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  1. I have a feeling that some might be expecting too much from her (I hope not) setting up for a disappointment That being said, I am really excited to hear She Used to Be Mine again after 5 seasons!!
  2. I really love his audition. I love his looks. I love his story. This guy's really strong and I salute him for that. Please do add me!
  3. I voted for Gean because I thought he'd receive the least amount of votes here lol but my favorite was actually Hunter's 1. Hunter Plake- not a perfect vocal but I really loved the fact that it was slowed down during the most part of the song, I appreciated it more. I love that falsetto parts of Hunter, so beautiful. 2. Korin Bukowski- an underrated artists. She's a close close 2nd. I would have loved it more if the arrangement for her was slowed down. 3. Gean Garcia- close 3rd too. He brought something unique to the song and his tone omg idc abo
  4. I love how supportive Gihanna is. She literally ig storied all her co-artists blind audition performance, then she commented on every ig post about their auditions lol. Queen things
  5. I'd probably watch this over and over again!! His voice's so soothing
  6. Corey Ward, Kenzie Wheeler, Zae Romero, and Gean Garcia (imo) slaying their auditions just proved how much of a threat Kelly's live team is. Gihanna darling, we're waiting for you
  7. If I didn't know him pre-show I would've also thought he was a girl singing on that audition I AM SO PROUD OF GEANKY!! Kelly's comment about his voice, it sounds so beautifully broken. Really can't wait to hear more for him on the show
  8. Yup. Kimberly had a breakout moment during the What's Up performance of hers which is during the live playoffs. I honestly did not care about her during the pre-rounds (she's a 2 chair turner too if I can recall) until she killed that performance lol Meanwhile, well, Kyla, we all know she got everybody's attention during the Knockouts. What's weird is that most of the AA powerhouses get their peak after their blinds lol (with the exception of Sisaundra, Kymberli, Sandy, etc.)
  9. FINALLY OMG. I know his tone might be polarizing to many but idc. I AM SO EXCITED
  10. or probably a minivan who hated kelly for blocking blake during kenzie's audition
  11. I get your point but remember that this forum is also read by that person that some users here are criticizing they are still to shoot the lives where Zae moved forward right? probably seeing the comments like "he's last on team kelly" "he's got no chance" blah blah blah will surely downgrade his confidence. Kenzie was said too to be underwhelming but still have we changed our opinion about him being a frontrunner? I don't think so, some are still hyping him up to be a frontrunner. (but yeah I thought comments about Kenzie was harsh too) just my opinion though, be nice.
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