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  1. Intersting that caleb is #2 on country album chart https://t.co/wMntXMwBFR?amp=1
  2. Intergied that Casey choose over the rainbow
  3. https://www.mjsbigblog.com/american-idol-2021-polls-top-12-reveal-vote-for-your-favs.htm very interesting that willie is not most liked
  4. Song choice for Sunday its oscar nominated songs
  5. There are billie eilish cover songs on her instagram so maybe she will do it later on in the show
  6. I dont think casey will win because she is a rocker and there is a hugh chuck of people who watch american idol who might not like that and I think she will struggle during the themed weeks that being said I think she will make top 10
  7. Since past contestants are joining this season it's to early to predict
  8. Casey's billie eilish cover is amazing https://youtu.be/a21AhA051cM
  9. I worry how she will do in themed weeks
  10. He has an Instagram where he sings under the same name he sounds good there
  11. Confused how liahona made it through but not ammon when they auditioned together
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