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  1. BLAKE:

    Anna Grace - Feels Like Home (Chantal Kreviazuk)

    Cam Anthony - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word (Elton John)

    Emma Caroline - You All Over Me (Taylor Swift)

    Jordan Matthew Young - The River (Bruce Springsteen)

    Pete Mroz - Say (John Mayer)




    Carolina Rial - Chains (Tina Arena)

    Pia Renee - Many Rivers to Cross (Jimmy Cliff)

    Ryleigh Modig - Sunny Came Home (Shawn Colvin)

    Victor Solomon - Lately (Stevie Wonder)

    Zania Alake - Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Paloma Faith)




    Corey Ward - Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis)

    Gihanna Zoë - Dreams (The Cranberries)

    Kenzie Wheeler - You Save Me (Kenny Chesney)

    Savanna Woods - Me and Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin)

    Zae Romeo - Supermarket Flowers (Ed Sheeran)



    Andrew Marshall - Collide (Howie Day)

    Dana Monique - I've Got to Use My Imagination (Gladys Knight)

    Devan Blake Jones - Jubilee Road (Tom Odell)

    Jose Figueroa Jr. - This is the Moment (Jekyll & Hide)

    Rachel Mac - Ruby Tuesday (Melanie)

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  2. Great (such a stacked night)

    1. Zania

    2. Gihanna

    3. Savanna

    4. Rachel

    5. Anna

    6. Cam

    7. Carolina

    8. Zae


    Not my favorite thing, but solid enough

    9. Kenzie

    10. Rio


    Just meh

    11. Emma

    12. Avery

    13. Devan


    Only one I can say that actually flopped

    14. Connor

  3. What a night, no one really bombed imo.


    1. Pia: Probably the most unexpected surprise of the night for me. Her best performance by a long shot.

    2. Corey: Really good, but my only nitpick is he might have tried a bit too hard at places to sound like Sleeping At Last (I know it's their version but still)

    3. Dana: Ok she absolutely crushed it. It was intense from start to finish, though I generally prefer more peaks and valleys in between. The performance got a bit repetitive by the third verse, but still great.

    4. Gean: I know the song doesn't go much anywhere, but I really like and connect with this performance for some reason. Pretty cute how everyone clapped along while he sang too.

    5. Andrew: The song choice had me rolling my eyes, but I was delightfully surprised at what he did with it. 

    6. Jordan: Squarely middle of the pack, but I still like it. He's awkward on stage without his guitar though. 

    7. Victor: Eh I could do with not having to listen to this song again, he did well enough but it was still cheesy and karaoke. Mostly the song's fault though, I think he's better than that.

    8. Pete: Not the best version of this song that I've heard, but still solid. He might need some stage choreography though, his pacing back and forth looked kinda uncomfortable to me.

    9. Ethan: Don't know why but I was pretty convinced he was winning this KO, a little relieved he didn't. 

    10. Ryleigh: May be unpopular, but if solely based on this performance, I don't think she should be stolen. Way overusing her head voice here, while the song calls for more belting to make it work. Also did the second verse sound off-timing or out of pocket to anyone else? The instrumental in that part sounded off to me.

    11. Keegan: It was pleasant enough, despite all the pitch problems.

    12. Ciana: The song was just too big, it was messy but she did put up a fight.

  4. DeSz - Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Paloma Faith)

    Cami Clune - Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)

    Carter Rubin - Footprints in the Sand (Leona Lewis)

    Ben Allen - Even If It Breaks Your Heart (Eli Young Band)

    John Holiday - Blue Moon (Ella Fitzgerald)

    Tamara Jade - War Cry (Queen Naija)

    Bailey Rae - Wasn't It Good (Tina Arena)

    Ian Flannigan - Poison & Wine (The Civil Wars)

    Jim Ranger - Help (John Farnham)

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  5. 1. Tamara: Oh she has arrived!! This is much better than anything she's done in the taped rounds.

    2. Payge: I'd never have expected to hear this song on this show, period. The arrangement is so slick and cool, and her artistry just continues to impress me.

    3. Chloe: I think she gave the single coolest performance of the night. Sadly, I don't see her being voted through or saved.

    4. Bailey: It's not without issues but I really liked her performance for some reason. 

    5. Cami: First performance of hers that makes me sorta understand the hype. She was pretty good with this song, even though I think it still required a little more vocal firepower than she's capable of or comfortable doing. The ending was really nice though.

    6. Ben: Okay I must admit that was good. I didn't hear any twangy affectations he used to have in his past performances, and he seemed more comfortable on stage too.

    7. Desz: It's a solid B+ performance, but I'm still worried about her since she had to open to show with this number. It just wasn't up to the level of expectation that I had for her.

    8. Ian: He recovered well after a lackluster KO, though for me there's still something lacking that I'm not quite sure yet.

    9. Carter: A cheesy song, but he sang it well enough, except for towards the end where he ran out of breath at one point. But Mariah's catalogue is not easy to tackle, so I'll give him that.

    10. Taryn: She doesn't deserve that many dislikes for this performance. It wasn't even bad. A little rough, yes, but not bad. Love the song choice though.

    11. Sid: I don't necessarily think the song is the problem. He did sing it well, but overall everything was a tad forgettable. 

    12. Madeline: One of my favorite songs currently, but it's so weird hearing it not as a duet. The harmony in the chorus is what makes the song for me, and I wasn't getting it from this one. Also, she was kinda all over the place vocally.

    13. Joseph: Not a fan of the arrangement at all, especially on a song like this. I didn't find that many issues with his singing, but it's probably because I was getting bored.

    14. WTW: The middle one's got such a pretty tone and sang her solo part well, but the other two were terribly rough. Altogether, they didn't seem to gel as much this time. You can literally see and hear the harmonies going flat.

    15. John: I can definitely say it was better than his KO, but I just can't get past his tone. 

    16. Jim: This was disappointing, mainly because of the song. 

    17. Tanner: I think I want whatever Kelly's having. She seemed so genuinely excited for such a weak and tepid performance. I guess the bar for country males really is underground.


    Honorary mentions to Larriah's, Julia's, and Ryan's studios. They are all pretty decent. 


  6. Kelly: I have a hunch they're gonna give an uptempo song to Tanner. Or at least I hope they do. It's gonna be a sight to see.


    John: Probably Bailey? Since she seems to be the greenest and John doesn't have a clue what to do with her. I could see her getting something like 'Suds in the Bucket'.


    Gwen: I think Joseph might just be boring, not trainwreck potential. Maybe Carter if his voice drops.


    Blake: WTW. It's pretty likely for their harmonies to get messy live, I think.

  7. The 4-way KO was really good. The other 2 normal KOs, not so much.


    1. Julia - I know she's pretty much doomed from the start with the song choice lol, but she was the best of the night for me. She's the indie girl that should have been guaranteed a spot instead of Cami, based on the performances tonight.

    2. Ryan - He did great too, and is probably the winner of the KO. I just prefer Julia a little more, but I won't complain if he wins.

    3. Larriah - Pretty solid, but she had some small pitch problems in there. She gave me Kennedy Holmes vibes, but not as polished. The song is kinda boring for me though.

    4. Taryn - Props to her for picking a monster of a song. Did she deliver? Eh. There were some strong parts, but damn this song is like vocal suicide. I like her emotional delivery though.


    5. Marisa - Even though she obviously deserved to win her KO based on track record, I can't really say she was robbed. The first half of the song was just weird and muddling. It's such an iconic song but I honestly couldn't tell where she was going with the melody or whether she had any direction at all. The big notes were impressive, but yeah they weren't enough to make me forget the first part.

    6. Cami - I'm so bored with Cami already lol. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I did not enjoy this performance at all. It was just basically just her singing and dragging out some syllables and affectations at the end of almost every line, then predictably throwing in some head voice at some point. The song itself meandered around and didn't go anywhere. She's basically coasting on her tone.


    7. Tanner - It sounded like a cringey bro-country number. Terrible song, average vocal. There's been a lot of country acts surviving the KO, some more justified than others. This was definitely the least justified.


    8. John - He could hit all these notes and sing Celine's song in her key, which doesn't mean that he should. I kinda get how some would see this as impressive, but I just saw it as shrill and screechy. And the high notes were high, but they didn't sound powerful or comfortable at all. I think he was just too ambitious, he should have tried it several steps down so he could show off his lower range in the verse and still have plenty of room to hit big notes in the chorus. 

  8. 1. Madeline: I definitely didn't expect to love this as much as I did. That was a near perfect performance imo. I really felt what she was singing, and for me that's the most important thing about music.

    2. Desz: I don't know the song but she made me like it. It's unbelievable how she went from those low notes at the start to those big glory notes. And that amount of control is perfect.

    3. Jim: I think this might be his breakout moment. What a powerful and authentic performance.


    4. Chloe: I kinda forgot about her before this tbh. But she really turned it out, that was a lot better than I expected. Not sure about her chances going forward though, as I don't know if she's popular enough to get votes.

    5. Carter: He's more believable this time round, but I was a little distracted by his hand gestures though. Easily his best so far. And lol at Gwen's "my baby" when Chloe hadn't even sung yet.

    6. Bailey: A pleasant and enjoyable performance imo. It's nothing groundbreaking, but I like her enough.

    7. Sid: He definitely tried to tone it down a little, but this time I have a new pet peeve, which is every time he sang "oooooh..." before a line. It's quite a lot and it's distracting for me. But still a good performance overall.


    8. Ian: He's still got one of my favorite tones out of everyone, but yeah this wasn't really a step up.

    9. Lauren: The arrangement threw me off, it sucked out the fire and intensity out of the original. Unlike her battle, I didn't believe or feel a single word she sang. And her stage presence didn't sell it either, she was basically just standing still in one spot with the whole time. You can't do that with this classic.

    10. Kelsie: Oh dear. She's got a great voice, but her delivery was so theatrical and melodramatic that it came off as try-hard and a little desperate.

    11. Jus Jon: I loathe this song so much, and he didn't do anything to change that.

    12. James: Yikes, that was rough. They might have done him a favor by shortclipping that.


  9. 1. Payge - Duh. The emotions and the artistry and the stage presence. She's so good.

    2. WTW - First performance of them that I like. The a capella opening was amazing, their harmonies were so tight. When they did their solo lines though, it was clear that vocally the girl on the right (can't remember her name) is the weak link.

    3. Tamara - It was fun and very energetic. But I still have the same issue I had with her previous performances: it's always some kind of messy and too overstuff.

    4. Ryan - The better country guy tonight. But he really needs to work on that diction, I couldn't understand a word except the name of the song.

    5. Ben - The ok-ish country guy. Vocally he wasn't bad, just not very exciting. He looked a little stiff on stage without his guitar too.

    6. Casme - I really like her but she flopped hard tonight. 

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  10. Another great night of battles! There wasn't any that I didn't like at least a little bit. If only we could have seen Tori vs Van.


    1. Marisa vs Ryan: I live for big, bombastic, dramatic numbers and this performance was everything! Props to Ryan for navigating through this song in his register, despite his sorta weak opening, but Marisa was just wow. She totally upstaged him.

    2. Carter vs Larriah: As sick as I am of hearing this song, I must admit they did amazing with it. Larriah was a real revelation here for sure, and she should have won this battle. Carter was good too, but I don't feel the emotion or connection when he was singing as much as when Larriah was. Also I found his stage movements rather rehearsed, but I'm not gonna hold that against him since he's still young. 

    3. Casme vs Rio: Casme is so underrated it's not even funny. She's a terrific performer and has a solid voice to back it up too, and yet she's not getting half the attention she deserves. Rio kept up well too. Overall just a fantastically even battle.

    4. Aaron vs Ian: Ian won this from the first note. His voice has a real presence and just commands attention. Aaron was ok, but his higher harmony was a little rough. I do agree with John that it didn't really show that he has an identity yet.

    5. Cami vs James: Compared with the rest of the night's performances, this was a questionable ender. Vocally, James excited me more. Cami has been a little on the nose with her song choices and how she sings them so far, though I know she had no say in this one. My main gripe is with the arrangement. I like the idea of it and the instrumental, but there was wayyyy too many harmonies and too few solo moments. They didn't even throw in any adlib around the end, it was just harmony, then pause, then harmony again.

    6. Liam vs Ryan: Ryan has the better voice for me, but Liam gave a better performance. The battle started cool and then got a bit repetitive though, but that's probably the song. Still, I don't really mind who stays or who goes. Dominic and Trey did it better imo. I'd have preferred it if they montaged this one instead of Tori vs Van.




  11. 1. Desz vs Joseph: Great song choice for both of them. Desz’s tone is just to die for, though she might be better off holding back some of the runs. Some of them felt a little out of place. Joseph put up a good fight too. Can’t say that he fully deserved the steal though. He was good, but still a little unmemorable as a solo act.


    2. John H vs Julia: The song choice was unfamiliar to me, so it took me a few listens to get into it. It’s such a tricky melody. John did well, as expected, though his high notes might rub some people the wrong way if he keeps doing that for every performance. Julia held her own too, but she never got explosive like John did. Maybe it’s a nerves thing.


    3. Jim vs John S: Not sure why they keep bringing Kane Brown back, and have contestants sing his one-note, cheesy, snap track songs. The battle was forgettable, but Jim was clearly superior here.


    For the montages, even though 10 seconds is barely enough to judge any performance:

    1. Chloe vs Lain

    2. Skylar vs Tanner

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  12. I think it was a good first night, none of the battles was bad for me. I actually enjoyed all of them to a certain extent.


    1. Payge vs Lauren: This made me almost tear up watching it for the first time when it was leaked. I liked Lauren's audition, but here she sounded completely unrecognizable. Her head voice is so beautiful, I don't really know why she didn't audition doing pop because she's got the voice for it for sure. Payge was amazing as well, it's just that my personal bias leans towards Lauren's tone a hair more.


    2. Eli vs Madeline: This is such an ironic song to sing on two separate stages. Overall it was a good duet in my book, and they both had good stage presence. Madeline delivered even though the song couldn't be further from her comfort zone. Eli was good too, but he kinda faltered a little during the lower parts, and when they harmonized together he just sounded a bit muted in contrast to Madeline's tone.


    3. Bailey vs Sid: Maybe unpopular but I kinda cringed every time Sid got to his solo part in the verses. He was too growly and a little shouty for my taste, like he was forcing that gravelly sound. The chorus where they harmonized was alright though. Bailey was solid throughout for me, and showed improvement from her lackluster audition.


    4. Taryn vs WTW: Taryn won this easily, even with one voice she had no problem overpowering the trio. She gave me some Faith Hill vibes. WTW, well, their choreography at the start was cute, but for a trio their voices still sound a bit thin and weak together. 


    5. Tamara vs Olivia: I enjoyed the battle but it was a clear step down for Tamara from her blind. Maybe it's the song, I do think she tried to do too much with it like she would in a bigger, more bombastic number where that'd have worked. Olivia, while not exactly great, edged out Tamara IMO, but I can't say that she was robbed or anything. 


    6. Jus Jon vs Payton:  Payton's high notes weren't that pleasant to listen to, but she did redeem herself somewhat with the lower notes. Still, Jon easily took the win here. He might just be KO fodder though.

  13. 21 hours ago, Bk1234 said:


      Reveal hidden contents

    I don’t know if this counts as a spoiler, but I’ll be safe. She actually started crying during Lain’s audition. She was clearly affected by her divorce, so this song really hit hard for her.



    1 hour ago, ashwinner said:

    yes kelly was crying b/c of her recent divorce, so the song hit close to home for her


    Gotcha, thanks for letting me know


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  14. 1. Lain: Surprisingly the best of the night for me. It's a really overdone song but I like how he navigated the melody to make it fresh to my ear (Also did something happen with Kelly during the pitch? It feels weird not hearing her talk at all during this one).

    2. James: A great final audition, obviously if he'd been earlier in the line he'd have turned 3-4 chairs easily.

    3. Tori Miller: Her tone is gorgeous, probably my favorite tone so far. She needs coaching though.

    4. Julia: She's interesting and has potential, but I admit her diction was a bit whispery and hard to understand at times.

    5. Bailey: She was ok, just middle of the pack for me. Probably has more to do with the song.

    6. Emmalee: Thank god it wasn't the Sam Smith version. Her high notes sounded a little iffy though, like they weren't as full as I expected. 

    7. John: The lack of theatrics went well with the song though. It was a little boring but still pleasant to listen to.

    8. Worth the Wait: They weren't really.

    9. Skylar: I need to have a word with the person who came up with this lifeless arrangement.

  15. The lineup for tonight is certainly a choice.

    1. Olivia - maybe I’m biased towards the song, but I don’t think she was half bad, her pacing of the lyrics was kinda distracting though

    2. Larriah - she’s got potential being young and all

    3. Sam - I found this very karaoke, but still decent karaoke 

    4. Tanner - it just feels so hollow, like he sucked the energy out of the entire studio and the studio next to it

    5. Payton - not great and very messy, even with a shortclip she is still better than...

    6. Van - there was no redeeming quality in that performance

  16. 1. Desz - I can't believe it took 19 seasons for someone to slay this song as hard as she did

    2. Kelsie - her range is insane, and that whistle note is hella impressive

    3. Casme - the beginning was rough, but she really picked it up halfway through, it's still a little messy but she's so much fun to watch 

    4. Carter - I was pleasantly surprised, he's got really good vocal control, though obviously he's got no believability on this song 

    5. Rio - he was alright, middle of the pack for me, a little forgettable tbh

    6. Ryan - he's got a James Morrison vibe, but I feel like the performance went on for much longer than 90 seconds, it's just not very exciting, maybe it's the song's fault? idk

    7. Ben - I don't hate country at all but he's way too twangy for my taste, also not all of that twang sounds natural either

    8. Jus Jon - another performance that seemed to drag on for much longer than it actually was, no offence to him but it was just so monotonous the whole way through that I don't think he deserved a chair 

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  17. A little late but here are my commentaries for Night 2 and 3 of Playoffs. 


    Playoffs 2 - There were more performances I enjoyed than the premiere night. Pretty much every matchoff was good, except for *that* one.


    1. Angela vs Roxane: Angela surprised me. She'd struck me as a serious gospel singer so I would never have imagined her nailing a fun, energetic song. Even more impressive is that she managed to give the performance some sort of build-up, despite it being merely a minute long. Roxane did great with what she got too, though I think it was a bit more subdued than what I expected of her. George made the right call on this one, though I'd lowkey love to sub Masha out for Roxane.


    2. Stellar vs Jesse: Stellar gave me all the feels with that song, though admittedly her start was kinda rocky. Her voice and delivery was just so emotional. The same could be said about Jesse as well, but hs performance was more controlled and grounded. Overall, they were incredibly equal. I only favor Stellar here because I like her song more than Jesse's. It was somewhat surprising to see her lose, but everyone knew she wasn't going home anytime soon.


    3. Timothy vs Matt: So Guy really is capable of giving good song choices. Who'd have thought? Jokes aside, I enjoy both of these performances. Another very equal pairing where both brought it, though Matt's drop in the middle of the chorus was disconcerting for me at first. I go with Matt because his voice is really distinct and is the type that I'd listen to out of the show. Can't fault Guy for taking Timothy through though.


    4. Claudia vs Goldi: It took me a few listens to realize how much Claudia sounds like Ellie Goulding here. Her voice is so pretty but her inexperiece really showed. She lacked vocal control and couldn't breathe properly switching back and forth between head and chest voice. She just needs a few years to refine. Goldi made me enjoy a song that I used to hate, so that's good. But I agree that although they sounded good together, there isn't a very compelling point why they should be a duo? If anything, I'm happy that they broke the curse of duos formed mid-show being eliminated the next round.


    5. Mark vs Bo'Ness: It's literally a crime to condense 'Dream On' into a minute long performance. It's not just the crazy high notes, it's the build-up to them too. There was no space for Mark to build his performance, and those high notes didn't sound particularly great or healthy. Bo'Ness didn't get a song that allowed them to stand out. They were just there strumming and singing and then the song ended abruptly without a moment or a crescendo. 


    6. Elishia vs Jimi: Truly iconic for all the wrong reasons. I cringed so much during Elishia's performance (that voice crack, big yikes) and then cringed some more watching Jimi after I though there's no way he could have lost this one now. It was really hard to watch the coaches tearing into them almost immediately, but I believe Kelly made the right call in cutting both. If I'm forced to choose, I'd probably go with Jimi since I did wind up liking his audition and battle, whereas Elishia's audition was forgettable. Also, I might have missed this but what was the theme of their song choices again?


    Playoffs 3 - Mostly everyone was solid tbh. Very strong night.


    1. Steve vs Emmagen: I thought both of them were fodders, and I didn't know either of their songs. Boy was I surprised. Steve reminds me of Ray Charles and I love it. The ruggedness of his voice fits the song amazingly well. Emmagen was surprisingly good too. She showed that she's got more in her than just the spunky kid singer shtick. Of course, there was no way she was gonna win this, but damn Delta's a good coach. 


    2. Lyric vs Chris: Lyric brought something new to a tired song, and for that alone she should have won. The way she sang the first line of the chorus gave me chills, and her voice just sounded so good on a ballad. Chris was good too, but that is not really a singing song. He tried to infuse his vocals into it and it turned out decent, but not remarkable. It's funny that Kelly gave the balladeer a fun song and the energetic singer a ballad.


    3. Virginia vs Sapphire: Virginia's performance showed that her head voice is very underdeveloped. She's always going full throttle which I don't think was the right approach to 'Chandelier'. There are so many covers of that song out there in so many different styles that hers didn't stand out at all. On the other hand, Sapphire was terrific. She captivated me from the first note and her voice is just so warm and emotional. I don't throw around the R word very often but this definitely calls for it. Sapphire was robbed. This is the decision I'm most upset with this season so far.


    4. Soma vs Stephanie: Soma's performance was stiff and not very good, but she is a unique singer. Stephanie, on the other hand, sang well and hit some impressive notes, but she's terribly generic. I'd go with Stephanie but I don't think either would survive the next round anyway. Regarding the "drama", I didn't think Soma was rude at all. Sure, she could have phrased it better but going on the show itself is a lot of pressure, not to mention during a global pandemic. I really felt for her when she asked if she got what it takes to be a musician. I hope she gets the help she needs because that sounds like some insecurity and anxiety issues.


    Now, if I were to make some predictions as to who will be the top 2 of each team, I'd go something lke this.


    Team Delta: Stellar (obviously), Jesse (he's been consistent so far) or Clarissa (she's capable of delivering something epic)

    Team Guy: Johnny (coach's favorite), Timothy or Matt (they are kinda in the same lane)

    Team George: Siala (coach's favorite), Angela (the best of all the powerhouses) or Virginia (seems to be a favorite too)

    Team Kelly: Chris (stand-out so far), Despina (just a gut feeling)  

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  18. 7 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:





    Stellar looks so bad on that Like A Prayer preview, hope being a wildcard brings the fire in her. Clarissa man, those vocals ugh


    Did anybody recognized other songs other than the ones below?


    Here's one I heard:


    Chris Sebastian- Attention

    Clarissa- Uprising

    Stellar Perry- Like A Prayer


    Alex is doing Train’s Drops of Jupiter, which probably means he’s getting eliminated. I thought Johnny was singing Fighter by Christina Aguilera but in second thought it sounded more like the lyric was ‘I am on fire’?

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