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  1. i got one Hannah Huston Jacquie Lee Christina Grimmie Jackie Foster
  2. ngaga utai nenusah nya cii. kumbai d tak bangat ingat mgg kami utai cinat
  3. blake lost because having 3 artist in the finale split his vote. tptb probably want john to win since it's his first season eventhough maelyn would win woth anx other coach
  4. megan is probably singing first so bye girl. u were great
  5. singing what addison sang would be like suicide . people will compare them immediately
  6. I just hope Megan sing something like Million Reason or Girl Crush if she have to sing. Zan should definitely sing gospel like who you say i am maybe. it's hard seeing my snowflakes struggling hmmm.
  7. mine is definitely season 16 . i did watch maelyn but i didn't vote and i dont care who advanced. maelyn pretty much had that in the bag from the top 13 onward.
  8. Joanna Serenko 6 Micah Iverson 8 Todd Tilghman 5 Zan Fiskum 6 Thunderstorm Artis 10 Megan Danielle 10 Allegra Miles 5 Toneisha Harris 7 CammWess 9
  9. keisha was im the season that the top 3 was pretty much guarantee. i mean chloe, addison and brooke. so
  10. i really want her to get pv next week tho. her song choice will be so critical. she did well last week but Demi just set the bar too high with her grammy performance. that was a bad song choices for her
  11. it's fan week right so do anyone know what's she will sing next week? The choices maybe?
  12. i wasnt a fan of barrett and aaron so im out too lol
  13. can anyone @ me if thats one is done cause i got one
  14. i really agree with you. I really hope Megan got a really good song tho cause i really want her to be in the finale. Thunder is definitely getting that pv for Nick. i mean he's like the Maelyn of the season. All of his performances is graded at least A- by tvline just like Maelyn.
  15. azwige

    My Question

    i kinda like this kind of format tbh since all coach will be rep
  16. azwige

    My Question

    So I read on wikipedia that next week semis will be fan week and that 1 from each team will move on to finals. Then the remaining 5 will perform for the last spot. Is this legit?
  17. actually there is this thread for AfM
  18. me too actually, but i voted for addison since hers was live
  19. I'm sorry, i forgot that one
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