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  1. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!
  2. I feel like if Mari was with Nick Jonas, he would be able to direct her both musically and stylistically, giving her good song choices. She would have gone far, and I cannot believe she didn’t win the IS Rod and Kelly was definitely a good pairing, his T13 + T8 performances were so good!
  3. Max Boyle “When The Party’s Over + Katie Kadan “Piece of My Heart” was the best knockout pairing of S17 Damali’s Sober performance was also really good, best of the night In a really pitchy cross battle night, Maelyn and Rod’s performance was the only one which were actually good. They both consistently have great performances, and I loved their duet in the Semifinals Kymberli Joy “Break Every Chain” and “Diamonds” Kimberli Nichole “House of the Rising Sun” Chevel Shepard “Travelin’ Solidier”
  4. I have a feeling that GWEN will win this season, the producers are definitely going to pimp her artists and put them on the best spots on the night and in the instant save performances. Honestly, I think everyone will he represented in the finale
  5. He manages to get the best team, and then picks the wrong singers to move forward. Like Mendeleyev, Thunderstorm, Joana, Darious Am I the only one who disagreed with every single choice he made in the knockouts?
  6. I would say..... Megan Danielle and CammWess Roderick and Joana Kat Hammock and Josie Jones Rebecca Howell and Beth Griffith Cody Ray and SandyRedd DR and Jackie Foster Cam and Kailey
  7. - Presley CRUSHED Kayslin in Cross Battles (pitchy) - Jake Hoot crushed Melinda Rodriquez (wrong song) - Rose Short literally clapped Destiny Rayne (that was not her best performance) - Roderick crushed Tate in Knockouts - Abby crushed Claire in Knockouts
  8. Max Boyle “Falling Slowly” Rod Stokes “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” Megan Danielle “Anyone” Reagan Strange’s PO performance...I forgot the name
  9. Megan Danielle: Piece by Piece Michael and Allegra: How Will I Know Jake Hoot: Cover Me Up Damalli: Sober Jej and Beth: Jealous SandyRedd: All performance in preliminaries Kymberyli Joy and Oneup: Mercy Janice Freeman (RIP): I’m Going Down and The Story
  10. Guys who are your snowflakes? I only have 2: Katie Kadan and Megan Danielle I listen to each of their songs at least once
  11. Best ever is Amber Carrington, Mackenzie Thomas, And Hannah Kirby But from the current seasons, Steve, Damalli, Megan Danielle, David Owens, Jackie Verna and Presley Tennant
  12. Blake: Kyla Jade Nick: Thunderstorm Artis Adam: Jordan Smith, Addison, Tennasane (sorry if the spelling is wrong) John: Katie and Maelyn Xtina: Alison, India and Kimberyli Nichole Pharrel: Hannah CeeLo: Juliet Simms Kelly: Megan Danielle and Chevel Shepard
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