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  1. By the way, I'm hoping for your support because I'm planning to do a The Voice REDUX again soon after this show
  2. Oh and there will ONLY be 3 voting methods (2 Survey Heart Forms and IDF Method) available during the finale night, so MAKE IT COUNT. Goodnight and see y'all in the Finale
  3. There will be changes in the scheduled dates of the Grand Finale. Let me just remind you on what to come for the season’s Grand Finale and when it’ll start. January 31 (8 PM EST)- Final 5 sings Audition Song, @IAN27TAY's Song Pick, and Winning Song February 2 (8 PM EST)- 4th and 5th placers and Final 3 REVEALED. Final 3 sings Original Song and Celebrity Duets February 6 (8 PM EST)- Winner REVEALED
  4. Everyone, let us meet The Voice: Idol Factor Part 1 Phase 2’s Grand Finalists!
  5. Unfortunately, that also means that @IAN27TAY and the Groups category have no representatives in the Grand Finale and will sit out. We appreciate and would like to thank you IAN27TAY for giving us good and stellar groups performances, thank you!
  6. Commiserations Fifth Harmony, but this is where your journey ends for this show. We know that you are all already a star and we can’t wait to hear more music from your stunning group. Goodluck and thank you, Fifth Harmony.
  7. With a tied vote of 2-2 from the mentors, we are now into this season’s FINAL DEADLOCK. I will have now to rely on to the votes gathered by our wildcard finalist last night. The artist with the HIGHEST votes last night and is our 5th and last grand finalist this season is…
  8. MENTORS COMMENTARIES AND DECISIONS *standing ovation after both performances* Wow!!! Both of you really did amazing tonight! These were such stunning vocals. Fifth Harmony, your harmonies were on point and you guys did such a beautiful performance that I was just mesmerized by. Jamie, you took on such a beautiful song, but I did feel at parts that you were holding back. I have to go with who I loved in this Sing-Off and for that reason the artist that I will be saving is FIFTH HARMONY! . *standing ovation to both perform
  9. After receiving the 2 HIGHEST votes among all wildcard finalists, Jamie and Fifth Harmony will have to fight it off for the final spot in the Grand Finale. In case of deadlock, the artist with the LOWEST votes among these 2 will be ELIMINATED. Without further ado, let the sing-offs BEGIN! 1. Fifth Harmony- Best Part (Daniel Cesar) 2. Jamie Miller- Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Hillsong United) Mentors, you may now give your comments and decisions on which artist you will SAVE.
  10. Before the Sing-Offs, let us first welcome one of the most iconic country duos in this generation along with an international superstar and an American Idol Alumni. Let us welcome, Dan & Shay and Tori Kelly!
  11. Here are the official final percentages of our wildcard finalists last night:
  12. That only means that Jamie Miller and Fifth Harmony are our top 2 artists who got the highest votes among all wildcard finalists last night! It means that they’re the ones that’ll battle it out for the 5th and final spot in the Grand Finale via Sing-Offs.
  13. Now, we are down to THREE. Jamie Miller from the Underdogs, Fifth Harmony and Alex & Sierra from the Groups. Only TWO of them will advance to our Final Sing-Offs this season. Who will it be? Let’s find that out now! You unfortunately fell short of the votes from last night and will have to leave the competition again…
  14. First of all, I just want to congratulate all mentors and artists, you really had solid performances last night and I know for sure that was fun to watch. But now, let’s get to the point and reveal the artists who did not had enough scores to be in the Final Sing-Offs. I will announce the names continually this time. It’s time to say goodbye because you fell short on the votes…
  15. Greetings and welcome back to The Voice: Idol Factor Part 1 Phase 2! Last night, we saw as the eliminated Final 16 artists come back to the show one more time for a chance to snag a spot in the Grand Finale. They sang songs that were picked by their own mentors. All gave it their all and even gave some of their best performances yet. Evvie McKinney open out the show, having been eliminated first on the Live Shows. Meanwhile, Fifth Harmony closed out the show with their original hit. To have a recap and rewatch the performances last night, just click the link belo
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