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    IKR. I was looking forward for Team Legend to miss the finals because they seem very mediocre, compared to others.
  2. Lol except Celia was bad, and she flopped. I don’t think Megan has flopped yet, and she seems to connect to the songs, unlike Celia.
  3. Each person has like 50% chance of the finals, except for Team Blake. Or else they would have 12.5% bc it’s team quotas + instant save
  4. I think Joana is slightly overrated. I don’t see her as finale material, but she deserved a Top 9 spot. I want Allegra or Megan to take the final spot
  5. That makes the finale guaranteed that CammWess is fifth place! Fourth would be IS winner
  6. I mean....Megan could make it over Micah, but then he would win the save.
  7. I have a feeling they will pimp Megan
  8. Megan should be in the finals with Thunderstorm, Allegra and Micah/Joana
  9. Micah will get PV, Camm/Megan/Allegra in IS. Toneisha I don’t think will get the votes, and Joana will likely be bussed. I feel like they really don’t want a Team Blake and Ream Nick finale, and John is outta the race.
  10. Calvin


    I think it’s going to be a 3 coach finally. And people are getting tired over John and Kelly is like 2nd famous.
  11. Calvin


    I am confident that PV - Todd, Thunderstorm and Micah IS - Megan, Allegra and CammWess B3 - Toneisha, Joana and Zan
  12. Calvin


    Why isn’t Megan getting support?
  13. Kelly will win with Micah, or Megan (I think being a save doesn’t matter)
  14. Calvin

    How do you vote?

  15. Calvin


    Allegra is not making by the public vote. REPLACE WITH MICAH
  16. Any Predictions for the Semifinals? - Team Kelly will definitely have a finalist. I think Megan/Micah are interchangeable. - Team Blake will have Todd! He won’t win, but a lock for second place. - Team Legend will not make the finals, and lose the instant save. - I could see Tstorm and Allegra in the finals (via instant save), but something tells me she will get bussed and Team KC will have two moving on. 1st - Thunderstorm 2nd - Todd 3rd - Megan/Micah 4th - Megan/Micah/Allegra
  17. I think Team Kelly is getting hella pimped (Performance slot 6 & 9)
  18. Calvin


    I think it would be Micah, Tstorm, Todd ans Megan
  19. Based on tonight, the finale would be Megan/Micah, Thunderstorm, Todd and Allegra/Toneisha (whoever gets pimped) - the instant save would be Megan/Micah, CammWess and Toneisha/Allegra joana and zan are out
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