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  1. I think James Pyle will get Cedrice’s treatment. A one chair turn that would have been a 4 chair, judges favorite, amazing pretaped rounds, going against Frontrunners, kept getting stolen (James will probably be stolen...mostly likely be Gwen or John) but won’t have the best live performances.
  2. Oh yeah. Then Megan Danielle, Shawn Sounds, Pryor Braid and Davon Fleming
  3. But the thing is that Blake says that he only has one more spot left in his team so WTW has to be in the last episode unpimped. And yeah maybe John Holiday instead of Jim
  4. Thunderstorm and Mandi. Thunderstorm messed up the first verse of his KO and TPTB edited that out and gave Mandi C a pretty bad edit and hate from the public
  5. Predictions for the blind audition pimp spots: Premiere: Tamara Jade Premiere Part II: Desz Episode 3: Jim Ranger Episode 4: Cami Clune Episode 5: James Pyle (because he’s the last blind audition)
  6. Gwen and Blake actually preferred James to Cami and when Cami won, Gwen was kinda surprised. And she was so mad she didn’t have a steal and when Blake stole him, Gwen was very happy
  7. As in Jim is his only hope for the finale, and TPTB might buss him because of the last 2 country adjacent winners
  8. Jim will be in the finale but he ain’t winning. I have a bold prediction that Desz or Cami Clune will win. The last person in the finale might be Kelsie, John H or someone from Team Gwen
  9. Random Question in case I get tickets in the future but if my drivers license is expired, would it still count as valid in the ticket process? When you have to take a picture of it and send it, would it still be approved?
  10. Rose > Jake > Katie > Ricky But Rose’s duet was kind of a bummer and Jake had 3 very solid performances and he’s been the most consistent performer of that season (unlike Will, HS, Marybeth, Joana, Shane)
  11. Katie Kaden and Kelly would have been a MONSTER PAIRING! If Blake didn’t block Kelly, I am 100% sure she would have won. Her coaching is better than John, she has a bigger fan base and she mentors even after the show
  12. To be honest, I think Jake deserved to win because even though he’s country, he has such a STRONG and POWERFUL voice and it just can hold the room. But I admit that Toneisha, Camm, Thunderstorm, Megan or even Micah deserved to win that season
  13. TPTB will probably pimp Cami, Desz, Jim, Tamara and Carter this season. I can definitely see them closing the battle premiere episode with Carter and Larriah’s battle
  14. Unpopular opinion but I think Megan Danielle was robbed...she deserved top 2 with thunderstorm
  15. I think if Lauren loses her battle, Gwen would DEFINITELY steal her
  16. They also short clipped 3 of Team Blake and Adam’s battles in Season 15, and 2 of Kelly and JHUDs. They also montaged 3 blind auditions that were all Gwen’s one chair turns in season 9
  17. If it’s one artist/team like last season I’m gonna be SO MAD! Then someone talented from the other teams (not Gwen’s) will be robbed like Allegra in S18...she had more votes than Micah and maybe CammWess.
  18. Last season was also 4 two hour shows and 1 one hour show
  19. Oh ok. That’s why I said key Art will come sometime this month
  20. FULL SCHEDULE September 30: Reveal Day and KeyArt sometime this month. 2 weeks before Blinds: Full Sneak Peek October 16: FIRST LEAK October 19: 2 hr Blind Audition (8-9 successful artists) October 20: 2 hr Blind Audition (9 successful artists) October 26: 2 hr Blind Audition (9 successful artists) October 27: 1 hr Blind Audition (5-successful artists) November 2: 2 hr Blind Audition (8-9 successful artists; depends on how many successful artists are on the first show) November 9: 6 Battles (2 hr). 3 steals/saves used November 10: 6 Battles, 3 (2 steals/saves used) Montaged or Short Clipped (1 hr) November 16: 8 battles, 2 Montaged or Short Clipped (3 saves/steals used) November 23: Knockouts November 30: Knockouts (one will get Montaged for 4-way KO) Battle dates were confirmed by The Voice Producers. It’s Nov 9, 10, and 16. BLIND AUDITIONS WILL NOT BE MONTAGED, BUT THEY MIGHT BE CUT SHORT BY THIRTY SECONDS
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