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  1. Weird how many her following is but received poor support during her auditions.
  2. Same goes here!! I Surrender is a popular classic, and knowing the audience, they will instantly be caught by the song choice.
  3. Nope, they did not. I really think they leaked those with modern or popular songs last season or something?
  4. My bad, I completely forgot they were on the 2nd battle episode. Were Roderick and Joana the leaked battle for the premiere?
  5. Depends, they leaked Toneisha and Jacob last season that did not ended up in steal/save
  6. I thought so too. Given that Taryn could have been a powerhouse female fronrunner in his team, he still chose them. I think they are his early faves
  7. I also hope they give more exposure to her!! I need to hear more of her voice
  8. Maybe they are Blake's early favorite OR they did improve a lot on the Battles
  9. Oooh wanna hear more from them as the show progresses. They definitely caught my attention than the boring Bundys lol
  10. Well, lemme first tell that I super love their harmonies. It was not vocally perfect though, but I see potential. I love the middle girl's tone (is she the one compared to Danielle)?
  11. I don't think Desz's best asset is belting tbh, I mean I love how controlled she is, but the best thing about her is her rich tone and runs. Anyways, in terms of belting, kudos to Kelsie, she surprised me. I super love that last whistle note at the end, ugh what a slayage. Taryn comes next to me because I love that power behind her belts, but she have been banzilla'd so I cannot hear properly her belt (just please do not let it happen again TBTP on the future rounds). I also notice some pitch issues when she goes high (not sure if it is the right term, but what I am te
  12. Joei Fulco vs Todd Michael Hall - The Best - 11 Anaya Cheyenne vs Chelle - Scared to Be Lonely - 12 Roderick Chambers vs Joanna Serenko - When the Party's Over - 16 Mike Jerel vs Zach Day - Adorn - 2 Allegra Miles vs Michael Williams - How Will I Know - 18 Toneisha Harris vs Jacob Daniel Murphy - Good as Hell - 27 Micah Iverson vs GiGi Hess - Someone You Loved - 25 Mandi Castillo vs CammWess - Senorita - 10 Cam Spinks vs Kailey Abel - What Ifs - 6 Darious Lyles vs Nelson Cade III - Come Together - 11 Arei Moon vs Samuel Wilco - Missing You - 11
  13. Yeah I agree. What I mean is that the viewers did not gave her much of that attention after her BA. She seemed to lose the interest of the viewers, idk why.
  14. Now I am worried, I hope she lives up to the hype, and not just become a one trick pony (like what happened with Sandyredd on S15) One trick pony wasn't the word since Sandy have had good performances, but it did not went with the hype she received during the BA
  15. https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/news/9473368/desz-4-chair-turn-unbreak-my-heart-cover-the-voice-watch Here it is!!
  16. Team Kelly is KILLIN' it when it comes to the likes/reacts on Facebook. Desz had the most reacts/likes, followed by Kelsie, then Ryan. I am pretty sure they will have to do some editing for people to lose interest or not pay much attention to Kelsie when the day comes just to "soft blow" her lose (even if her KO was just a bummer)
  17. Desz is featured on Billboard YAAAY
  18. Wait.. are WTW the only remaining Blake artist? If not, I can see them opening the last blinds
  19. Anyways enough with the Ryan and Taryn debate. I am so excited for Worth the Wait!! Also for Julia Cooper as I am intrigued of her style and tone. When will the Battles start?
  20. Lemme just add too. Marisa and Ryan got a popular classic song, which might be a key for Ryan to have that attention. Him being destroyed by Marisa isn't yet confirmed, sometimes the sources had different opinions than team minivan over the past few seasons lol. AND wasn't Samantha also the ONLY country gal on the 4-way last season? Well... she had a great song too, but well. Minivan also favored Michael because of his battle rounds, he had a popular classic song + good battle partner. That fits with Ryan G. as well, as well as the viewers find him attractive. I am not
  21. Well that is yet to be proven lol. We still don't know, we have different tastes, more so team minivan. So let us just see, shall we?
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