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  1. Elise Testone, Melissa Mcghee, Jéssica Sierra. Unique/powerfull voices with distinct styles.
  2. Im with you about Sam. Her song choices and the way she handled them giving her own spins, plus her connection and poise on stage made her look as a undescovered star. Now, at home, she totally lost it. Uninspiring song choices, lazy vocal aproach and the connection is not there anymore. Only thing that worked for her with this format is the fact that early pimped will move on. But is not about that, specially this year. Its about stand out enough to go somewhere else once they can perform outside and shes not doing It. Hope she gets her mojo back at time to pursue her career outside the show.
  3. It would be more upseting this very biased top 7 If wasnt by the fact that moving on/ win It wont mean much anyway/those that got eliminated can just upload stuff on their personal channel. Gonna be watching only Julias performances and maybe Sam If she return to pic relevant songs.. But no way gonna stand watch this 5 guys blending together with maybe one or two having something more that just be a average youtube singer.
  4. Living her original btw. Shes ready to make a record. One of those voices that I can hear over and over again.
  5. 1- Sophia 2- Julia 3 - Francisco 4- Jovin 5- Just Sam 6 - Makayla 7 - Grace 8 -Louis 9 - Jonny 10- Arthur 11 - Dillon
  6. 01.) Julia Gargano 02.) Sophia James 03.) Just Sam 04.) Francisco Martin 05.) Jovin Webb 06) Makayla Phillips 07) Arthur Gunn 08) Jonny West 09) Grace Leer 10) Louis Knight 11) Dillon James
  7. IMO: 1- Sophia 2- Julia 3 - Francisco 4- Jovin 5- Just Sam 6 - Makayla 7 - Grace 8 -Louis 9 - Jonny 10- Arthur 11 - Dillon
  8. Smart choice for her, specially for this moment... Still, simple songs like this need to show raw emotion and I didnt felt it.. Such as her vocals, wasnt feeling the dept. But a good move.
  9. Rewatching the performances (since I lost the first half of Sophia live), IMO so far: 1- Sophia 2- Julia 3 - Francisco 4- Jovin 5- Just Sam 6 - Grace 7 -Louis 8 - Jonny 9- Arthur 10 - Dillon
  10. Why let the most obvious for last/pimp him even more? Geeez.
  11. Like Grace, it just taking away the feeling of the song just to make it countrysh; Way rushed by the well, this song is supose to be told slower.
  12. Way better from Just Sam. Still missing that cool Just Sam from other rounds. But I get it for this week theme/the home format. Hers, Julias, Sophia and Jovin are above the others for me so far.
  13. Hmmm, little screamming in places, lazy song choice....
  14. I still think Sophia is one of the most talented of this bunch.. Not into her song choices last and this week tho, she can pick things way better than can make her blew the competition... She was way more connected this week tho.
  15. IMO, so far: 1- Julia 2- Jovin 3- Grace 4 - Jonny 5- Louis
  16. Kudos on try to make it more intimate... Not sold so... Like Grace, it took away what makes the song special, on this case, the power and build.
  17. Competent but not a fan of this rendition. Took away what makes the song special. Its not such of a show of song and thats how she did... It let me cold...
  18. Classy performance from Julia, very classy and professional. And once again : Great potential as a recording artist. Was listening to her originals today and I could hear her all day/full album.
  19. Well, thats good... At least make this cuts less brutal is the least this kids can get from this situation. Also we had just 20 performances last week... They can make 14 performances next week *two songs each*
  20. BTW, no surprise with alot of the female pop belters being cut. First this intimate plataform already take them out of their game. To make things worst there was a bunch of them o this top 20 and most of them choosed songs that made difficult to make them sound any bit of unique. Hope next year some of them get a second chance.
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