boy, I can't stop listening to this performance. I love the power he had for his upper register lol



    I know Noah killed this song too (his crazy low notes were insane there lmao) but I preferred this version bit more?? 😬

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