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  1. Jim being instantly eliminated would fill my heart with so much joy I'm actually feeling guilty and ashamed about it
  2. Joei Fulco - When Will I Be Loved - 10 Megan Danielle - Piece by Piece - 11 CammWess - Say Something - 13 Roderick Chambers - Redbone - 5 Todd Tilghman - Anymore - 37 Zan Fiskum - The Story - 69 Joanna Serenko - Angel from Montgomery - 18 Mandi Castillo - Stand by Me - 10 Thunderstorm Artis - Preach - 5 Arei Moon - You Don't Know My Name - 9 Allegra Miles - Chandelier - 9 Toneisha Harris - Diamonds - 69 Michael Williams - You Are The Reason - 14 Toneisha + Allegra -
  3. I like Ryan and would like to see him go forward but him leaving now gives Cami a significantly better chance to move on and I ain't passing up on that. Also the fact that Julia could move on instead of him! That sounds way too good to be true but we can hope I guess
  4. Not me getting excited everytime there are new posts expecting to see the song choices lmao
  5. This would actually be a really good choice for him and could definitely seal the deal, I read somewhere he is a big fan of Ariana but hopefully strays away from her catalogue on the show. I fear there could be few songs that would go over well with the audience and that he genuinely wants to sings so let's hope him and Gwen are gonna be smart about it
  6. I'm sorry but this just feels wrong. I know it wasn't ill-intentioned and many people talk about how attractive some contestants are (Maelyn and Ryan just being two very popular examples) but directly comparing two people is a big yikes.
  7. Marybeth Byrd Cami Clune Desz Tamara Jade
  8. I don't see much benefits of working with John. Gwen definitely can help contestants break out of their shell and work on stage presence and their artistry. Also I'd assume she has a bunch of cool ideas and arrangements based on her career but I don't know how much of that she gets into. She will let you do your own thing. Most unique of the four, which I would want to be. Kelly does seem like a blast to be around, vocal monster and also an amazing storyteller, classically trained so can give better insight on your vocal, knows what works on the show for the most part, cares and helps her artists off the show (at least the higher placing ones), will let you do your own thing as well Blake knows what to do on the show with almost any artist, can push you in the finale if you're his chosen one, holds on his four chair turns for dear life even if not his TCO If you'd want to improve your vocals and a connection in the music industry - Kelly If you want to work on your artistry and stage presence - Gwen If your main goal is to go far on the show - Blake Downside for each: Blake might want you to do classics and song he knows will be well received. Nothing too unique or out of the box will be an option for his TCO. We can assume he advised Ricky Duran not to sing in falsetto even though it was impressive and well developed. Kelly is a wildcard, she could drop you for a contestant that does much worse but peaks her interest for some reason, very high risk situation. Might challenge you too early on with song choices outside your comfort zone. Also tends to favor breakout performances over the ones of consistent contestant even when they're at the same level Gwen is not really loved by the core audience, you probably will be robbed. At times unsure about what works on the show, might give weird non-performance related comments after you perform.
  9. Yeah, I think so too. Additionally, on one of the graphics she stated that Since U Been Gone is her go to karaoke song
  10. Ellen seemed shady from the start always trying to expose people on her show and purposefully put them in awkward situation. Queen Kelly would never stoop so low.
  11. I think Carter and John are locks unless they completely flop which I wouldn't say is very likely. On Team Blake I wouldn't say anyone is DOA just yet, Ian seems to have the least amonut of momentum going in but I can see it happening tbh. WTW, Sid and Jim seem to all be getting the solid about of support going in. I expect WTW to flop. Many talked about Mia's nerves but I think the other sister may have it even worse, in some moments she seemed really anxious like she didn't know what's coming next. None of three are good vocalists and their strongest asset - harmonies were sometimes flawed in the taped rounds that get a great amount of editing and work. An even closer fight will be Desz vs Ryan, as some mentioned above I don't doubt that Desz will knock it out of the park. The question is if Ryan will be able to deliver on the level that he did in his blind. So basically, Desz is our only hope of a female getting the PV
  12. i didn't see this before but now marisa lost the little bit of respect i had for her.
  13. She really just wants to give Blake a run for his money and the producers are obviously pushing for that rivalry storyline. The difference between the two is that Blake can pretty much get anyone in the finale while Kelly must have the right contestants and pander in the right way to the core audience
  14. Tanner's probably Kelly's third favorite rn. She is obsessed with Ryan the same way she was with Brynn, Jej and Jake. She literally called him her most capable singer even after Marisa vocally slayed him in the battle. This isn't hate towards Ryan and I actually would place him in my Top 6 contestants this season but Kelly is definitely overhyping him for his abilities.
  15. Joei Fulco - When Will I Be Loved - 10 Megan Danielle - Piece by Piece - 12 CammWess - Say Something - 13 Roderick Chambers - Redbone - 7 Todd Tilghman - Anymore - 34 Zan Fiskum - The Story - 67 Joanna Serenko - Angel from Montgomery - 18 Mandi Castillo - Stand by Me - 10 Thunderstorm Artis - Preach - 8 Arei Moon - You Don't Know My Name - 11 Allegra Miles - Chandelier - 10 Mandi Thomas - My Church - 1 Toneisha Harris - Diamonds - 64 Cedrice - Love on the Brain - 2 Michael Williams - You Are The Reason - 12 Roderick - Joanna
  16. The PV will be either Desz or Ryan, I'd say Cami is the only one of the other three that can pull off an upset and as much as I would like it seems pretty unlikely. I think it will genuinely come down to performance quality for the PV. No runaway frontrunner. The other would likely get the coach save. I think Kelly wanted to pick Ryan in the battles but all the other coaches had so much praise for Marisa and she knew she could save Ryan so just didn't want to cause drama. If the battle came after she used her save, the winner would've been Ryan 100%. The unlikely scenario that Cami actually receives the PV, I think she'd go with Ryan unless he completely bombs. Cami is the likeliest candidate for the WC. PV - Ryan/Desz CS - Ryan/Desz WC - Cami
  17. Payge Turner - Call Out My Name - 60 Cami Clune - Skinny Love - 79 Sid Kingsley - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - 2 DeSz - Un-Break My Heart - 53 Cami + Sid -
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