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  1. Cedrice closed the auditions, battles, KO and her team playoff
  2. I like Kelly Clarkson pre-lives. I love how funny she is in the auditions, I like her energy and decision making and steals in the battles and knockouts. But in the lives, people just binge vote her team.
  3. Arei Moon (Miss Independent), Megan Danielle (All of her performances) and Micah and Gigi (Someone You Loved). - If we got to see Mandi Thomas (My Church), she would be the performances of the season. - I also really loved Thunderstorm’s battle with Cedrice, and his knockout! I loved Cedrice’s audition as well.
  4. Had Kelly pick Tayler instead of Micah, Megan would have been in the finals and probably get Top 3.
  5. Agreed. Kelly is probably the best singer out of all of them, with Alicia Keys and Adam being a close second
  6. My predictions: Thunderstorm and Todd for Top 2. Micah is third, Toneisha fourth and CammWess is fifth
  7. This isn’t showcasing Thunderstorms rasp in songs like A Wonderful World, Preach and Stay
  8. I’m probably not going to make it thru the night... I’ve had already 3 beers
  9. They are really making Maelyn one of their top with Alison and Tennasine. And I’m not mad
  10. Thunderstorm could sing “Go Rest High on the Mountain”
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