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  1. I know she isn't the type of artist that usually makes the finale, but John strikes me as a person who loves being in the right. It seems the producers want him around for whatever reason so they might try to push him in the finale to keep him happy and Zan seems to be his best bet. That's why I can see her getting decent song choices and performance slots. She is a capable vocalist so she could get a breakout performance propelling her in the finale. Of course, not a huge chance, but I'd say it's possible
  2. The jury is still out on Megan/Micah/Zan, they're the only ones at this point who can stop Blake from having three finalists again
  3. I think Nick will make the finale, it's a toss up between Allegra and Thunderstorm, not both though, not even Kelly's managed to do that.
  4. Joei vs Levi - nothing too special. I enjoy Joei, but kinda expected more? Definitely great moments in the performance but was waiting for that one moment that didn't happen. Levi is impressive for a 14-year-old boy but not ready for a competition against adults. Joei won this easily even if it wasn't her best Megan vs Cammwess - a great knockout! Without hearing the performances I would've definitely given it to Megan, the two previous rounds she outsold her component by a landslide. Listening to the leak, I was floored by how good CammWess is! Wow, those runs were spot on. The way he built the performance felt perfect. Many times in the prelives I feel like the contestants don't have enough time to execute the song in the short amount of time they are given but his execution was so good. Megan was great, as well. And as many pointed out, I could've done without the growling, but vocally she was excellent. Moving forward in the competition, Megan (and her body of work overall) is the better choice, I was just blown away by CammWess. Happy he was stolen and intrigued if he'll be able to live up to this performance again. Darious vs Mike - definitely a surprise result. I thought it was an obvious call. Darious was good, smooth, perhaps just no too memorable. Mike disappointed once again. Thought his battle was just a one off, but starting to think the audition was the one on. Felt the song was way too big for his voice and he seemed to be trying way too hard thus not giving the swag this song calls for in execution. Roderick vs Tate - yikes. Roderick was decent. Wrong song choice, though? Although his performance left me feeling more tense than satisfied, maybe he did one vocal trick too much, if not several. Tate was the opposite, kinda. I think the song choice was good for him, it was just his voice that faltered. Todd vs Cam - the easiest decision of the night. There's just something about Todd that's infectious. His energy, smile, the #holyhop. He's consistently great. This wasn't a breakout performance of any sort but he didn't need one. Especially, going against Cam. Still not convinced he beat out Kailey. Fell flat one too many times in this performance alone. Plus there's just something about him that repels me. Joanna vs Zan - the knockout deserving of premiere pimp spot. Joanna's first line gave me chills. I felt sorry for everyone in the competition because it was hers to lose. Not the knockout, the competition. But as her performance went on, she went from having THE performance of the season to having a nice performance that's gonna get her to the next round. Adore her tone and this was the best song choice she had imo. This wasn't a bad performance by any means, I just didn't get every choice she made. And setting the bar unattainably high with that opening verse, the performance as a whole just fell down a bit. On the other hand, Zan started great and ended great. There was a moment during the biggest vocal moment that I felt she kinda faltered. In the end I was kinda surprised I would've given her the win, considering I went in certain John made a mistake there.
  5. tbh, Gyth was Blake's least interesting country guy that season, could be just me, but even Andrew outsold him
  6. I forgot about her, damn.. It just makes me sad and angry at how much potential S16 had, wow...
  7. Blake got so much praise when he turned for Kendra, Lili and Cecily (who were all great, dont get me wrong), but eliminated all of them right away. We all joke about it but Kelly is the only one who takes one chair turns seriously at this point
  8. Looking at the song choices for Darious vs Mike makes me think Darious could actually win. It would be weird of John to let go of yet another four chair turn. However (not counting Nelson) if Darious lost his knockout, it'd mean they gave John no frontrunners in the premiere week, which would be kinda odd, right?
  9. Blake's got an amazing lives team. Literally all of them could make the finale. Stopping him from getting two in the finale will be almost impossible. If they don't do team quotas for the Top 8, he could easily land 3 in the finale. I'd say not only John's absence is highly likely, but also one of Kelly/Nick in that scenario. Assuming they pimp Nick as much as needed, we could be looking at a repeat of S16.
  10. Zan doesn't look like a teenager nor is she team Blake. Luckily, she isn't on a very competitive team. Making the semifinals shouldn't be a problem, but the finale.. I wish, but not very hopeful
  11. It would be weird leaking Kelly twice in a row (only John) but don't they usually leak a knockout where both performances were good? Why everyone thinks Micah vs Tayler is off the table? I'm thinking it's either them or Allegra
  12. Assuming they won't montage John/Blake's remaining knockout (that both resulted in a steal) who do you think will be the unlucky pairings? My money is on Arei vs Jon and Mandi vs Anaya.
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