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  1. Wow, Johnny is closing out the show, that's actually smart. They would probably pimp either Stellar/Siala on the Finale, my money's on Stellar since she's the TCO this season
  2. Do they showed who will perform after Chris? And btw what did Chris sang?
  3. Who the hell chose Mark's song tonight? Lmao what a sabotage for me, there's other rock songs that would've have had him a moment tonight, guess they rlly wanna Chris to go through
  4. So far, only Masha and Jesse had sung. Masha- Rain On Me (Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga) Jesse- Cellophane (FKA Twigs)
  5. Jesse's performance tonight for me was his best, it felt so simple yet classy. Good song choice for him He's having a lot of support from facebook rn wow
  6. Siala and Johnny are killing it on social media bc of their showdown performances, hopefully, Stellar will shine tonight, and also Tim, hoping for a miracle he goes through instead of Johnny
  7. Surprising that there are no released studios up until now, maybe they want that element of surprise for the song choices?
  8. Excited for Delta and Stellar's duet, I'm living for it!
  9. I heard Stellar singing "I know I'll get through this" in the preview, and I immediately realized that it was a part of the bridge of the song Cher, Believe. If she's singing Believe, well, I am absolutely here for it, momma.
  10. !! VOTING LINE IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN !! This series' voting will be different. You can only vote ONCE PER IDF ACCOUNT. But, you can vote using up to 3 LEGIT E-MAILS (if you have 3). So it means, if you have 3 E-MAILS and an IDF ACCOUNT, you can have a total of 4 VOTES. How will you vote? Simply click the link BELOW. Then, in the link, you'll see the name of each artists per number. In each name, you'll see a drop-down list with 6 points up until 1 point. You'll have to rank the artists based on their performances tonight. You can only give ONE ARTIST a 6 POINTS, ONE with 5 POINTS, so on, and so forth. Voting lines will CLOSE at 7:30 PM EST. WARNING! If you gave 2 or more artists the same points, I will disregard your votes, so make sure to give one artist only one. For a recap of tonight's show, here it is: Here is the voting link: https://surveyheart.com/form/5f0c7fa38cc1c15b47a5e5c4
  11. MENTORS COMMENTS IAN27TAY: *STANDS AND THROW SHOES* Wow girl, you really did that?? THIS IS INSANELY ONE OF THE BEST PERFORMANCES IN TVIF HISTORY! There I said it, your voice is one of that rare gems that you can only found in one certain place. You chose a tough song, and you performed it really good. You made us feel His presence through your performance tonight. Overall, you are a great singer, let people listen to your gorgeous voice more. QueenMae: Well Miss Kymberli, I will say you have majorly improved since your last 2 performances, while it still was a bit wild in your higher register, the subtle parts and smooth runs made this enjoyable, also being a real showstopper. You really came back from last week sis, I think you have proven yourself to try for a Final 3 spot after that. Well done Kymberli! americanvoice: *stands, cries, and throws shoe* I really don't care if anyone will disagree with me or anything, but this is probably one of the BEST performances on this show so far, I love my category, but you just came to slay mama. This is literally what you can call a COMEBACK QUEEN. You just proved us wrong in the last round, you are born for this, you are born to preach His word through your performances. I am so confident that you just rose your way to the top with this one, just keep being consistent. A-Kid: *standing ovation throughout the performance, threw shoes, and cries* AMEN SISTER! AMEN. You just redeemed yourself tonight a lot Kym, you're so good when you're right in your element. You just took us to church tonight, felt like you were preaching to us, you have an undeniable talent that is given by Him, you just have that power. I love how dedicated you are tonight, I really felt like I was cleansed after that performance. Tonight, all of the overs stepped it up, this is honestly the best night of performances so far in this show, everyone's song choices were spot on, this'll be really hard. But one thing's for sure, you're one of my Top 3 tonight Kym, no doubt. God bless you sister! Keep up the good job. jarmon: *STANDING OVATION THROWING SHOES, CRIES AND SMILES AND CLAPS* THIS is YOUR MOMENT KYM!!! You REDEEMED yourself tonight! This is where your vocals excels, in these gospel songs! Because you took us all to CHURCH! You just SANG!! Honestly this one of my favorite performances of the entire season and it's going to be extremely hard for anyone to top this performance! This was just simply spectacular beyond belief! I am so PROUD OF YOU KYMBERLI!!!
  12. Closing out tonight is an over that was unfortunately on the Bottom 2 of this category last week and had to fight Alisan in the sing-offs, she had beaten Alisan with an Imagine Dragons song, winning the mentors, she was voted 3-1 to move forward. She is looking to redeem herself tonight aftet her failed attempt on singing a huge hit of Rihanna, mentors heavily criticized her performance that night. 5. Kymberli Joye - Song: Break Ev'ry Chain (Tasha Cobbs)
  13. MENTORS COMMENTS IAN27TAY: *Stands and claps* OH MY GEEZ, Joshua, I can see that you really sang from your heart tonight, I felt your emotion in your song, and I really love it when you do some runs in your voice, it really showed how vocally good you are. Your performance tonight pierced through my heart. Overall, you have projected the message of this song well. QueenMae: Joshua I will say this was probably your blandest performance because I think the connection wasn't quite there, but the vocal was clearly flawless and you just know how to sing. If we want to go a softer route for you, maybe go with more unique arrangement and try to find your path in that song, instead of trying to just make a good cover. Cause we know you can sing, but I want the artistry in you to finally burst out! Well done Joshua, good luck. americanvoice: standing ovation* Excuse me Mr. Ledet?! What just happened? That's so good, I love how controlled yet vulnerable you are tonight, you actually have the tendency to oversing sometimes, but tonight, it's like you said to us, "I've got it under control, just sit back and enjoy my performance.". I love how you ooze so much soulfulness into that song, how you changed it up, to showcase your voice wholely. This is actually the best song choice for you tonight, and this is miles better than your last performance. Ooh boy, you overs are making it really hard for the viewers. A-Kid: *standing ovation* I have to agree with americanvoice, tonight, you just seemed so in control with your voice. You let your soulfulness and gorgeous phrasing shine through. This song is honestly one of the songs I've kept playing over and over again, it is because, the message of this song is just so sincere and beautiful, and that emotions was showed by yours tonight. I love how vulnerable you are tonight, I have never seen this side of you, and I really liked it! Just keep on the control thing, and keep impressing us! jarmon: *STANDING OVATION THROWING SHOES AND CLAPS* YUSSSS BOY!!!! JOSHUA! You always make me so proud! This was yet another beautiful performance and you have such an incredible range and that amazes me on its own. You sing so effortlessly and naturally. I loved your runs a lot especially in this performance. It was just so perfect, you didn't oversing, you just came out here and DELIVERED! GREAT JOB BOYYY!
  14. Fourth performance for tonight is from an artist that is the only guy remaining in his category. He had yet another soulful performance after singing the winning song of Fantasia Barrino, he had impressed some, but some criticized him of oversinging, despite of the mixed reviews, he had enough votes and more votes than some of his co-overs, to which is why, he was saved and did not have to perform in the sing-off. 4. Joshua Ledet - Song: Imagine (John Lennon)
  15. MENTORS COMMENTS IAN27TAY: *STANDS AND CLAPS* Wow Amanda, this song is so powerful and I'm glad that you chose this song. The way how you started this performance of your tonight was so perfect!! As soon as you started, I got hooked on to your presence, it was like you charmed the whole place as soon as you started singing. Your tone is really gorgeous, and your vocal transition is so good. Overall, you just rocked the stage once again. QueenMae: You know Amanda you are just a rock goddess and everything you do is so unique and sensational, the song is perfect for you, the placements were outstanding. Once again you bring that rocker style that has us on our feet and shaking our heads in awe and throwing our shoes at you lmao. You maam have a strong chance in that Final 3 as well, well done Amanda! americanvoice: *standing ovation* CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE STOP BEING SO FLAWLESS?! That was another tremendous performance for the Overs this night, and from you Amanda, this is honestly better than your last week performance, for me. I did not expect at all that you'll sing a Grace Potter song, especially this song. You are so consistent on giving us good performances, I love your range, and also that clarity when you sing, ugh, to die for! Three performances down, and I really can't decide which is my favorite. That's just so good. A-Kid: *standing ovation* That is another stunning performance from you, Amanda. What you did tonight was actually impressive, I would've never thought that Stars will be sung that way, and that a rock chick like you will actually sing a song that is kind of country-pop-ish. I love the clearness of your voice, it is actually so flawless, you never fail to amaze us, Amanda. This is also, for me, better than your past performance, this arrangement and song just showed your voice a little more, you did not really hold back, which I liked the most. jarmon: *STANDING OVATION THROWING SHOES AND CRIES THROUGHOUT PERFORMANCE* MISS AMANDA BROWN DID THAT!!!! One of the best performances of the night! But honestly, everyone is killing it tonight! This was just such an amazingly beautiful performance that really left me speechless. I was so mesmerized by you in this performance. This is honestly one of the most intimate performance I have watched that just captured my heart completely. I loved every bit of this!
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