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  1. Ben then John Holiday. I will kiii if Team Blake finishes before 9
  2. Will it Go Round in Circles? Yes, the bus wheels are rolling fast.
  3. Did Carson say Desz, Carter and Jim? With 12 performances and each performs 2, Jim finishes within the first 3 lol.
  4. Wait what is this arrangement? It sounds messy. Cami is toasted.
  5. If you have “The Joke” and you don’t close, probably you will not be the winner. Cami is next.
  6. Legend is celebrating that he now has more chance to have two in the final.
  7. Lmao where is that one member who said they will put Jim in pimp spot because they “save the best for last?”
  8. If anything, these song choices make it more difficult for Team Legend. If we follow the old format, I can see all three from his team make it to the next round will these song choices and Team Gwen gets shut out again.
  9. 1. Skai & Alan 2. Justina & Sasha 3. Jeannie & Brandon 4. Nev & Jenna 5. Johnny & Brit 6. Anne & Keo 7. Jesse & Sharna 8. AJ & Cheryl 9. Kaitlyn & Artem 10. Chrishell & Gleb 11. Nelly & Daniella 12. Monica & Val 13. Vernon & Peta 14. Charles & Emma 15. Carole & Pasha
  10. Gwen wants to make this as easiest for Carter as possible. Ian, Jim, Ben and Bailey will now split the votes. Bailey’s performance tonight will put her on the country voters’ radars. Desz, Tamara and John H. will share the same supporters. That leaves Cami and Carter.
  11. I didn’t know we can vote for more than one, so I voted for both Payge and Bailey. I don’t want to risk voting Payge only for WTW and Tanner to pull through. Bailey is more bearable than those two and has more of an opportunity
  12. I will root for Bailey if this means we’re getting rid of Tanner. Yikes.
  13. Sid deserves better than this. I still can’t believe Blake chooses Jim. He usually goes for a better pick for Coach’s Save.
  14. John knows. If Bailey doesn’t get PV, that means she doesn’t get the country votes, which was probably the only reason why John brings her all the way here. He should just leave her here and go full on R&B with the other two.
  15. Tamara for CS!! We only stan John Legend and Kelly Clarkson in this thread please.
  16. Wow John H. is saved. Didn’t Tamara dominate him on social media?
  17. Unless Bailey somehow pulls off a PV, I don’t see John Legend giving up Tamara/John H.
  18. Blake what the hell? I will assume it’s something that Blake and Gwen ate together that caused this result.
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