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  1. OMG WE HAVE THE ALMOST THE SAME LISTS?? Except for the lives and blinds (edited it out). And that last statement, yes sis!! taste
  2. These past few seasons were pretty much a bore for me except Season 17... gladly Queen Maelyn saved the Season 16 (still the worst season for me, funny how it is the worst season ever but have one of the best winners ever) SEASON 16- Maelyn freakin' Jarmon SEASON 17- Rose Short, loved Jake and Ricky as well, but queen's servin' (Rose's my favorite contestant ever btw, along with Ali, Maelyn, and Christina G.) SEASON 18- Todd Tilghman (unpop but yeah), he rightfully deserved to win that thing after his KO performance
  3. I really needed this right now so tysm @astargirl!! Also, I haven't noticed, please do add me (even if late and under weird circumstances) in this fan thread if it is okay!
  4. Yeah the past few winners had really good performances that even if they weren't my favorites, I could say they were deserving of the win
  5. And I would certainly say no to that . I mean Desz is my priority but if Carter wins then no problem at all because it was something different from the past few winners and he had been really good for a 14 yo throughout the show. So please make that happen TBTP Although if Desz managed to win, that'd be a completely good story, that's a game changer imo
  6. He's actually talking about the other finalists who entered the finale or went really far because of the fact they they sing country music + their tone
  7. SEASON 4- Danielle Bradbery, this is the first time during that time that I stanned a Team Blake artist because of the gorgeous Danielle, super love her run on the show!! Sasha Allen was actually my most favorite during that time but she's toe in toe with Danielle so when she got eliminated, boom easy Danielle for me! SEASON 5- Jacquie Lee, I do think Tessanne deserved the win though because Jacquie's finale performance got really shouty for me and some were underwhelming, but still love this gal! SEASON 6- Christina Grimmie, I was so angry when she and Kristen (who is
  8. SEASON 10- Alisan Porter, even if she had performances I did not liked during the lives, she still have those performances that really marked herself in me. SEASON 11- Ali Caldwell- oops. Wé Mcdonald, when Ali got robbed of the finale spot (she deserves), I actually lost interest until Wé came up with a bombastic finale with Don't Rain On My Parade, after that I rewatched all of her performances, and thought she deserved to win. But, Sundance was actually deserving too! (I watched all of his performances before Season 12 began, and became a fan of him) SEASON 12- Chris
  9. SEASON 13- Brooke Simpson (this may be UNPOP but you know I just loved her last 3 performances in the show). But I am satisfied with Addison/Chloe top 2 bc they were deserving (and I also love Addison) SEASON 14- Kyla Jade (no doubt) SEASON 15- Kennedy Holmes (Kennedy deserves much more than the 4th place . Chevel rightfully won though)
  10. Payge Turner - Call Out My Name - 3 Cami Clune - Skinny Love - 108 DeSz - Un-Break My Heart - 83
  11. I know I don't have the right but I just couldn't help it, so sorry in advanced to all! Hi Taryn! I know I have been a little harsh to you during the later rounds (only because you were competing against my 2nd favorite this season, Ryan, but not because of anything at all, because girl you've got the voice and the look!), so I want to apologize! I also want to commend you for everything that you have been through, now I get all of it, and you are really a brave and awesome gal. Thank you so much for showing us your talent and showing us that powerful voice. I am not on this fan t
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