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  1. Oh lord... well a song is a song no?
  2. The one and only original. Just trynna continue on the work sir and thank you for the contribution
  4. Team Blake Lana Scott "It's All Wrong, But It's Alright" Dolly Parton Paris Winningham "I'm So Lonely I Could Cry" Hank Williams Wendy Moten "Here I Am (Singing My Way Home)" Jennifer Hudson Team Ariana Jim & Sasha Allen "Plastic Trees" Radiohead Holly Forbes "Piano Man" Billy Joel Team John Jershika Maple "His Eye is On The Sparrow" Whitney Houston Joshua Vacanti "Always" Bon Jovi (Show his vocal range and get him out of the predictable theater category) Team Kelly Hailey Mia "Big Girls Don't Cry" Fergie Gymani "Clown" Emeli Sande Girl Named Tom "Soon You'll Get Better" Taylor Swift & The Chicks Jeremy Rosado "When I Get Where I'm Going" Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton (Get the Christian and country vote?? Ain't no way he'd go home)
  5. BRO OMG This, this isn't fair, like Shadale would have ate. Tamar and Shalyah in one person
  6. Contestants reveal it a variety of manners! Interviews with news outlets, social media, sometimes they respond directly to DM's if you ask kindly enough Also updated!
  7. UPDATED YALL!! Keep them coming! So many people who I'm so curious about
  8. Hey y’all if you ran the world, how would you pair up the S21 knockout contestants and what songs would you give them? My Perfect Knockout World Blake Jonathan Mouten “I’m Kissing You” Des’Ree vs LiBianca “Video Games” Lana Del Ray: LiBianca Wins, Jonathan is Eliminated Hailey Green “Somebody to Love” Jefferson Airplane vs Wendy Moten “There You’ll Be” Faith Hill: Wendy Wins, Hailey is Eliminated Carson Peters “Chicken Fried” Zac Brown Band vs Peedy Chavis “I Want To Hold Your Hand” The Beatles: Carson Wins, Peedy is Eliminated Berritt Haynes “Speechless” Dan + Shay vs Lana Scott “Suitcase” Gwen Sebastian: Lana Wins, Berritt is Eliminated Ariana Katie Rae “Soon We’ll Be Found” Sia vs Ryleigh Plank “Big White Room” Jessie J: Ryleigh Wins, Katie Stolen by Blake Manny Keith “Owner of a Lonely Heart” Yes vs Raquel Trinidad “Golden” Jill Scott: Raquel Wins, Manny is Eliminated David Vogel “I Miss You” Blink-182 vs Jim & Sasha “Fire & Rain” James Taylor: David Wins, Jim & Sasha are Eliminated Bella DeNapoli “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” Demi Lovato vs Katherine Ann Mohler “Gravity” Sara Bareilles: Bella Wins, Katherine is Eliminated John Samara Brown “All I Could Do Was Cry” Etta James vs Shadale “Masterpiece” Jessie J: Samara Wins, Shadale is Eliminated Jershika Maple “His Eye is On The Sparrow” Whitney Houston vs Paris Winningham “We All Fall in Love Sometimes” Elton John: Paris Wins, Jershika is Stolen By Kelly BrittanyBree “Ready For Love” India.Arie vs Sabrina Dias “Head Above Water” Avril Lavigne: Brittany Wins, Sabrina is Eliminated Joshua Vacanti “Apologize” OneRepublic vs Samuel Harness “Killing in the Name” Rage Against the Machine: Samuel Wins, Joshua is Eliminated Kelly Holly Forbes “Edge of Glory” Lady Gaga vs Jeremy Rosado “Rescue” Lauren Daigle: Jeremy Wins, Holly is Stolen by John Girl Named Tom “Green Eyes” Coldplay vs Gymani “Flaws and All” Beyoncé: Girl Named Tom Wins, Gymani is Stolen by Ariana Kinsey Rose “Crowded Table” The Highwomen vs The Cunningham Sisters “I Am Beautiful” Christina Aguilera: Kinsey Wins, The Cunningham Sisters are Eliminated Hailey Mia “As The World Caves In” Sarah Cothran vs Xavier Cornell “Jealous” Nick Jonas: Hailey Wins, Xavier is Eliminated Playoffs- Blake LiBianca Wendy Moten Carson Peters Lana Scott Katie Rae (Steal) Ariana Ryleigh Plank Raquel Trinidad David Vogel Bella DeNapoli Gymani (Steal) John Samara Brown Paris Winningham BrittanyBree Samuel Harness Holly Forbes (Steal) Kelly Jeremy Rosado Girl Named Tom Kinsey Rose Hailey Mia Shadale (Steal)
  9. Guess who has a studio version out !! it's spectacular
  10. Damn night of?? You're more on top of it than me! Thank you, personally I never was into TJR but I would have loved to hear the leads vocal in contrast to Ronnie Dunn's
  11. Updated and alphabetized!! Thank for your guys' help and just a reminder, starting tomorrow we have new songs to be on the lookout for!
  12. Hey y'all, not actually a part of the fan thread (never been in one before and nervous to start) but I was listening to my records this morning and it just occurred to me, but wouldn't Raquel slay "Golden" by Jill Scott? Not sure it's the greatest competition show song but the MONEY I would pay to hear her cover it would be huge!!
  13. Wait I was looking through the spoilers on the front page and maybe it was a fever dream but didn't we confirm that Raquel did Valerie for her KO? Or was I just hallucinating?
  14. Wendy and LiBianca being on the same team gives me S11 vibes of Courtney and Dana vibes and considering Wendy's VAST experience, I don't think LiBianca has any chance at all of moving forward
  15. Little bit of a weird answer, but my favorite induvial performance in the battles was by DeSz in her battle but Joseph wasn't as good but the best battle overall I would give to Lauren v Payge or Larriah v Carter
  16. How about all of them! Looking back at my snowflakes over the season, trope doesn't matter to me, I just want the best vocalist to win, so if they're an amazing rock vocalist versus an amazing country vocalist, both are equally good, they're just different (But to not be that person who's like "why can't we all get along :)" I'm rooting for a country female the most, it's been a long time coming)
  17. ooooooooo very very Brennley Brown, I saw someone compare them and it's been stuck in my head and now it's really connected! Thank you
  18. I figured this would be true too, it's a long time between lives and KO's, but it's still fun to hear the conspiracies
  19. Obviously we have had a very successful season of song choices and I thank you all, but here's a list of all contestants that we have no information on! Kelly Kenzie Wheeler Gean Garcia Savanna Woods (Instant Save since we know she's sing Barracuda) Nick Dana Monique (Though she said she's never reveal ) Rachel Mac John Christine Cain Victor Solomon Pia Renee (She gave artists but never specific songs) Ciana Pelekai Rio Doyle Zania Alake Blake Ethan Lively Avery Roberson Connor Christian and that's all!!
  20. Everything you said, thank you @Harmat!
  21. Just to zig a little from everyone else Top 10 Contestant of All For Me 1. Jordan Smith 2. Tessanne Chin 3. Maelyn Jarmon Basically Top 10 4. Cam Anthony (he's literally number 11 lmao) Love Them 5. Alisan Porter 6. Chris Blue 7. Chloe Kohanski Like Them a Lot 8. Cassadee 9. Sawyer 10. Sundance (Unpopular but Sundance is the country singer I want, he actually took risks by doing Etta, Alicia, Miley and he won without the slightest pimping, hats off to you sir) Like Them, Don't Love Them 11. Todd Tilghman (Great vocalist if not my genre) 12. Brynn Cartelli (Her tone is actually weirdly one of my favorites of the whole group, but she had some pretty off weeks) 13. Jake Hoot (See Todd Tilghman, Desperado actually is stunning but overall fine with him) Never Got Into Them 14. Danielle Bradbery (Love her post show though!!) 15. Chevel Shepherd 16. Craig Wayne Boyd 17. Carter Rubin Really Talented (I Know He Is) But Can't Stand His Tone 18. Josh Kaufman No Thank You 19. Javier Colon 20. Jermaine Paul
  22. BRUH, this is like my top 10 songs ever and I was always a Jose fan (so sad he flopped :/) but I'm still mad I didn't get to see this and thank you @Bk1234@David68 for the Corey ones!!
  23. Thank you, thank you. I'm not so sure about Defying Gravity but Almost is Never Enough was the song I recommended in every thread so I'm sad to see her not get it
  24. Oh wow those are..... well they're songs! Thank you for your research
  25. Madeline Consoer, I was the most excited about her song choice last season but that was what we call a #trainwreck
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