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  1. haha, im confused too but idk about who vote for her.
  2. agree . Kelly's song is untouchable haha
  3. Haha soryy, the last one was supposed to be Mark Isaiah. Now how do i edit this lol. but no one will actually vote for Mark anyway so
  4. This is the only performances I could recall so forgive me if I miss out any. Discuss
  5. Thunderstorm Artis - 10 Allegra Miles - 7 Arei Moon - 6 Roderick Chambers - 4 Michael Williams - 2 Zan Fiskum - 10 CammWess - 5 Mike Jerel - 2 Mandi Castillo - 3 Megan Danielle - 10 Mandi Thomas - 5 Micah Iverson - 10 Cedrice - 7 Toneisha Harris - 5 Joei Fulco - 5 Joanna Serenko - 7 Todd Tilghman - 6
  6. I'll be honest, this thread is inspired by the top 10 audition and I'm a big fan of knockout round lol. Including cross battle cause there's no knockout that season. Season 6 is an exception cause there were battle round 2 instead of knockout. Can be personal preference cause why not haha. This is my top 10 : Brynn Cartelli - Here Comes Goodbye Chloe Kohanski - Landslide Emily Luther - Glitter in The Air Amanda Brown - Paris (Oh La La) Toia Jones - Crazy in Love (robbed queen still hurts) Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World Jean Kelley - Chandelier
  7. no particular order Alisan Porter - Blue Bayou Jordan Smith - Chandelier Sawyer Frederick - A man of constant sorrow Sisaundra Lewis - Aint no way Christina Grimmie - wrecking ball Ali Caldwell - dangerous woman We McDonald - feeling good Maelyn Jarmon- fields of gold Amy Vachal - dream a little dream of me Sasha Allen - Not ready to make nice
  8. im not sure but Presley vs Rizzi? dont get me wrong. I'm a fan of Presley but Rizzi was so robbed.
  9. i didn't realize there is already thread like this so sorry haha
  10. I saw someone request to make this thread so why not. Im not a really good judge on who's pimped or not so i leave that for you guys.
  11. wow i cant believe i didn't mention that i mean, i literally get out of breath every time i watch that performance
  12. im bored rn so let's share our personal favourite performances from each season . I kind of forgot s1 and s2 so im gonna skip them. S3- Dream On by Amanda brown , Stupid Boy by Cassadee Pope S4- IKYWT by Michelle Chamuel, The Story by Sarah Simmons, Maybe it was memphis by Danielle Bradberry, Aint no way by Sasha Allen S5- Who's Lovin You and IPASOY by Jacquie Lee, I have nothing by Tessanee Chin S6- Hold on We're going home by Christina Grimmie, Ain't no way by Sisaundra Lewis S7- Chandelier by Jean Kelley, Wasted Love by Matt S8- Steamroller blue by Me
  13. maybe it was memphis was perform by adam cunningham if im not mistaken
  14. angel by sarah mclachlan that you mention have been sang before, 3 times that i recall . Sarah Simmons, Jacquie Lee and Brendan Fletcher
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