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  1. He's just a 19yo kid. You don't have to be so rude. I'm on here looking for someone to make me feel better not someone to tear him down even more.
  2. I understand your point very well.
  3. That's the good thing about opinions everyone's entitled to have one. And I guess we may have been watching two different shows. Ty for ur input.
  4. Could I just say how bad I feel for Louis Knight. When someone so young is promoted so heavily and then just thrown away because he had a couple of bad performances it really tugs at my heartstrings. This kid is just a kid and he's new at this and maybe the show is just too big for him right now. I really pray that this has not ruined is chances of having a music career.
  5. Same with Louis. Maybe the Disney song wasn't his best performance but I love the other song and it shouldn't hurt him. People just don't want him to move forward because he's hot.
  6. Crossing my fingers Louis is safe. I've heard what he's capable of. I just think he's a force to be reckoned with.
  7. OMG give these kids a break. They're performing with a ring light and an iPhone. The older AI contestants had more help during their shows.
  8. I would love to here Louis sing kiss the girl
  9. Louis is more marketable. Francisco is kinda boring. The personality isn't there. Louis attracts more people the age record lables want to attract.
  10. I couldn't disagree more. He is the only one in the entire top 10 that I would even remotely consider as mainstream. Which is something American idol hasn't had in a long long time. A mainstream artist. He would fit right in. I think he has an absolutely beautiful voice. There is just something about him and I think he's going to go very far in music.
  11. I so agree with you For me Louis Knight is the whole package in terms what record labels would want to sign for top 40 artists. He's the artist that I most resonate with.
  12. I think Louis Knight could surprise everyone. Remember they are performing from their homes, where he's most comfortable and used to performing and he also plays the guitar. So I think he could make a major comeback. Francisco isn't far behind him. They do have the same fanbase. Hopefully the fans could put them both in the top 5 as I like them both.
  13. I'm sure their families will be there by their side. Although it still sucks because there's no audience. But it is what it is.
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