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  1. 1) Jordan no doubt. And to think that wasn't one of his best performances. Slaaaaaaaay

    2) Kennedy comes next. This might be an unpopular opinion but I think Kennedy did really well especially at the start of her Halo perf. Her chest voice and low notes were really solid.

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  2. I guess all of S15's pre-Lives performances. There are tons of iconic performances that season that's why it's definitely one of my all time favorites. (if only Kennedy or MaKenzie won)


    Special mentions:

    Kennedy Holmes - Turning Tables

    Kennedy Holmes - Halo

    Kirk Jay - Bless the Broken Road

    Kirk Jay - In Case You Didn't Know



    P.S. Max Boyle's "when the party's over" too 😭


  3. Post-Knockout Team Rankings

    1: Team Blake (Joanna, Todd and Toneshia are just simply the one of the bests this season!)

    2: Team Nick (Allegra and Thunderstorm are good candidates to make it to the finale. Clearly fan favorites)

    3: Team Kelly (Given the right song choices, Megan, Micah and Cedrice can snatch up Finale spots.)






    Weakest: Team John (So disappointed with John. But I think he deserves to not have any representative in the Finale given his performance this season with song choices and winner picks. CammWess will be his best bet.)


  4. God tier: (in order of greatness)

    1. Tessanne Chin

    2. Alisan Porter

    3. Jordan Smith

    4. Cassadee Pope

    5. Maelyn Jarmon


    Top tier: (no particular order)

    Josh Kaufman

    Chloe Kohanski


    Better tier: (no particular order)

    Javier Colon

    Danielle Bradbery

    Sawyer Fredericks

    Chris Blue

    Brynn Cartelli


    Okay tier: (no particular order)

    Craig Wayne Boyd

    Chevel Shepherd

    Jake Hoot


    Bottom tier: (no particular order)

    Jermaine Paul

    Sundance Head

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