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  1. I voted Tanner because he was the only singer I didn’t have to mute
  2. Guys, there is still hope. Here are the people I want to win - Desz - John H - Cami - Tamara - Ryan - Kelsie - Taryn - Jim (I actually like his bluesy voice) - Payge - Carter
  3. Yeah but he had a popular coach. Gwen is like the least popular. Ryan is actually a lock to win this because he has the most YT views, he was received very well by minivan and he might even be Kelly’s frontrunner. I swear he might get PV if he wins the WC, and then Kelly will probably save Desz.
  4. Tori because of the block although they can just make it as if Gwen turned in her perspective (the way Tori is seeing the chairs).
  5. Strongest 1) Kelly: She has front runners in Desz and Ryan, she also has a potential dark horse in Kelsie and then Marisa and Madeline has great auditions too. Tanner is also an audience favorite, and he isn’t terrible. 2) John: He has frontrunners in John Holiday, Tamara Jade and Cami Clune but the rest of his team is fodder. Sid was also good. 3) Blake: He has frontrunners in Jim and Taryn, but his team got worse after each week. 4) Gwen: All fodder except Carter and Payge
  6. I think Bailey might actually be aired as the last blind audition.
  7. Kelly by far has the strongest team overall...which is a first. I think y’all are underestimating Desz, I think she’s going to get PV and then Tanner will sadly get CS (I rly wish Cami would, but I doubt it). I think Tanner and Desz will be Kelly’s top 2, the question is just who will get PV among them because it’s really close. I think if Jim gets PV on Blake’s team and Tanner gets PV on Kelly’s team, Kelly is smart enough to save one of Cami and Desz (Madeline ain’t have a chance).
  8. Have a feeling it’ll go like this: John Sullivan (Team Blake) Skylar Morton (Team Kelly) Julia Cooper (Team Legend) Bailey Rae (Team Legend - semi montaged) Worth the Wait (Team Blake) Tori Miller (Team Gwen) Lain Roy (Team Gwen) Emmalae (Team Kelly) James Pyle (Team Legend)
  9. Wow they pimped Tanner so much bc they just put a bunch of fodder before him just to make him sound decent
  10. I can’t see anyone but Tanner closing though. He also made the lives, and they usually close with people who go far. I doubt Julia will, maybe Worth the Wait if they do some nice creative eidting
  11. So far no leak has closed the show. While Tanner is very unlikely to kick off E4, he might open the half hour
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