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  1. I love Tim's song and excited for him . But other than that, meh, I more look forward to Delta and George's Showdown tomorrow night.
  2. Due to unexpected reasons, show for tonight will be cancelled. Live Playoffs Round 2 will BEGIN on tomorrow, Sunday Night, at 8 PM EST.
  3. Ooh yeah, glad Jurnee isn't up in this thread so far. She's one of my faves defo
  4. It's actually not in any way harsh for me, I respect whatever anyone has to say here in this thread. And also, I see it more of as a comment, that'll help for the show to be better. So thanks a lot!!
  5. Here are who I think will be the final 2 from each team, and reasons why. #TeamGuy 1. Johnny- out of all of Team Guy, he's the most sure I am on advancing. He's just a favorite of Guy and Guy showed that on that past few rounds, giving his opponents worst scenarios. 2. Timothy- I know that he's a favorite of Guy too, but I am not so sure about him, since Adam is also a favorite of Guy. However, Guy seems to lose interest on Adam because of his inexperience. #TeamKelly 1. Chris- There's no way Kelly's letting go Chris, she's her favorite from the start. And the show seems pushing Chris as Kelly's frontrunner from the start. 2. Despina/Mark- Honestly, it just depends on who gives a performance that impresses Kelly the most. Despina had got the eye of Kelly from the start, while Mark, he had been the rocker that Kelly wanted to have. #TeamDelta 1. Stellar- Stellar seems the TCO this season, I really can see her going to the Grand Finals, and potentially winning it. Delta, not choosing her, was not a indication of Delta losing interest on her, she just really wants to push her even more. 2. Jesse- As much as Delta loves Clarissa, I don't think she would pick her over Jesse who caught her attention even more after a good performance on the Playoffs. #TeamGeorge 1. Siala- she seems to be pushed as the frontrunner of George's team. She also have lots of support from George ever since the start, that being showed when he picked Siala on Playoffs even if she stumbled. 2. Angela- she's definitely a fav of George, Masha is a great vocalist, but I have a feel that George isn't feeling her as an artist. George probably don't want another Diana finalist on her team.
  6. I also thought for sure Alisan would be safe, and *not gonna say the name* would be in her place after a weak performance. Good comments though! I really appreciate when someone comments on my threads
  7. There ya have it! Your Final 5 from each category that'll be performing for the Live Playoffs Round 2! Do you have any favorite category and artists so far? Well let's see on how long they'll be on this show. You just never know what to expect! Tune in at Saturday Night at 8 PM EST as we start the Round 2 of the Live Playoffs.
  8. Fifth Harmony 5 After Midnight Alex & Sierra Stereo Kicks 4th Impact Real Like You
  9. MENTORS COMMENTARIES AND DECISIONS QueenMae - 4th Impact, Okay I really think you have what it takes with your potential, but I'm not sure these songs are doing it. I think we need more than just energy but we'll see how it goes. Real Like You, Okay I think the choice was there for this song, but I just can't connect you at all I'm sorry. I think you are too inconsistent, but is there a progressive path in your future? I have to go based on this potential and progressiveness of this group. americanvoice - Real Like You, that was.. an interesting mash up. I loved how you transitioned from Problem to ICFMF, I love your voices as a group. But, individually, I feel like there are some of you that is kind of pitchy. 4th Impact, this was miles better than your last night performance, the song choice was spot on. Your dance moves, your voices together, sounded all strong tonight. But, your performance last night was your worst so far, did you still deserve to move on after that? The group I'm saving is the one that I think that is more ready for this show, the other group still needs few more years for them to polish their craft. A-Kid - Real Like You, there's really some rawness in you that really attracts me. Even if you're I think the most inexperienced among the groups, you know your identity as a group. But, sometimes, your rawness becomes your weakness, as you can go really off-key at times. 4th Impact, you've been so consistent all throughout the series, but last night, that was your worst so far. Both of you had your moments tonight, you each gave good performances. But, I think, if I'm basing it on who I think can be more consistent moving forward, there's a group that I think can do that more than the other. jarmon - You both did good tonight, you performed and proved to us that you still want to stay in this competition. 4th Impact, this was better than your past performance. Real Like You, that was an interesting song mash up of two of the biggest pop hits nowadays. But, I'll be basing my vote on the performances tonight and last night, I will have to save the group that I think did better overall. With a vote of 3-1, the group that got only 1 vote from 4 mentors and is eliminated from this show is...
  10. For the very last sing-offs for this 1st Round of Live Playoffs, the bottom 2 groups, Real Like You and 4th Impact, will compete. Only one will be saved by the mentors after both of their performances. 1. Real Like You - Song: Problem/I Can't Feel My Face (Ariana Grande/The Weeknd) 2. 4th Impact - Song: Work It Out (Beyoncé)
  11. Fifth Harmony 5 After Midnight Alex & Sierra Stereo Kicks 4th Impact Real Like You
  12. For the last time on this round, it is now time to announce on which of the Final 6 Groups will be advancing directly, and who will have to fight in the sing-offs. In no particular order, the first group saved by the viewers is... Fifth Harmony! Next group saves by the public and will sing again on the next round is... 5 After Midnight! Third group saved is none other than... Alex & Sierra! Last group saved and won't have to perform on tonight's sing-off is.. Stereo Kicks!
  13. Last to know their fate is the category that performed just last night, category mentored by @IAN27TAY, the Final 6 of The Groups category. All groups gave it their all last night, giving us wow-worthy performanes, but only 5 will survive tonight. For the recap of last night's show, please click the link BELOW:
  14. Jessica Sanchez Leah Jenea Koryn Hawthorne MaKenzie Thomas Addison Agen Molly Hocking
  15. MENTORS COMMENTARIES AND DECISIONS IAN27TAY - *standing ovation and claps* Addison, I love the way you sing this song, it really shows the needed emotions. You are really a humble person and I'm hoping to see more of you. You performed well and goodluck. Molly, I love that head voice, and how you started this performance. This is so emotional, and I really enjoyed this performance, so goodluck. I will go to the artist who I think can give extra in the next round. americanvoice - Addison, that is what I'm talking about! I love that performance. This type of songs is the one that really had me intriguing about you. Molly, that was also an amazing and heartfelt performance, I love how you conveyed the message of this song. I was also surprised you're in the bottom, if I'm being honest. I thought this would be easy, but you both gave a good performances tonight. I'll just go with someone who I think is more interesting. A-Kid - Girls, that was both so tear-jerking performances. I have said to the both of you to step it up, and you did tonight! Addison, your unique tone and your beautiful range just showed tonight, your talent is just undeniable. Molly, this is another solid performance from you, you've shown us your growth ever since the start. The artist I'm saving is the artist that I think edged out the other when it comes to all of the performances overall, the talent is just undeniable of this artist. jarmon - *stands, cries, and claps* Addison is back and better than ever! This is the type of songs you should be singing as it suits your voice perfectly. This performance was full of emotion and passion and I was just feeling it. Amazing job tonight! This is probs my fave performance of yours so far. What a beautiful performance, Molly. This was just so heartwarming and you told the story of the song perfectly. I enjoyed this performance more than your "This Is Me theme" performance. I have to go with the artist who just gave it her all in this sing-off. With a split vote from the mentors, 4-0, getting 0 votes from them, the artist that will leave this competition is..
  16. It is Molly and Addison who got the lowest votes on their category during Tuesday Night's show. Now it is time for them to sing once again, this time for the mentors vote. 1. Addison Agen - Song: Humble and Kind (Tim McGraw) 2. Molly Hocking - Song: Not About Angels (Birdy)
  17. Jessica Sanchez Leah Jenea Koryn Hawthorne MaKenzie Thomas Addison Agen Molly Hocking
  18. Let us now start on revealing who is safe and who is not on the Final 6 Girls . Who will have to sing on tonight's sing off? Let's now find that out! In no particular order, first girl saved is.. Jessica Sanchez! Next artist that will be performing again next round is.. Leah Jenea! Third artist that secured her spot in the Final 5 of this category is.. Koryn Hawthorne! Last artist saved and got more votes than other girls is.. MaKenzie Thomas!
  19. Angie and Candice were my two favorites on that season, so glad they're still not appearing, I hopee? . But yeah, your reasons per rankings are all really reasonable, loved it!
  20. Fourth category that will know their fate is the category that performed on Tuesday Night, the Final 6 of The Girls category, that is mentored by @QueenMae16. Each girls gave it what they've totally got, but some were criticized for not stepping it up at this crucial rounds of the show. For a recap of the Tuesday Night show, please click the link BELOW:
  21. Zhavia Evvie McKinney Kennedy Holmes Jamie Miller Jordy Marcs Johnny Manuel
  22. MENTORS COMMENTARIES AND DECISIONS IAN27TAY - First of all, I can see that both of you really give what you got. Johnny, wow this song choice is very perfect and I really love how you sing it, I agree with QueenMae on how you exaggerate your vocals. Overall, an outstanding performance! Jordy, this performance just shows how good and gentle your voice are. For me, you did not do that bad, if ever this will be your last performance. Don't worry, because record deals are on their way, for sure. So, I'm saving who I think can give more in next live shows. QueenMae - I just want to say how I loved that you two gave it your all in these performances, so please feel proud. Johnny, you brought out something different in this song, and while I think you may have exaggerated your vocal a bit too much, its amazing how controlled your higher and lower registers are. Jordy, I think we hear that rough and raw vocal everytime you sing, its really classic I'd say. It is impressive though? is a star-worthy vocal? idk really. So I to go based on what I think is true to this competition and who really is an artist and not just doing anything for show. A-Kid - Johnny, this performance was honestly better than your past performance, I am shocked to see you here. But, you're just always overdoing the riffs and runs every single time you perform, it is tiring for us to hear. You've become a one trick pony for me, sadly. Jordy, this was better than your past performance. However, I just don't get at what you're going to, or what lane you are going. And, your music is sometimes not accepted by many. The underdog I'm saving is the artist that I think would be more interesting to hear moving forward. jarmon - Johnny, this song choice is so wrong for you. Kailey Abel own's this song. I appreciate you for taking a risk but I feel like you honestly just made my decision all that easier. Jordy, you keep surprising me week after week. I never know what to expect from you and that's what makes me look forward to your performances more. I don't think this was your best vocal showcase but it some really raw moments. I am saving the artist that I just feel has more to offer. With a 3-1 vote, the underdog that will be leaving this round is..
  23. That means, the underdogs that got the lowest votes on Monday night was Johnny and Jordy. They will now have to fight in the sing-off, in which the mentors will soon decide on who stays and who goes. 1. Jordy Marcs - Song: Whipping Post (The Allman Brothers Band) 2. Johnny Manuel - Song: Forever Young (Alphaville)
  24. Zhavia Evvie McKinney Kennedy Holmes Jamie Miller Jordy Marcs Johnny Manuel
  25. Mo Aderinan Aydan Calafiore Hunter Plake Sheldon Riley Noah Mac Jason Warrior
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