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  1. Want: Todd think it will be: Thunderstorm Todd and Thunderstorm should be a good battle. Toneisha is a dark horse. I don’t think Micah or CammWess is a serious threat for Gold.
  2. I’ve been saying it for three weeks and got called crazy. I’m glad some other people are starting to pick up on it. I caught a couple of things that made me see her in a completely different light. I liked her at the start. Now I don’t.
  3. The battle in the end is going to be Todd v. Thunderstorm. Micah and CammWess just aren’t there. Toneisha lost to Todd twice so it’s hard to imagine that will drastically change. I think she can get 3rd though.
  4. It’s basically Allegra v. Toneisha in my book. Allegra set the bar decently high. Megan Danielle already out of the running but she did well.
  5. Megan did well and got a good song, but Allegra and Toneisha are both just better. I think this is a two horse race
  6. Fun fact: one of Todd’s kids, Eagan, was on the reality show “Making it” https://makerviews.com/blog/makingit/eagan-tilghman-nbc-making-it-s2-contestant-interview/
  7. Zan looked stunned. I still have a read of her that she’s a little arrogant. It has started to come through the last couple of weeks. Allegra has been better than her two weeks in a row, so she’s going to have a very tough instant save challenge. Toneisha is really tough too.
  8. Being extra critical to provide some separation. Joanna Serenko - 7.5 Micah Iverson - 7.5 Todd Tilghman - 9.0 Zan Fiskum - 6.5 Thunderstorm Artis - 9.0 Megan Danielle - 7.0 Allegra Miles - 7.0 Toneisha Harris - 8.5 CammWess - 7.5
  9. CammWess v. Zan is going to be close. Both artists took their songs and completely changed/ruined them but were still competitive due to their talent. I might have to blame John on that one. He’s the common thread there.
  10. Zan is going to get crushed. She won’t get the votes with this matchup and she can’t win this wildcard either. She’s out.
  11. Toneisha was technically a top 3 or so performance tonight, but anyone that thinks she’s getting more votes than Todd tonight is delusional. Toneisha has a really good shot at the wild card though
  12. Right, which is why I said the question is which one will get it. The loser will also probably lose the wild card.
  13. IMO the only question left is whether Zan or CammWess will get the 5th spot. Todd, Thunderstorm, Micah, and Toneisha are looking good for the top 4 - assuming Toneisha doesn’t blow up
  14. Allegra was fine but she doesn’t have the range for that song. I think that might have locked up the wild card for the Todd/Toneisha loser, which will probably be Toneisha.
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