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  1. Kyla jade one night only was definitley one to remember
  2. Maelyn jarmon - mad world
  3. I can tell you’re a zan stan like me also im so Happy todd isnt on the list
  4. I’ve only watched season 8 skipping to season 11 until now season 13 (decent winner){perfered Addison or Brooke} but it had a really good cast season 15 (decent winner I guess great cast) season 8 (trashy results really great cast) and kept the contestants around for a good while season 11( IMPRESSIVE CAST) disgusting outcome and results {my poor queen Ali should’ve won) season 12 (love the winner /uninteresting cast) Season 14( gave kyla all that glory just to slap her in the face ) {alicias team was dangerous that season} season 17(poor winner ) decent finale I guess and cast was ok I like season 18 better by the talent season 16( REALLY GOOD CAST but the format and the fans and the coaches all freaked up this season ) but had one of the best winners in the voice history
  5. Ali Caldwell- no ordinary love maelyn Jarmon- mad world max Boyle - when the party’s over chloe kohanski - landslide
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