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  1. CammWess: A Song for You


    TStorm: Purple Rain


    Todd: All of Me. (John Legend would SEETH if Todd won with his song lol)


    Micah Iverson: Back to Black. (Would have loved him to sing Already Gone by Kelly, apparently it was his instant save song)


    Toneisha: Amazing Grace


    At this point, I don't care who wins, just in for the show. They're all deserving IMO.

  2. 7 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    The Voice is actually way better than American Idol for me (especially this season). I am a fan of both shows, watching EVERY SINGLE episode of them. Let me tell you why:


    1. The Voice has much more exciting rounds for artist to compete with (Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, and Knockouts). Everything about The Voice itself is exciting, the steals, saves, twists, etc.


    2. The Voice is MORE focusing on the talent of the artists, yeah sometimes, they highlight that that person is a survivor, an old actress, etc. but not like Idol who, every audition takes A LOT of time for showing the contestant's backstory.


    3. The Voice is showing the full performances of contestants (unless they're montaged). But in Idol, FOR GOD'S SAKE, they won't even show the contestant's full performance because they have always someone talking in the background ugh.


    4. Ever since the "rebirth" of American Idol, they've became so boring to watch. Why? It is because they always go for a singer-songwritter type of person, that person who is freakin' boring to listen to. Especially this season, look at the top 7, 5 of them actually ALMOST sounds all the same, and it is freakin' irritating.


    5. But in terms of making an artist shine outside the competition, I gotta admit though Idol is way better than The Voice.


    OPINION: American Idol Earlier Seasons IS WAAAY BETTER THAN 16-18


    This 100% man. The Voice is such an exciting reality TV show in a way, AI is meh and boring, I can't bring myself to watch it, haven't for a long time.


    I think I stopped watching a couple of seasons after the Adam Lambert season, and X Factor US/UK became my favorite show, I stopped watching these type of shows in 2016 and then started watching TV in 2018. However, yeah TV doesn't make any stars, even their biggest stars like Cassade or Jordan are C+ compared to some AI icons (like Kelly lol). 


    I have a lot of criticism for The Voice though, I feel the montages are unfair, they show a lot of unnecessary shit, there is no constructive criticism.. (or rarely) and this infuriates me "everyone is sooo great'. FFS NO.  A lot of these criticism go AI as well, but what I don't like about AI is the CRINGE INDUCING SOB STORIES, I can't stand that.  

  3. Will: Thunderstorm.

    You don't lose with a name like that. His renditions of "Blackbird" and "Summertime" are 2 of the top 5 performances this season. He's just so good. 


    Want: Micah. 
    I'm an Alt-Rock Indie-Pop guy so I've enjoyed all of Micah's performances. The guy is crazy good, great tone, great range, indeed the guy can hold and control his breath, his song "Graveyard" requires a lot of skills and most artists would choke with it yet he killed that one, he completely sang Elton's classic "Your Song", and introduced me to Death Cab for Cutie's giving a great rendition of the song. 

  4. Micah apparently has allergies and had problems hitting some his notes. 


    1- Tstorm, again.

    2- Micah

    3- Toneisha

    4- Joanna

    5- CammWess

    6- Todd

    7- Zan

    8- Allegra (shame, her worst performance, she should win the IS)

    9- Megan, sorry. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, MatthewPalermo said:



    Officially the most pandery contestant in the history of the show and that is why he'll win

    9. Todd Tilghman


    Nailed it. The guy is complete cringe to me.  He's a good singer, but too cringe. 

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  6. 12 hours ago, MatthewPalermo said:

    Several live results shows in S16 went fractional and had less than 6.5 million viewers.




    That was a terrible season with only a couple of great artists and a horrible cross-battle that eliminated many great ones from earlier. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, xfactor22 said:

    Like Nick gave Arei one for some reason? tbh I liked her version though


    yeah terrible choice for Nick as well, this was bussing for sure so she wouldn't come close to Allegra/Tstorm

  8. 9 hours ago, VintageVoice said:


    As for this season, it's a lot more wide-open than any other Team Legend season, so he could sneak one into the finale but it really is going to depending on not screwing song choices up for Zan and CammWess, particularly the latter. 


    watch him give CammWess a Bruno Mars song now 

  9. 6 hours ago, QueenMae16 said:

    I mean he really only had Maelyn as a reputation, yes he had Katie/Marybeth/Khalea, but he messed them up easily. Lmao and didn't even save Khalea, Katie and Marybeth were both blocks as well. I'm saying he didn't make the artists, the artists made him and he always held onto his ace. I guess S18 was the exception, but Zan was always his bae so in his eyes he doesn't really care that she's in low-tier support right now I guess. 


    I think he still did good for S17, considering he got 3 artists to the semi-finals, I do however think Marybeth could have used more support from him. 

  10. I wouldn't mind it at all.


    Todd is the clear front-runner like Hoot was last year and he's a pretty great singer, I would prefer Joanna from team Blake though if to have a representative of each team. But otherwise, this all male finale looks good, I think besides Blake's team they are the 3 best of their coaches team.

    I think Tstorm and Todd are clear for the finale, #3 I'm predicting either Joanna or CammWess, if Joanna takes it then Micah gets the IS, however if CammWess takes it and I can see Joanna taking the IS and team Kelly getting no rep in the finale.  

  11. Top Tier favorites:





    2nd Tier favorites:




    I'd really rather not see win:






  12. 9 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

    A little rough around the edges, would be my guess. There are a lot of quality vocalists this season, and she’s being compared to them. 


    yeah that's it. She's chosing these big Kelly/Demi songs and she's not really "nailing" them, or we've seen better performances covering these artists. Plus, I think Micah has more control over his voice and a nicer tone. 

  13. 12 minutes ago, MatthewPalermo said:

    I wasn’t a Chloe fan tbh, never got her hype.


    There are exceptions though, S11 has weak talent AND a weak winner.


    whereas this season has a lot of talent but the winner is... probably mediocre for me (Todd)


    Last season as well.. Katie, Rose, Durant...and then Jake wins. Will, Marybeth, i thought some people like Joanna and Max were great as well. Jake was a really weak winner of that season.

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