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  1. so the 'i just kinda wish you were gay' line of Julia's performance was remove from our tv . the performance was so weird without that part like f*ck conservative
  2. am i the only one that doesnt really like Carter's blind audition? i mean yeah he's good and all but it's kinda forgetable idk or maybe i expected too much
  3. omg i love himmm. please add me ;')
  4. this thread remind me how much potential s16 had . i mean imagine finale with maelyn , rizzi and jej
  5. from the sneak peek Siala - God is a woman Stellar - anyone Johnny - my heart will go on i couldnt hear what chris is singing tho
  6. did guy recognized her during her audition?
  7. hey, have anyone think how will it turn out if they introduced 'all star' like the TVAUS did. ofc it wouldnt be fair but imagine robbed queen coming back like Amanda Brown, Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons Sisaundra Lewis ,India Carney ,Kimberly Nichole, Mia Z, just to name a few. i mean omg that'll be dope
  8. break every chain - kymberli joye. duh, i can barely breath first time watching that performance
  9. Caroline- 17 from New Jersey Kameron - 21 from North Carolina Travis - 23 from Lousiana Whitney - 28 from Oklahoma that's everthing from wiki?
  10. mia eliminated in top 12 is still so bitter.
  11. Hannah put the song to rest lmao
  12. alisan eat lacy alive there lol
  13. i think she mean that she wasn't that good in her battle. wouldn't blame her tho. the song didn't fit her
  14. whonis the second one? i can't see the pictures
  15. new one Craig Wayne Boyd Jackie Foster CammWess Shalyah Fearing
  16. their audition was the same episode as the winner of the season?
  17. did they appear first during their blind? Wild guess tho. Didn't remember if Meghan appeared first or not
  18. correct. Christina kneeled a lot lol. Hannah during when man loves a woman Jacquie during And i am telling you I'm not going Jackie during Never tear us apart
  19. no. christina's one is correct tho
  20. not wht im looking for see how they perform.
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