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  1. Hoping for either Gean or Gihanna tonight!! Can't wait to hear them sing
  2. Killed it and SMASHED it. He's one of the artists to watch for
  3. YUP no way I'm not joining his thread. ADD ME IN PLEASE, I am a fan.
  4. Ooh interesting been I am a big fan of Kimberly back then, let's see how Dana delivers on this show
  5. Actually, more of a Kyla + Kimberly Nichole. I can hear some grit on her voice that reminds me of Kim, but a bit of Kyla because of her range maybe
  6. You're not alone. I mean, I usually prefer r&b type of artists, but not THIS MANY. Too packed for me. Anyway, still excited for Cam and Dana, and probs Kenzie Corey's voice's starting to grow on me, I would love to hear more from him on this show
  7. Drama inside the show, no drama so far but if you're talking about this thread.. well, there's a lot
  8. Glad you bring light energy to the aggressive thread tonight lol, your gifs are the best
  9. Mary Jo and Alanis really impressed me tonight so far, girls are KILLING it this season, so excited
  10. They have a pretty strong cast this season, especially the girls. I probably prefer their cast to the voice s20's cast but I know that I'll be enjoying the voice more
  11. yeah never heard of it sung by a contestant on The Voice US, so it'll be really exciting!! Hope Lindsay and Zae did that song a justice.
  12. Oh I actually mean Rewrite the Stars since disney said they can't wait for Lindsay and Zae's battle.
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