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  1. People of color underachieving on this show is a pattern. Unfortunately, a lot of the audience of this show will see any black woman as screaming, and are turned off by gay men too. In hindsight, I don’t think this is shocking. Seems to happen almost every season
  2. This was a really hard one to predict. I was way off this time. I do still think Carter wins though.
  3. I felt pretty good about the order of my top 5 before the show, but I’m only confident that Carter wins and Ian is going to finish 5th. The middle three spots are a mess. If I had to pick, I’d probably go Carter, DesZ, Jim, John, and Ian in that order. I think John Holiday had the best performance of the season, but he just didn’t do enough these last two weeks
  4. Jim murdered it. I thought his ceiling was 4th before that, but between that and him and being on Team Blake, I’m opening up his range from anything from 2nd place to 4th place. Carter appears still a safe bet to win
  5. He’s not going to. There’s buzz there could be legal action coming against the show. Apparently there’s a dispute as to whether Ryan actually broke the rules or not.
  6. That’s not going to be the song that moves the needle for DesZ. The other one will be. She’s still very much in a battle for that 2nd/3rd line I think.
  7. He’s so far ahead generally that I think that’s going to be enough for him to win. Plus, I think his single is going to be very competitive.
  8. After running some numbers and analyzing the songs for tonight, I’m fairly confident this will be the final placing, barring something unexpected happening. I also got the top 5 correct in the exact order last season. 1. Carter Rubin. Realistically, everyone else is racing for second. He appeals to a lot of the big voting blocks, and it is believed he has been first in the voting every week. Only once has it likely even been close. I don’t see anything happening tonight to change that. 2. John Holiday. The race for second is believed to be close, but it appears that after the first week, he has trended slightly ahead of DesZ. However, I can feasibly see 2 and 3 flipping tonight based on song choices. 3. DesZ. The numbers seem to support a third place finish. She won’t finish worse than 3rd, and I think there is a chance she moves up to 2nd. In particular, her rendition of “Landslide” tonight will likely be popular. 4. Jim Ranger. It is believed that Jim has trended ahead of Ian in multiple recent weeks (and, obviously, finished directly ahead of Ian last week). I don’t see anything in the works that would allow Ian to catch Jim. 5. Ian Flanigan. This is his likely finish. I just don’t see him changing many minds based on the song selection, and his seat was blistering hot last week.
  9. Underwhelming from all 5, but voted both Ian and Cami. Ben and Bailey especially just need gone already
  10. Numbers don’t support that. Only one that isn’t really within reach is Bailey Rae. Should be a tight battle
  11. Based on numbers, here’s my seeding for the instant save (not necessarily who I want to win): 1. Ian 2. Tamara 3. Cami 4. Ben 5. Bailey Rae
  12. This is going to be a close wild card. DesZ, John H. and Carter should be easy picks. Last two spots are going to be where the battle is
  13. Not even close. He threw that low note in there just to show off. John Holiday is so much better than everyone else this season that it’s a little crazy. He can do so many technical things that the others just can’t do. But, of course, the Minivan vote that knows nothing about music will have a say too.
  14. If John Holiday crushes it, it’s over. It’s there for him to seize. No one killed it tonight ... at all.
  15. Post-production was a big deal this season. This has been one of the weaker seasons of lives that I’ve seen. A couple people stood out a little bit, but disappointing generally.
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