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  1. How are they about black women ? Enlighten us
  2. So far Cam has the most commercial song ! I was loving that one ! That was a hit !
  3. The other 4 ladies were awesome just not enough to really put sing Toneisha . She chose the right song at the right time . If you think she has been straining then maybe your preference is singers who barely open their mouths
  4. None of them could put sing toniesha ... not to take away from them but that’s the reason toniesha is a finalist
  5. All of those choices would be a perfect fit based on Artistry and professionalism ... someone start a thread for that ASAP
  6. The season was stacked with great artist so to say that the worst artist were eliminated early is kinda far off . When actually WE all know the show robs artist that deserve to be in the PO’s ...
  7. Just like what happened to Darious and Tayler smh
  8. Still doesn’t justify that Tayler had the better performance . Even Micah knew he lost it was just based on Kelly’s opinion
  9. She already sealed the deal with Blake tonight So
  10. I don’t see Taylor getting montaged again if she will be eliminated (doesn’t makes sense )
  11. Thunderstorm or Allegra ! I’m calling it
  12. I’m new to this thread ... I think the top 17 is better that S16 and 17 ..... I was upset about Darious not winning or being stolen . Can Spinks was great also but didn’t see him getting past Todd
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