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  1. Based on the preview for tonight's episode, Chris Sebastian is a confirmed 4 chair turner, which is actually not surprising lol. Also, there's this young gal that is 4 chairs also (not Janie)
  2. You've gotta vote for the wildcard finalist that you think deserves to be in the Grand Finals. Now's your chance. Voting lines will CLOSE and results will BE REVEALED at 9:30 AM EST. Grand Finale will happen at 10 AM EST. https://surveyheart.com/form/5ecb3fe0b13e5b55b1ec92df
  3. The Voice Season 17 A-Kid's Redux Wildcard Show WILDCARD SHOW (5th Finalist) Now, your eliminated Top 13 contestants (9 artists) will perform for your votes to make them this season's 5th finalist. Kicking things off is two artists from Team Gwen. 1. Hello Sunday - Song: Too Good At Goodbyes (Sam Smith) 2. Joana Martinez - Song: Wicked Game (Chris Isaak) Next up is an artist from Team John. 3. Will Breman - Song: There's Nothin' Holding Me Back (Shawn Mendes) Fourth and fifth performing tonight is two artists from Team Kelly. 4. Katie Kadan - Song: You Don't Own Me (Grace) 5. Injoy Fountain - Song: Glory (John Legend) Next up performing is two artists from Team Blake. 6. Kat Hammock - Song: All I Want (Kodaline) 7. Gracee Shriver - Song: You Say (Lauren Daigle) Next up performing is an artist from Team John. 8. Zoe Upkins - Song: How Do I Live (LeAnn Rimes) Closing out the night is an artist from Team Gwen. 9. Kyndal Inskeep - Song: Always On My Mind (Willie Nelson)
  4. Here are the results of the Semi-Finals Instant Save:
  5. Now that the 4 finalists have been revealed. But that doesn't end there, I have decided since the start of the season that I'll do the wildcards once again. All eliminated 9 artists will fight for the 5th slot in the Grand Finals. All will be performing TONIGHT at 11 PM EST. And you will vote once again. GRAND FINALISTS 1. Marybeth Byrd 2. Rose Short 3. Myracle Holloway 4. Khalea Lynee (Instantly Saved) 5. WILCARD
  6. LIVE SHOWS (SEMI-FINALS INSTANT SAVE RESULTS) Now that three of the finalist have been revealed and the middle 3 already performed, it is now time to reveal who got the 4th spot in the Grand Finals. The public that had instantly saved and gave another shot to win it all is from..
  7. Now that the Middle 3 artists have performed in our very last instant save, it is now up to you on who will snatch that 4th slot in the Grand Finale. Voting lines will CLOSE at 10:30 PM EST. VOTE VOTE NOW! https://surveyheart.com/form/5ecb19eb22fb7113ad624793
  8. LIVE SHOWS (Semi-Finals Instant Save) The middle 3 artists, including 2 artists from Team John and 1 artist from Team Gwen, will have to fight for the 4th slot in the Finale. Only one will survive. Let's now kick things off with an artist from Team John. 1. Zoe Upkins - Song: Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis) Next up is an artist from Team Gwen. 2. Kyndal Inskeep - Song: I Can't Stand the Rain (Ann Peebles) Last artist performing tonight is from Team John. 3. Khalea Lynee - Song: Run To You (Whitney Houston)
  9. The Voice Season 17 A-Kid's Redux Live Shows Results LIVE SHOWS (Semi-Finals Results) Today, your Top 8 semifinalists have performed and you have voted. They had some killer song choices and performances, giving it their best. But only 3 will be voted directly to the Top 4, the middle 3 will have to fight for the 4th slot and the bottom 2 will be eliminated immediately. Also, today the semifinalists have performed in duets, singing soundtracks from old/new movies. And as I have said and like in the past live show, the winning duet in the votes will receive x2 multiplier in their solo votes. The votes between the two duets were really close, the other edging out the other wirh ONLY 3 VOTES. And the winning duet today is... Now let's find out on who will make it to the Grand Finale. The first artist singing in the Grand Finals and our first finalist is from Team.... Blake! Marybeth Byrd! The second finalist for this season and is one of the Top 3 artists that had the highest votes today is from Team... Gwen! Rose Short! Last artist that will make it through directly to the Grand Finals and will still have a shot to win it all is an artist from Team... Kelly! The only remaining artist in Team Kelly! Myracle Holloway! Now it's time to announce on who will sing for their spot in the Grand Finals. First artist performing tonight for a chance to be the 4th finalist is from Team... John. Zoe Upkins. Second artist performing is from Team.. Gwen. Kyndal Inskeep. Last artist performing tonight and will still have a shot to be in the Grand Finals is from Team.. John. Khalea Lynee. MIDDLE 3 (Instant Save) 1. [TEAM JOHN] Zoe Upkins 2. [TEAM GWEN] Kyndal Inskeep 3. [TEAM JOHN] Khalea Lynee BOTTOM 2 (Eliminated) 1. [TEAM BLAKE] Kat Hammock 2. [TEAM BLAKE] Gracee Shriver
  10. Makayla and Julia/Just Sam?? I guess is the final 2
  11. Same though! Last year's premiere episode is way better than this year. I mean Zeek, Daniel, Prinnie, Luke, Tannah, Chynna >>>>> Stellar, Roxanne, Josh, Adam, Despina, Virginia for me lol
  12. Oooh I really though Delta blocked George before she turned. Now this Block is totally unfairr aaa
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