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  1. If they only do two performances, I can’t see Desz has slot 2 and slot 10. Maybe 2 and 8/9, she won’t close.
  2. This show just doesn’t learn lol. They have two Blake finalists last season and this season, three Blake finalists in 16. And they wonder why their ratings are down?
  3. Has anyone done “idontwannabeyouanymore” this season? I think that would have been a stronger IS song. You have a lot more chances to showcase your vocal.
  4. Lol Gwen already got what she wanted. She couldn’t look more care less about Ben now
  5. Last time I voted, you could vote for two artists, so if you don’t want one more country artist then you can vote for both Cami and Tamara. Maybe the casuals’ votes will then be enough to carry one of them to the final.
  6. Why are we saving Team Gwen for last? It’s not like there’s any surprise lol. This question tho... as if anybody needs anymore proof Carter is TCO
  7. And they’re proving that this song doesn’t fit them right now.
  8. They purposely put Desz, Tamara and John H. in separate teams at this point
  9. Desz is performing at the top of the hour. I think that’s one of the best spots possible.
  10. Desz and Bailey next. We haven’t even seen Tamara and Ian yet.
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